What’s New; Posh Peach Serves Up Some Heart Break for 2019

      Hey guys, and happy second post of 2019! Over the weekend, I took myself downtown and into The Posh Peach to check out their new stock. I’ve always really loved everything about their aesthetic, from the decor to the styles they cater to. Walking in is always like coming home, for me, because I swear, it’s me all over.  I’m so excited to bring you a What’s New post for January! 

     For today’s post, I found four new styles to share with you! I’m excited, so let’s get started!


New velvet floral bellbottoms     

     This first style was some velvet flare leg pants, with a simple grey long-sleeved top. This definitely is a new style for me because I do tend to stay away from patterned pants. Most of my pants are bell bottoms though, so at least it’s close to something I’d ordinarily wear.

     The pants didn’t have a button or anything, so the entire waistband was elastic. The outside, of course, felt like velvet with a cool lining on the inside. These did heat up fairly quickly, so I do think that these would make a good winter pant. 

    We paired it with this simple top to kind of complement the colors in the pants themselves, because I, for the life of me, couldn’t find a top that spoke to me. So we opted to go with this.

    I’m not really sure how I would style these. I’m feeling like this would be fun to lean into the 70s with. I know they’re not terribly retro looking, but it could be fun. Or, with an oversized sweater and a pair of sunnies. If you were to wear this with long hair, a white scarf/headband would be adorable with this sort of outfit!


New Corduroy Dress


        This next outfit was one that definitely excited me! I love little dresses and corduroy is something that’s been growing on me for a while. When I picked this one up, I was expecting the buttons to be snaps like on an item that they had one of the last times I went in there (that wasn’t my size…).

     This fairly comfortable, though as one would expect, not the warmest. So this is definitely not winter-wear. I thought this was literally so cute and was kicking myself for not wearing my boots, because my favorite boots from Clothes Mentor that I’ve talked about so much, would have gone great!

    Barring ankle-boots, I think knee-highs would go great with this. I’m feeling brown suede would be a solid choice to kind of keep the style grounded. For an edgier look, black leather would suffice. 

     Looking at it, I kind of want to throw a sweater over it, but that might be because I’m cold right now. If you were to throw on a sweater with this, I’m picturing a fluffy white cardigan. Or maybe even the mustard cardigan I’ll have in a photo below!


New Funfetti Cardigan with Corduroy pants


     Who doesn’t love a new cardigan? I know lately, I’m just about obsessed with them. They go with everything, don’t mess up your hair like a pullover. This one was called Funfetti, and that’s fitting. It’s pink with random “sprinkles” of blue and other colors. Now that I think about it, it kind of makes me hungry.

     This gorgeous and toasty cardigan was paired with a mauve long-sleeved top and corduroy bellbottoms I told you, corduroy has begun to grow on me. The material feels slightly like suede and is nicely warm. This is where my heart break begins for real. I want these pants. They were hanging out on the “last ones” rack, so fingers crossed that they wait for my next payday. 

    This entire ensemble was fairly warm, except for the top. This top was made of a loose, thin, drapey fabric that would have left me cold had I worn it out. That aside I really like this outfit. It would be easy to style with some chunky jewelry, for some reason I’m seeing wood. Earth-toned or red boots to add some life to the color scheme, would be perfect! If you want to do something with your hair and this particular outfit, headbands are a safe bet!


New Mustard Cardigan with Jeans

     This one… Oh my goodness. I saved my new (unlikely) favorite for last. This one just about broke me, because I do have a coupon, but I still can’t afford it with a clear conscience. I am dying to go back for this cardigan. Yellow, is absolutely not a color I wear often, but this mustard knit cardigan would change that in a heartbeat.

     This cardigan was paired with a pair of stretchy jeans, once again with no button, just elastic. And the same thin and drapey top from the previous style. Not even lying, I fell in love with this whole thing. I took a bunch of goofy pictures in this because the hood was just so much bigger than I thought it would be. It covered my whole face if I would let it. I loved it.

     So, I can see this styled with knee-high boots or converse. I feel the need to cover the hems of jeans with shoes especially if the shoes are mildly high-topped. For some inexplicable reason, I’m picturing a red lip with this, because if you’re going to wear something as bright as this, why not? Simple Jewelry and accessories would work best, unless you want to lean into bright colors and throw in some Turquoise. 


  I’ll leave my gushing at that, guys, since I don’t want to bore you! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to do a What’s New post and I do have plans to try to do more of them. My next one will likely be Lizard Thicket, because I haven’t been in there forever. I’m currently working on two Subscription Box posts because I just got them in on the 2nd. December’s boxes. I’m going to include my wear test findings, too!

     I hope you guys enjoyed a little bit of this returning to my roots as far as posting goes, and I hope you’ll join us next week! 

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