Unboxing; Ipsy May 2019

Hey guys! I’m in the midst of doing youtube filming, but I still wanted to get this Ipsy post up for you guys. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get the June bag, so this may be the last one for a while so I definitely wanted to enjoy it. This particular month was at least better than last month’s. Which is a relief, as I really don’t want to leave Ipsy on a sour note! 

The first thing in this bag was a Pore Clearing Clay Mask with Super Volcanic Clusters, truthfully I haven’t tried it yet, but the fact is that I love masks. Peel masks, sheet masks, clay masks… I like masks. So, I really feel like I will thoroughly enjoy it. I’ll throw up an update when I get around to using it on my At-Home-Spa-Day.

Next up is some pretty cute Blossom eyeshadow, in a lovely grey shade. I really like the formula and performance.  It’s not typically the color I reach for, since I’m currently feeling more colorful hues and even brights. I’ve found that I really enjoy yellows and reds as of late. This is still pretty solid. I may end up depotting the shadow and putting another one in that I will be using more frequently. I actually just remembered that I can depot things.

There was also a blush, which was a win for me. It’s a Kaleido Blush in the shade Primadonna. Beautiful cool toned pink and lovely formula. I’m so pleased with this one and it may actually be going into my Travel Caboodle. Just look at this color! Absolutely gorgeous!

Ofra also made a guest appearance in this bag. I’ve been dying to try Ofra lip products since I fell in love with their highlighter formula. I am now infatuated with both their lip products and their highlighters. Thanks, Ipsy. Another habit that I can’t afford to fund. And this shade is perfect when paired with a bronzey-gold eye. 

The last item in this bag was a Pixi eyeliner in blacknoir. I love a black liner, so I’m pretty pleased with it. The formula seems pretty good, which I’m glad for because Pixi is an affordable brand. Unless you buy it at Target. I love a nice creamy black liner. And this one is no different!

Ipsy never really disappoints, so in my opinion, this is still a solid subscription to take part in!

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