Unboxing! April 2019 Ipsy

Hey there guys! I hope you guys are having a fantastic Thursday afternoon! Today is a lazy day for me, because since I lost my job I have been running like I’m on fire. I know this post comes way late, since we have the May ipsy now, but better late than never! This particular shipment wasn’t too impressive, sadly. In any event, let’s get to it!

    I put everything in the featured picture up above for you guys to see, as well as the cute eyeshadow that was included. Since that, to me, is most notable, we’ll start there! This was a Moods eyeshadow, in a frankly stunning emerald green. When I tried to use it, it was severely underwhelming, however. I had to pack it on 3 or 4 times to get some payoff. Albeit, it’s pretty, but I have other eyeshadows that perform better. I’ll most likely not be using this again.

     There’s a The Balm Lip Tint that is a gorgeous cool mauve color. It’s supposed to be a lip stain, but I didn’t notice too much staining of the lips with this product. The color is gorgeous, but the formula is drying. That in mind, I will most likely be using this again since dryness is something I’ve come to expect of any liquid formula. 

    Tarte Base tape was also included, and I haven’t used it, if I’m being honest. I’m just pleased to be able to try it once the temperature drops again- I don’t use base products in the summer since I just sweat it all off, but I’ll report back in the fall on this one! Since I didn’t use the face mask, I’ll include that right here. It’s a broccoli facemask, and I love broccoli. I love eating it… but putting it on my face? Absorbing the broccoli? Becoming one with the broccoli? Let’s do it. I may do a stay-at-home spa night and do my makeup, nails and a face mask and break this bad boy out.

      The last thing in this box was an angled contour brush from Firna (I think that’s what the brush says!). Since I don’t contour, I used it to dab my highlight on and was pleased with the airbrushed look of it. This is a win for me, because it’s so tedious to put on highlight with a tiny brush and I don’t have time for that mess,

   Honestly, if I wasn’t so head-over-heels with Ipsy usually, this would knock them out of circulation for me. But I love them, so they get to stay for now.



      I don’t know if you guys follow on Instagram or Twitter, but I did a Harry Potter series of eyelooks and I’m planning the next series. I’m so pleased with the way Gryffindor came out, I had no idea how much red/yellow could bring out the blue of my eyes. They look green in another picture, so I was surprised. I love having hazel eyes! 

    My reason for addig this isn’t to pat myself on the back, but to let you know that I once I have the color palettes down for the series choices I’m going to be adding a poll on Twitter for you guys to select the next series! Keep an eye out over there by following the tweet below to follow me there as well! 



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