Hometown Cravings; Wheely’s Rave!

Coffee; White Mocha Caramel
Shop; Wheely’s
City; Columbus, GA
     Hey Guys! I know we’ve deviated a little from the content you’re used to! It’s been crazy over here in my neck of the woods. I wanted to get out there and bring you a coffee related post, since it’s been a little while. I’ll get there with this balance stuff, I promise!
     I did a bad thing and discovered that I could get coffee delivered to me at work when I’m too lazy to actually walk anywhere, which is more often than not the case. Sadly though, my options are a little limited. I’m sure you guys may (or may not) remember the post I did on Wheely’s a couple months ago. I wasn’t too hot on it, and I haven’t been. Luckily they seem to be great sports and totally aware that you can’t please everyone all the time
     I didn’t take that as a “I won’t be back” sort of thing, but rather “I will find something that I like” situation. And I finally did! I was at work, far too lazy to be bothered to go somewhere close by. Can’t someone bring me coffee? After checking GrubHub I found that, yes, someone can bring me coffee. I was a little disappointed that the only coffee I could get delivered was Wheely’s, based on my past experience. But, I decided to take another chance since it had been a while and opted to get it delivered in an hour or so.
     I was banking on the coffee not impressing and also not filling me up for lunch, so I ordered a danish too. I sat and waited- I was hungry and I really wanted my coffee. A little while later, I get a phone call from Wheely’s telling me that they didn’t have any danishes today and that they could replace them with muffins. I decided to take it in stride and opt for muffins. 
     When my totally nutritious lunch got to me, I found that they had left me a note on the box! 
      Aside from that, on the inside of the box was a free coffee card that I can redeem next time I go in! I’m pretty psyched. The only thing better than coffee is free coffee. Speaking of Coffee, they got it right this time! I think I’m picking up that I pretty much have to stir all the coffee I get before I drink it. This especially makes sense here because it’s about a 15 minutes drive from Wheely’s to my work. 
     My Mocha was very mellow, with a subtle nuttiness that lingered on the tongue. It really smelled fantastic and rich, with an innate bitterness. The coffee itself had some subtle bite to it with complimenting acidity to the sweetness of the mocha. Somehow my first impression was that it reminded me of Coconut milk. I’m not sure how that even makes sense in this context. 
    I was very pleased with this drink and I’ll make it a mission to find more things to like from Wheely’s, because I’m beginning to think they just simply do better at certain things. Or maybe, like with Fountain City, it’s all in the Barista. After all, I do seem to have my favorite Baristas when I frequent places. It’s only natural!
    For the curious, the muffins were muffins. They certainly weren’t My Favorite Muffin level, but they weren’t terrible by any stretch. I enjoyed them immensely, and would have enjoyed them even more if I had some milk to have with them. You really can’t go wrong with blueberry muffins, especially not when they come with free coffee!
    I’ll rate this experience with Wheely’s a: 


      I feel like they deserve a good rating this time, due to doing great with the coffee, having fantastic service and that note somehow melted my heart!

Hometown Cravings; From humble beginnings to chain- Wheely’s Cafe`

City: Columbus, GA
Stop: Wheely’s Cafe`
Drink: Caramel Machiatto

Our aim is that among these three [coffees] you will find one that will make you want to beat us up, and another that will make you want to make love to us.

Hi guys! Welcome to another hometown cravings post! Today, I was able to break away from being an adult. I was productive, until I realized I was missing something. The last coffee shop (that I know of) in Columbus. Wheely’s Cafe` started out humbly as a Coffee Cart in Seattle, if I’m not mistaken and in competition with Starbucks. For the interested, you can read up on their history here! You’ll have to scroll through quite a bit of text to get to the history and there’s a couple expletives.

I’ve been to Wheely’s once- maybe twice, before. And it didn’t speak to me on a spiritual level, but I figured why not? I added them to this series, after all it’s only fair that you guys know all of the coffee that this fine city can provide you. Another mark in their favor, they have coffee, among other things.

My favorite “other thing” they carry is Virgil’s Orange Cream Soda- but this post isn’t about that. It’s about coffee, but before I get to that, the interior.

They have sparse seating as it’s not really a place meant to be lingered in for hours upon hours, along the walls they have different candies and syrups. The most interesting of which, to me, was the strawberry syrup that I made a mental note to return for at a later date. In the display case up front, beneath the menu, they have a selection of Virgil’s sugar cane sodas. Trust me, guys, Virgil’s makes good soda, but again not about that so, moving on!

I included a picture of the menu for your perusal-, but that didn’t help me, since i’m indecisive. I asked the barista what I would enjoy based off of my flavor preferences and she recommended the Caramel Machiatto and advised that I stir it as it may be bitter rather than sweet. This advice turned out to be solid, as my first sip was a mouthful of pure caramel.

Once stirred a fair bit, the flavor of the coffee and the caramel merged but still left me with a feeling of bitterness. The sweetness of the caramel all but disappears under the harshness and there’s a lingering acidity on the tongue that fades after a few seconds. If sipped, the drink is bearable, if not a bit persistent in the bitter area, but I do not advise taking a large gulp. I tried to take a big swig of it, which turned out to be a mistake as I was floored by an overwhelming beany-espresso flavor that caught almost off guard. I actually rather miss the pure caramel that greeted me originally.

All-in-all, it’s better than my previous experience. Which I won’t try to write on as all I recall is that I didn’t like what I had (could very well be a personal taste thing). The most shining thing I can say about this coffee is that, the caffeine is potent.

In retrospect I should have asked about the roast used. I did see quite a few Medium roast bags around the shop. In the future, I’ll make that a question I ask so I can identify them.


Instagrameter: Starbucks/5

they have some interesting treats and snacks that you might post- the most iconic thing is the exterior.

Taste: 2.5 out of 5/5

 I started out on board with it but as the caramel flavor dissipated beneath the waves of bitterness… I quickly wanted off. Maintained a 2.5 based off of effectiveness of espresso. It evidently isn’t my sort of place, but it might be yours!