Unboxing!; (Late) September Ipsy Bag

      Hey guys! Another Thursday right on time and the first week in ages of having two posts. I know it’s late to be talking about this Ipsy bag from a month ago, but in my defense, I did get it a little late in  the month. I was given an item extra from this month from a friend who also recently subscribed, so we’re going to have an extra item on this list that are being included because they are Ipsy products.

     Just as an intro to Ipsy, if you’re new here or to Ipsy in general, Ipsy is a makeup subscription service with three levels. On the base level, you’re looking at $12 dollars for 5 products. Some are full sized, some are deluxe samples. It’s still a good value, in my opinion, because you sometimes get things like Ofra. In the higher tiers, you’re looking at $24-$50 dollars a month and get full sized items, and palettes. Of course, it’s not a hit every month, because it is kind of gambling. But, this is the one I keep going back to.

     I also want to give a heads up that content may slow back to a single post on Thursdays each week. I went into it on the latest drink post for the fall, I’m in a financial slump but I’m grateful to have a job to fall back on in my old job at the bank. That makes me feel so much better, and like things are looking up. I’m honestly still hoping for a move in the future, but time will tell.

Ipsy- 111Skin Eye Cream

    Moving on to what you’re here for! The first item in my bag this month was the Space Defense Eye Lift Gel from 111Skin. This was a brand that I was totally unfamiliar with. I’ve used it a few times since receiving it along side my Confidence In a Jar from IT Cosmetics, and I really like it. It feels revitalizing and hydrating around my eyes. So, I may have to look into repurchasing this item in the future.

Smashbox 24 Hour Wear Foundation

     Item two is the Smashbox Cosmetics Studio Skin 24 Hour Liquid Foundation. This is a product that I’m already way familiar with as I bought it last year and was blown away. I may have to pull it out of retirement soon! We’re thankfully seeing a dip into the 60s here in Georgia, so I’m thrilled to be able to do a full face again. This foundation claims to be 24 hours, and I haven’t tested that claim. But, I do like the way this sits on my skin and doesn’t feel overly drying.

Ipsy: OfraxMadison Lipgloss in Sugarcup

     The third thing I got was something I was actually really hoping for! This gorgeous Ofra collab with Madison lip gloss in the shade Sugarcup. This is a lovely formula and just look at this color! It’s beautiful and light and feminine. Not unlike what I used to wear growing up. The consistency is great but I will say that the lasting power is lacking. But what else do I expect from a lip gloss formula? I was so hyped to see this was in my bag!

Ipsy Coola Mineral 30SPF Sun Silk Cream

     We’re almost done! This next thing, I honestly haven’t tested yet. But it’s on my list. I know you should wear SPF no matter the weather, and I’m horrible with forgetting if I feel like I’m going to be out of the sun. This is the Coola Mineral 30SPF Sun Silk Cream. It has a lovely name and smells delightfully like a beach to me. I’ll be reporting back in with my review on this particular product.

IBY Highlighter in Private Jet

    The last thing that actually came with my bag was the IBY Highlighter in Private Jet. At first I was a little offput that I didn’t get the highlighter I wanted this month. But then I tried it out, and it’s actually quite lovely.  It doesn’t show up overly dark like some highlighters do or leave a dark streak that illuminates with the sunlight. It’s lovely, inoffensive glow that pops in the right conditions.

Ipsy: OfraxMadison Highlighter in Sea Shimmer

    My lovely friend, did give me this last item on this list. Which was one of the highlighters I was after for this month of September. I’m all about Ofra Highlighters and I was thrilled to see two options, but not thrilled to see that I got neither of them. The one I was given was this Champagne-Pink highlighter which is an Ofra Collab with Madison, in Sea Shimmer. I was honestly completely in love with Moondance, but I’ll hopefully be able to hunt it down in the future. Sea Shimmer is absolutely stunning, and in true Ofra fashion is almost aggressive unless you tap your brush off. It’s not too pink on the skin and shows as Champagne with a pink shift. I love my color shifts in highlighters, so I’m really enjoying this particular item!

Unboxing; Allure April 2019


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Oh dang!! My @allure #allurebeautybox came today! I see promise in here, and I’m #excited. #postincomingâ˜•đŸ‘–

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Hey guys, happy Good Friday! I know I fell off of doing the unboxings of my makeup subscriptions, but I hope to be able to get back to them. Today, I checked the mail and had my Lip Monthly bag, as well as my Allure Box. Honestly, Allure hasn’t impressed me since Christmas. I mean, you can’t really top a box that is hand picked by NikkiTutorials. This particular one actually surprised me when I looked inside!

   Right off the bat, I was excited for a Natasha Denona single, even though at this point, I feel like I have enough her shadows. I’m always willing to accept more. Her formula is superb. There was a Luxie tapered brush, which made me pretty happy too. I’m getting an appreciation for brushes, as I’ve gotten… 3 sets of BH Cosmetics brushes? I feel like they’re great, especially for the price. But I will admit, that I love my Luxie brushes.

    A brown Laura Gellar twist up eyeliner was also included in this box. I was thrilled, because I love liners and mostly stick to black, so brown is a nice change of speed. I was working on a look for a twitter tag that I’m participating in and thought it would be nice to have brown to ground the look. It broke. I was… disheartened. I don’t even have a sharpener small enough to bring it back to a point. So I had to make do. 

    You guys may know that I’m a slight, ABH fangirl. I swoon over every palette and am only missing the Mario one. I rushed out to preorder the Riviera and loose highligter. But, I only had two ABH lip products. One I got from TJ Maxx and one I got on my Black Friday Spree. This one is the Liquid Lip in Pure HollywoodI legit don’t get the Mauve vibes from this. It’s so pale and you almost can’t differentiate it from my skin. It reminds of me of when I’m doing my foundation and I have it on my lips. As much I love ABH, I don’t think I’m feeling this color. I really love their shadow formula, but I do find their lips to be drying so far. So, I might be sticking to their eye and face products.   

     The last couple of items in this box were a frizz and heat protectant, it smells strongly of oranges and reminds me of that orange cleanser that used to live in my Step-Father’s garage. I used to habitually use it and just enjoy the aggressive orange scent of it. I think it was supposed to clean motor oil and stuff like that off of your hands? And, I want to be clear that I don’t mean that negatively. It was a nostaligic scent- but I don’t think I’ll be using this for a while, since my hair is so short right now. The last thing was a packet of tanner wipes, that I’m sure I won’t be using. I have no interest in tanning, so these might get passed off to someone.

    I’m fairly pleased with this Allure shipment, so I’ll be keeping this one for a while longer. 


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Trying not to spoil a tag on Twitter! This #taurus inspired look is going up on the 23rd for the #candisweets zodiac tag! . . #look #teaser #makeup #beauty #cosmetics #fotd #eyes #eyeshadow

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Just because I’m so incredibly proud, I want to put my teaser here too for the #candysweets zodiac tag I’m participating in. I’m trying to up my makeup game and learn blending and such. Call me big-headed,but I think I did well on this look! 

What did you guys get in your Allure box?

Unboxing; Surprising Discovery From Yes Oh Yas

     Hey guys, I’m back with a little bit of a late unboxing for December 2018. No joke, I got this on December 29th, so it was almost a little too late. This box actually had a brand I was familiar with, and that you may remember from a long ago post. The Wholesale Makeup Event I covered a few months ago. Beauty Creations. I know I was pleasantly surprised by their quality from that sale, but since getting them I haven’t revisited them.
     Maybe that’s a shame, because even though they appear to be a knockoff brand, they seem to have a pretty solid formula. I applied this makeup at about 6:30 AM to get ready for work. And the gold shadows I went with were phenomenal for what they are. I’ll admit that I do need to brush up on my eye shadow technique, but barring any obvious improvements I can make, I quite enjoyed these shadows.
   The thing that had me a little confused was the color correcting concealer palette- I don’t think I liked that too much. I just don’t see the purpose of them over actual concealer like my trusty shapetape. The only one I got any real use out of was the Peach tone, which I put under my eyes. Overall, I wasn’t digging the effect.
     The other items being that liquid lip and a brush, I’ll speak on the liquid lip. I liked the color, I didn’t however, like that it felt like it never completely dried down. It remained tacky until it finally wore off 4-5 hours later. All things considered, that’s not bad lasting power.  I did replace it with my Glitterflip while at work because I forgot to bring this one. 
     This post is little on the simple side for me, and guys, I apologize for that. I have some matters that I’m currently dealing with, but I didn’t want to leave you guys high and dry. I think I’ll end this post with the wear-test results!
     Honestly, I wanted to try a gif this once, to show off the eye shadow. I feel like taking the pictures with the whole eyes-closed thing is super awkward. The liner is KVD Dagger liquid liner and obviously held up fairly well. I bought it before I knew of the controversy, but I’m determined to get my money’s worth out of it. 
     My basic feelings about this shipment from YOY, is that it feels low-value in comparison to IPSY, which delivers recognizable larger brands. The quality in these products did surprise me. And I do want to note quickly, that I don’t know much about brushes so I can’t really speak on this one. As well as the mask, which I haven’t had occasion to use it yet in the course of everything going on. 
    I do hope to bring you guys some travel content soon as we prepare for potential first out-of-state Weekend of Content! Stay tuned for Thursday!

Unboxing; This Box is a Birch

      Hey, there guys! I finally got my Birchbox a little bit late! This one was for the month of September, and this was another case where I thought I had signed up too late to get the goods. It’s okay! Any goodies are good goodies, right? Especially where makeup is concerned! 

     If you’re not familiar, Birchbox is another monthly beauty box service, like Ipsy. Unlike Ipsy, Birchbox doesn’t provide a cute or fashionable makeup bag for your purse, they give you a colorful box instead. I did test everything, so let’s have a look!

     At first, I was completely underwhelmed by this delivery. It was a real rollercoaster. I was excited to get the package but once I opened it, I was hit with an “oh, is that it?”.  What we have here is, from right to left, leave in conditioner, Arrow color enhancing balm, Collagen eye pads, Mac 3D mascara and dry shampoo.

     If you’re saying “Is that it?”, believe me, I totally shared that sentiment until I starting playing with it. The first thing I broke into was the M.A.Cscara. It took two applications to get some decent length from it, but true to the advertising my lashes weren’t clumpy. It provided some nice lift and in no way weighed my lashes down. I give this product a 4/5 because it could have been a little more pigmented.

     That color enhancing balm from Arrow, is really an understated thing that had me a little disappointed. I did put it on and got some subtle shine and it did bring out the pink in my lips a little more. It kind of makes them pop. I will say that it doesn’t really smell like much, which was a disappointment. Because, I really like scented balms, but I can live without scent. I think this may be a staple in my purse soon, just because you can never have too many balms. I’d rate this a 4/5 too, I’m detracting a point for scent because that irks me just a little.

     I think I’ll combine the Shampoo and leave in conditioner here. The dry shampoo smells really good, I sprayed it on my roots from the recommended 8 inches and brushed it through. My hair’s on day 2, so I’m due for a wash. This did bring some life back to my hair, so I may be using it in travel emergencies when we find ourselves on the road. On another plus, both of these are the perfect travel size to keep stashed in my purse! Score! This conditioner honestly smells so good, the closest I can get is Vanilla which is great. I can’t wait to break this out during a vacation. I’d rate these at a 5/5.

     The last thing in this box was the Collagen Mask from Wilma Schumann. I’ve never used any Collagen items before now, so I wasn’t sure what to do. I slapped these under my eyes at the end of the day and I felt them working almost immediately. At first, I thought it was burning, but what was happening was an intense cooling and hydrating effect. I kept them there for the recommended 20 minutes (I think). When I took it off, I honestly didn’t notice any real difference. I’m wondering if maybe it takes multiple applications to see results? I’d rate this a 4.5/5, I’m not sure if it even did what it was supposed to but I felt dang fancy using these.

    I think out of this box, I’d be most likely to stock up on the leave in conditioner, just because of the way it smells. While I liked the mascara, I don’t like it enough to spend 24 dollars on it. My Rimmel London ScandalEyes treats me just as well at a fraction of the price.

  If I had to give this box a rating in its entirety, I’d give it a 4.5/5 for looking pretty underwhelming but overall performing remarkably. I really enjoyed everything in this box and I can’t wait for the next one to come in!