Engaging Eats; This Chicken is Plucked Up

Are you ready to get Plucked Up?

I’ve found that I’ve recently fallen into a routine, and while some would find that comforting, I find it infuriating. This week, I decided to try something new, after eating CJs Wings and Things for 2 full weeks. I do feel a little bad for cheating on one of my new favorite places, but a change was required. In my search for change (and wi-fi) I found Plucked Up- Chicken and Biscuits.

A quick search revealed no other locations, which was enough for me to want to go in and try their namesake. When walking in, the first thing I noticed was a focus on a quaint, rustic aesthetic. They were really pushing for a homey, southern kitchen feel and it shows. It feels warm and inviting with the mellow color scheme meshing with the exposed bricks.

I’m an absolute sucker for exposed bricks, as you guys know from my raving about any interior design choices that even resemble an industrial aesthetic, like Midtown Coffee and Lizard Thicket to name a couple. They really leaned into a rustic look, and I honestly found it entirely too charming.


Let’s Get Plucked Up!

Chicken Up Close
Detail Shot of this DELICIOUS chicken

Before I even tried my Chicken, I was excited to get to it. It smelled amazing and I think like Italian dressing marinade? I could be wrong and it could be wishful thinking, but it was delicious either way. The chicken appears to be two white meat tenders rather than a large patty, and I do want to note that they do offer grilled chicken at this establishment if that’s more your speed.

I tried a grilled chicken biscuit with fresh spinach and goat cheese spread- it was absolutely fantastic. I was so pleasantly surprised, honestly. Goat cheese was something I never had an interest in trying past a novelty, but I found myself enjoying the tartness of the cheese in contrast with the wonderfully marinaded chicken.

This particular sandwich does come with a Tomato Jam, which I opted not to use because of personal taste. You can see the Jam pictured above, as a side in case I wanted to try it. 

The Marinade was subtle and worked well with the light spread of goat cheese that I took a chance with. All of the flavors, from the buttery biscuit to the spinach worked together wonderfully. The tang was balanced with the savory (and tender) chicken.  My poor White Cheddar Grits are so neglected in this particular post- and while I love grits, they are just grits at the end of the day. My experience so far tells me that I just love grits.

One thing I do want to note is that this biscuit is insanely fluffy and broke apart while I was eating it. I would recommend cutting it into more manageable pieces as opposed to just taking bites out of the entire thing. It definitely tried to give me issues while trying to devour it. The fight it was putting up didn’t stop me, however. It didn’t stand a chance.


Eat or Retreat:

  Most definitely “Eat”! The Savory mixing with the Tangy was just too good, and honestly I’ve never tried anything quite like it. I can wholeheartedly recommend Plucked Up Chicken and Biscuits if you’re in the mood for good southern comfort food. They give my recipe a run for its money with their biscuits, and this whole combination was just to die for.

Engaging Eats: CJ’s Wings N Things

Welcome to the birth of a new post series written by yours truly. I can’t always be tailed by my food-blogging-fiance, after all. What am I to do when I find a new place to stuff my face while on my lunch break? Just leave it for him? Nah. I got this! I recently found out that the little wing place conveniently placed by my work, is locally owned and operated by a family that owns two other restaurants in the area, Afterfive Bar and Ed’s Southern Cooking. Cj’s Wings -n- Things is a lovely little establishment, that has a somewhat retro feel to me, with the color scheme of ivory and red.

I feel almost like I want to order a milkshake and share it, but that’s silly. Who shares milkshakes nowadays? And, sadly milkshakes aren’t on this menu. What is on the menu is wings and burgers. Both of which are delicious, and it would be a crime for me to come here and not share the former with you. 

Though, I must confess, I’ve become somewhat of a regular here but only just considered asking about their ownership. I’m glad I asked because this place definitely deserves the exposure. I do want to commend them on their amazing and compassionate staff. These girls have been great to me every single time I’ve come in and haven’t missed a beat. I generally get my food and the check taken care of in quite short order. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but that’s to be expected. It’s generally within 15 minutes of ordering at the most, which is nice and prompt.

One of the things I frequently get for lunch is their wings, generally in mild. Today was the 8 Piece Wings with medium sauce and fries.  I decided to test myself today. The fries are fresh and hot- just the right amount of crispy and modestly seasoned, which is my favorite way. They always equip their plates with a piece of sliced bread, which I’m never sure what to do with. That confusion was quickly eclipsed by the wing sauce when I tried it. I’m definitely a bit of a sissy in the sauce department. But look at those wings, they look delicious and I can’t wait to dig in!

Two words come to mind: “hot” and “yum!”. I get the flavor of black pepper, definitely. The wings themselves were tender and succulent. I definitely needed to lean on the ranch sauce to put out the fire on my lips. The pain was worth it because once the fire was extinguished, I was left with delicious chicken.

Their pricing is also quite fair, at just shy of 8 dollars for a plate of 8 wings, a side and a drink. They do have something under 5 for those who are hungry on a budget, a grilled cheese combo with tea and fries for 4.25. You can’t go wrong here!

Eat or Retreat?

   This is definitely an “Eat” rating. The staff, the speed of service, the consistent quality of the food and the price all factor in to make this a solid recommendation. If you find yourself in the Columbus, GA area, you’d be missing out if you passed Cjs by!