Quickie: Starbucks Did Something Right

Hey everyone! I’ve been trying to find something rave on from Starbucks (Aside from my old usual mocha frappe), and I found it, in an unlikely place on their menu. I’ve previously, only had the Black and White Mocha, White Chocolate Mocha with caramel and that… cinnamon thing, I had before. 


Seriously, the Coconut Milk Vanilla (iced) Latte was fantastic. I’ve never cared too much for coconut milk, and I’ve surely never had it in my coffee. Thi drink was a surprise and a half, after the first taste, I was hooked. It had a very harmonious flavor with the coconut and vanilla mixing, and left me feeling very zen. 

Without a doubt, this is a great vacation drink. If you enjoy coffee that tastes a little stronger, with a very down-to-earth sweetness, this is the drink for you! 

I see you Starbucks, good job!



HomeBrews; Absolute Simplicity (K-CUP)

As promised, this is the second series that is debuting this month; Home Brews! The series where I give opinions on coffee that is accessible in homes everywhere (presumably). As much as I would love to travel everywhere and try all the coffee- all the time, that’s not feasible. So this should make for some decent content.

The first coffee I’m going to talk about (to be honest, I’m not sure if it qualifies as coffee) is French Vanilla (Brand) “Cappuccino”. To be frank, this is lazy day coffee and is so close to water or hot cocoa, that I’m loathe to even call it coffee.

The caffeine content is negligible, (maybe I’m just too tolerant to caffeine?) and will barely rouse me from a state of consciousness.  While it doesn’t taste bad, per se, it doesn’t taste like coffee either. The smell is there, and it has a please vanilla scent that is rather calming.

While I don’t recommend this if you’re pulling an all-nighter- I’d go with Folgers or something, which I’ll talk about in another post- these cups work in a pinch when you need the look/illusion of drinking coffee. And, it’s only 70 calories, so it’s decent if you’re on a lo-cal thing.



Rating; Starbucks Taste/5

Not really something I would consider coffee, or even a cappuccino (which is what’s on the label)- watery in consistency like when you use water to make hot cocoa. 1 cup for taste and added 1 for the convenience factor. Good for if you NEED something that calls itself coffee.