[Witchy tag] The big one!

    Hey guys! I know, I knowAnother witchy tag. I like them. I’m sorry. This one should be the last one for a while, because this is a big one. It is a whopping 77 questions, which I took shamelessly from here. I don’t feel too bad about it because at the end of hers she does tag the reader. With that aside, let’s get to it!

Do you use runes as a written language?

      I do! Or…. I know how to. I learned when I got obsessed with the hobbit and kept a journal in the Elder-Futhark  runes. I remember my step-dad saw me writing in the runes on Christmas and was like… offended? I was literally writing about my day and was drawing a Hurricane symbol because there was a hurricane on the coast I was concerned about. 

Do you feel you have natural gifts such as (premonitions, hearing spirits) and if so do you think this is what led you to this path?

      Like I said in a previous tag, I think it was the first one… or maybe I said something different because I don’t recall mentioning my prophetic dreams. When I was a kid I had prophetic dreams and I’ve always been an empath. I can sense the energy in a room and tell when something is off or when someone is feeling a strong emotion. Sometimes I can feel when someone shuts themselves off to me, it’s like a door slamming in my face. 

What deity do you work with if any and why?

       Right now I do a lot of work with Hecate, because she came forward and claimed me once Athena stepped to the side. I tend to work with a lot of the same goddess for a long period of time and pretty much call the gods as I need them. That’s just because I haven’t been claimed by a god yet. I’m okay with that! If/When I do, though I’m ready! I evidently like to honor my deities with tattoos. Hecate got hers over the weekend.

Witchy Tattoo!- Triple Moon Hecate
The tattoo in question, I designed it myself with the help of an image I was using as reference. There were no tattoos online like this. Had to go and make it myself.

    If you’re interested in the design itself, I posted it to my witchy Instagram, Rowan Lunara Cyrene. The tattoo itself got 130+ likes on instagram, so I figured I’d post the art for it just in case.

Have you always worked with this same deity?

      When you say ‘always’ do you consistently forever? If so, then no. If you mean have I had a relationship with them for the whole time I was a practicing witch, then yes.

Do you use any personal items in your practice, (blood, semen, tears, urine, etc)?

     Nope. Unless you count energy as a personal item.

Do you do pass life readings or have ever had one done; who where you or how did you die?

      I went into this in more detail in the first tag, but I haven’t had a reading done since I grew up, but I do still have a memory from my past life. Long story short, I was a man and my wife and I were helping people evade taxes in England and my wife was taken to the tower to be executed or held at trial. I fled and I can’t recall my death. I just remember them taking her away.

What is your favorite magical tool?

     My gems!

What is a song or type of music that gets you into a witchy mood?

      I don’t have like a witchy soundtrack, but I know I used to vibe to some music from Rouroni Kenshin. I think it was his training music? It sounded like this reed flute and the whole song was beautiful. I do also tend to really like Celtic Flute music for getting me into that the right headspeace. 

Where is the most magical place you have ever been?

       I still don’t have a great answer to this… for me I can feel the magic and the flow of the energy around me when I’m outside under the moonlight and I can almost let it take me away.

What animal is your familiar if any?

     My cat Sebastian is my familiar! 

If you have a familiar, did you choose them or did they choose you?

      I went more into detail in that first tag post, so I’ll not bore you here. But I was called to him and he chose me. So it was a thing where we picked each other. 

What in the craft are you best at (tarot, spells, ritual,) etc?

     I don’t know… I think right now I’m feeling pretty good with my spell work involving protection. 

What in the craft would you say you are weaker at?

     Intuitive reading and probably a lot else, like I was saying in the very last tag post, I fell in and out the path for a good number of years so there’s a lot I need to work on.

What is your most favorite part of your craft (spell writing, divination, etc)?

     The first thing that comes to mind is that I love feeling the energy around me. I love identifying who/what I’m dealing and feeling the emotions come through me. When I was sitting on lunch break and I kept catching frankincense for no reason (for the 3rd day in a row) and Hecate’s name popped into my head. I asked if it was her and the pure elation I felt at the moment was something else.

    I love being able to sense and communicate with spirits even if I have to do it with tools for the time being. 

What was the first witchy tool you ever purchased?

     Do Tarot cards count as a tool? Because, I’m pretty sure it was my first deck of tarot cards.  

What was your first homemade tool for your practice?

     I… don’t think I’ve made anything yet, I’m wanting the first tool-tool I make to be my wand. But for that I need to find wood. I was wanting Rowan but every time I think about a Rowan wand I have the word YEW pop up in my head. So I’m looking for some Yew to make my wand out of.

What are you feelings on raising kids in the craft?

     I don’t think we should raise children to be anything in particular and let them choose the path for themselves like my family did. My mother, though she put me on this path through exposure, gave me the option. She showed me what was here and didn’t pressure me into believing. Because of that, I was able to look into and investigate other faiths and see how they felt to me. 

     Any sort of indoctrination of the future generations would be avoided in a perfect world, we all deserve the right to choose our paths.

If you were a goddess or god, who would you be?

     Athena! I’m very, very protective of those I love. I’m also crafty, I do all manner of matronly crafts like crochet and knitting. And I’ll fight you, though I like to err on the side of diplomacy.          

Do you use astrology in your practice? In what ways?

     I don’t- but it’s something I’m currently looking into.

What if any ways could you practice dark magic and still respect the beliefs of Wicca?

      Like I said in a previous tag, magick is neither light nor dark. The practitioner makes it so. Wiccans, from what I recall, do no magick without the consent of the recipient if it’s anyone but themselves. They don’t affect will or manipulate through magickal means. That being said, in my somewhat small understanding, I don’t think you can do dark magick (dark magick being that which ignores free will, or harms) and respect Wicca.

Do you have any witches in your family?

    I don’t- my mother was as close as I have and she was never like, an actual witch as far as I know. 

What item can you not witch without?

      I can witch without anything, really. It’s the witch that makes the magick, not the tools.

What is your favorite sabbat or time of year ritual?

      Samhain, since it’s the only one I’ve really done. This is my first Yule as a rededicant. 

Have you ever had a YouTube burn out?

      Oh yeah. A lot. That’s when I switch from whatever I’m watching to a different subject matter. I generally cycle between True Crime, Beauty, Horror/Paranormal, Art and Witchy channels. It’s even better if they can combine any number of these. Harmony Nice does Witchy/Wicca videos and sprinkles in crime and paranormal. I love it!

What is your fav witchy shop, and do they have an online store?

      My favorite is probably my first. It’s called Mystical Treasures Emporium and it’s in Montgomery, Alabama. They have a website, but not an online store.

When buying witchy items, do they choose you or do you choose them?

      They choose me… Most of the time. Sometimes I just really, really want something so I pick it online without knowing if it will vibe with me. I do greatly prefer to go in person and see what calls me.

How do you organize your herbs/ingredients?

      I have a lot of little cork bottles, herb jars and small plastic bags. Right now all of my dried herbs are in a white shoe box, though I do want to get another little shelf for my altar so I can make an apothecary shelf for my herbs and oils.   

Do you have interest in other deities that you don’t work with; if so, which ones?

      I particularly like the Norse deities, and the Egyptian though I haven’t worked with Freya or Isis in years and years. I have an interest in Hades, but haven’t worked with him at all.

Do you have a fav time of day to do spell work; if so, why?

     Between 10PM and midnight, for sure. I feel like the energy is just better at this time to perform spell work. 

Are you solitary or do you work with a coven?

     Solitary- I tend to work alone while I figure things out. I want to take in information and figure out what it means to me in particular. Once I have a firm footing, I would love to join a coven. 

If you could pick a certain witchcraft tradition that fits your practice most what would it be (Druid, Celtic, Wicca etc)?

     Honestly? Out of those listed, Wicca. But, I did find that Wicca didn’t feel right to me when I defined myself under that label. I’m eclectic, so I adopt and adapt a lot of different beliefs from across the board into my own path.

What was the most creative spell you have ever done. What did you use?

     Like I said in the previous tag when I answered this question, I’m not really too creative with my spells despite considering myself an artist. I did a prosperity spell bag with lots of herbs and stones, made the bag myself and topped it with a sigil and some yellow yarn to close it off. 🙂

What do you prefer for divination (tarot, oracle, runes ,etc, and why?

     The Tarot cards. No doubt. I have runes but they intimidate me, I have Oracle cards, but I don’t think I like them. I have t̶w̶o̶ Four pendulums and while I do love them, I’m not sure if I’m projecting when I do those readings. My tarot decks all have different personalities and my favorite is the Goddess deck, as it has lots of maternal energy and really tries to tell me what I need to know in the kindest way possible.

What are some ways you keep yourself grounded?

     I’ll generally light my candles and turn out the lights, plop myself in front of them and stare into the flame while taking deep, slow breaths and trying to rein my thoughts and slow them down to a lull.

Have you ever had a spell go horribly wrong?

      I don’t think so… the closest I can figure to a spell going wrong, was a Samhain ritual where I didn’t cast a circle and I spent the next three days feeling like… super dark energy in my altar room. I remember that I snuffed the candles and then basically ran to bed and had the freakiest nightmares.

What are your opinions on initiation rituals?

    I feel like I don’t understand them enough to have an opinion quite yet. Aren’t they only really important in a coven setting?

Have you ever had full contact with your deity; if so, what happened?

     Full Contact? I don’t know what that means in this context. When Athena had claim over me, I would feel her near me and sometimes she would make the Athena card in one of my decks jump out to let me know she was there. Most recently, Hecate made contact with me. Nothing crazy has happened insofar, I was smelling frankincense everywhere for no discernible reason and I kept getting words like her name pop into my head. She’s very responsive.

What about you is un witchy?

     Umm…. just about everything? I draw anime, obsessed with coffee, love technology (yes, I know tech witchery is a thing) and I generally have a lot of areas where I could incorporate witchcraft but I don’t.

For the dating witch, how do you tell a new love interest that you are a witch?

      Honestly? It’s one of the first things I bring up. I’m not particularly shy about it. I wear my Greek coin and pentacle and spell vials…. I don’t really hide it. They know what they’re getting into.

Who is a past witch that has inspired you ,famous or not?

     I… don’t know….

How do you handle rejection from a fellow witch that refuses to do a reading or spell for you?

     I don’t, because I do things on my own and tend not to ask for other witches to cast spells for me. I got this.

Do you think it is necessary to cast a circle when you do spell work or any magical working?

     I’m not going to go too far into this, but I’ll say it’s a good idea. Per my Samhain ritual where I don’t know what I invited into my home, I recommend a circle be cast.

If Steven Spielberg called and wanted to make a movie of your life, who would you want to play as you?

     What kind of question is this? Samuel L Jackson, of course.

What is some advice that was given to you that you pass along because it made an impact on your path?

    I have no guidance from an older witch from any point of my practice. It’s sad.

What is some advice you would give someone who has not found their diety?

    It’ll come to you. Don’t stress it. It’s not really as imperative as some would have you believe. For starters you can either just honor the divine feminine and masculine energies or look for the Pantheons that really speak to you, or for a deity that you’re particularly close to. Start with the witchy basics and learn all you can, your deity will come to you when they’re ready and when you have the skillset under your belt. 

Where do you buy your herbs?

    Ebay or Etsy. I would buy them locally but like, there aren’t any witchy places near me that sell a variety of herbs. Especially not a variety of herbs together and that will get expensive really fast.

How did you feel casting your first circle (silly, scared, stumbling, etc)?

     Definitely felt a little silly. But now that I’m getting more used to casting the circle, I feel more powerful and protected when calling on the elements and my guides/deities. I’m still not sure how I want to open the circle, but that’ll come with time.

What was your first successful spell?

    I don’t know if this it too optimistic but I think my first successful spell was a Storm Calling spell, I don’t know if it was going to rain anyway or if I helped it along but whatever the case it bolstered my confidence for my later spells.

What is your general practice for meditation?

     I still don’t meditate very much, though it’s definitely something I need to do. I went into my cleansing meditation in the previous post.

Are you a day walker or a night comer?

     I had to google this. Penny Dreadful? Really? I don’t believe in devils, so by that logic I guess I’m a day walker?

How and when did you know you wanted to be on this path?

     It wasn’t a specific point where I knew for I wanted to be on this path, I just always knew. From the time I was a child I was casting spells, talking to spirits and making ‘potions’. I mean, I did fall on and off the path, but I’ve always known it’s for me. I just haven’t always known what to do with that information. 

What type of pagan are you (Wiccan, eclectic, hedge, etc)?

     Eclectic, hands down. With some Lunar leanings and Chaos Magick for good measure. I’m incorporating more Green Witchery right now, too!

What candle color do you use most?

     Black, since I’ve been doing a lot of protective work. Otherwise I tend to lean on the white candles for their all purpose capabilities.

What area would you like to see your craft grow in?

     All of them. Is all of them a good answer, because I would like to grow in everything. I guess the main thing I want to expand in is my confidence in my craft. In a recent card spread where I asked how I can better serve Hecate, I was told to trust myself. I think I lack that in almost all aspects of my life, not to get too real on you guys. That pretty much ties in with my other main goal of enhancing my intuition and being more fluid with my cards.

What is your preference, to buy or make your witchy tools?

    Right now it’s to buy tools, because while I know it’s not the look of the tool that matters… I’m still wanting my stuff to look nice, you know? I think the one thing I really want to make myself, is my wand to make sure I have that connection behind it.

What fictional witch book/screen inspired you the most?

     Not a particular witch, but the movie The Craft. Let me tell you, that movie woke up something in me that hasn’t shut up ever since. Also, did you know that when they called on the elements at the beach it was an actual calling of the corners. Every time they filmed that part it would storm, and they eventually had to just keep it as it was.

    I actually found this to illustrate that freaky stuff went down during their calling of the corners.

” During the invocation of the spirit scene on the beach a bunch of spooky shit went down. A colony of bats appeared and lingered on set, the waves rose up and extinguished the candles used for the scene and when Nancy was calling for the spirit to “fill her” the set lost power.

With your first spell where you alone or in a coven?

     Considering I’ve always been solitary, it was alone.

What is your favorite candle, incense scent for magical purposes?

    I’m obsessed with Dragon Blood and sometimes Myrrh for offerings and getting into a headspace to do  witchy spellwork. 

Where is your favorite place to go to reconnect with nature?

     Under the moonlight, pretty much. I’m terrified of woods at night, but a nice peaceful clearing in the woods is also lovely to touch base with Gaia and really feel connected to my own witchy-ness.

Do you believe in fantasy creatures (unicorns, gnomes, elves, fairies, etc)?

     Honestly?? Right now, that’s something I question. Like the belief in Demons, I’m trying to figure out how they all fit into my particular system of beliefs. While I don’t staunchly disbelieve in them, I won’t say that I’m devout either. I will say this, though, I do want to believe. 

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?


Would you ever teach the craft?

    Once I get a good foothold, I don’t see why I wouldn’t teach people witchy things. But I first have to kind of pinpoint what’s integral to me and what sort of Witchcraft I lean towards. I do tend to try to help people if I’m asked something directly or if someone expresses an interest in something I have knowledge in.  

What if any legal herb do you use for moods?

     I… don’t. I did try a CBD lollypop recently and I did notice an elevated mood. But possibly a placebo? I don’t really like to rely on things to perk me up or shift my moods (except for COFFEE, of course!), because I’m stubborn. I do have some Lemongrass oil and it’s hard for me to be angry when I smell that, so maybe essential oils are onto something?

What is the most recent spell/ritual you have done? (slight detail please)

    Do I have to go into detail? I prepared a spell vial with herbs and gems, to facilitate psychic awareness, protection from negative entities and spirit calling. I invoked Hecate to aid me in this goal and did a short ritual to enchant the vial and awaken the herbs/gems. I then placed the vial under the moonlight, thanked Hecate and left her an apple cut shortways as thanks for showing herself to me and aiding me.

Do you have a happy place you go to during meditation?

     I can’t visualize, so nope.

What is your favorite witchy book?

    I don’t have a favorite right now, but I’m really enjoying Scott Cunningham and anything involving Hecate. 

Do you have a ritual to get ready before a ritual or spell? (what is it)

    Not really, though it’s something I’m figuring out.

Do you always use your own spells or do you tweak others?

     It depends if I can find a spell that meshes with my intent, if it’s close but no cigar, I’ll tweak it. Otherwise I generally completely do my own spells from the ground up.

Do you prefer spells/ritual inside or outside?

     The main ritual is indoors with a shorter secondary ritual beneath the moon.

If you are coming from a Christian/catholic background. Did you find the transition hard with family and the whole going to Hell thing? Basically leaving all you been told was right to pursue a witchy things?

     I never felt a connection to the Judeo-Christian faith, and believe me, I tried. I read the bible and took notes. I attended church, I don’t think I ever really gave it too much regard beyond I guess trying to make that connection for my families sake. I remember going to Vacation Bible School and hearing people tell me “Let jesus into your heart!”, all I could do was imagine Jesus knocking on a door and getting exasperated with my utter refusal to let him anywhere near me. 

    It never felt right and actually, felt rather invasive to me. Always being watched by an entity, at all times might be a comfort to some. But for me, it made me deeply uncomfortable. My family did tell me I was going to hell, in fact they also told the children in the family. My dear sweet cousins were also told that their Beloved cousin was going to hell because she hated Jesus. 

    It was always my belief that as long as I don’t go out into the world wreaking havoc and hurting people, then even if I’m wrong, whatever energy is out there that I’m going to meet when I die will know that I was a good person. If I’m going to hell anyway, I’d rather do it honestly. For a little while, I did wrestle with the arguments from my own blood but eventually decided it’s my life and my path literally doesn’t effect them so I embraced my witchy-ness.

What are your totem animals?

     I don’t know if I’ve given that too much deep thought in a few years. I don’t know if I even have one, but I did used to feel a deep connection to moths.

What are some things you reuse after spells/ritual work?

    Everything,  to be honest. I reuse my candles, Athame, offering dish….   

Who helped you most when you starting on your witchy path?

     The library! I used to live in libraries! I would spend hours looking at books and flipping through their pages. This was especially endlessly useful when my family took my books and first altar. It could have been worse, they could have banned me from the library but to be fair, I still would have gone in.

Do you know any good witchy phone apps (like moon phases)?

    I do have the moon phases app, aside from that I use…

  1. Picture This, which identifies plants. You can pay for thr $20 a year subscription or wrack up free identifies by checking in and watching ads. Since I’m doing more green witchey this is super great for me because I’m very interested in knowing what I can use certain plants for.
  2. Labyrinthos is another app I use a fair bit. It’s kind of like tarot flash cards? If you’re trying to learn card meanings, I recommend this! My one qualm is that it doesn’t use the OG Rider-Waite deck, but rather some that are super minimal. I feel like I’d be better at connecting the meanings to the card if I had all of the symbols and illustrations available to me.

What is your favorite witchy/magical study?

        Right now anything to do with correspondences. I’m enjoying learning about what attributes things have. Besides that, I’m enjoying learning all I can about Hecate and her history.    

Outside of the YouTube and Facebook community, do you have a lot of witchy friends in the physical world?

     If you had asked me this when I started this post like a month or more ago, I would have said no. But I’ve managed to make a couple of friends. One is a witch of 10-ish years and another is just starting her path after being called to it by her deity.

Do you feel that the deities we work with are a force from one higher power and that all beliefs and religions are from the same one God/place?

    Honestly, I don’t know. I used to feel like the gods were just one energy source with multiple names to fit your practice. Their very invocation was a tool. But after Hecate reached out to me, I think I’m of the mind that there’s basically an infinite number of gods. I’m still fleshing some stuff out with my own beliefs, but honestly just one huge mega-god creeps me out and I’m inclined to believe there’s more than one and that they don’t watch me while I shower.

[Ho Ho Haul] It’s a Digital Christmas!

     Hey guys! Before we dive into this Haul, I hope you had a great Christmas, if you celebrate. Alternately, if you’re one of my witchy brothers or sisters, I hope you had a festive Yule! My friend and I made some Wassail Cider and did some divination to break in our new decks. Not a bad way to spend Yule for my first Sabbat with another actual Pagan. 

    If anyone was curious about the life event that occurred last week, it was my Marriage. We had a small ceremony with those who were able to make it on such short notice. If you’re reading this, and you’re my family or just plain couldn’t make it, don’t fret! We’re holding another Ceremony down the road, the one we really want. We were just ready to go ahead and get the actual official stuff out of the way, since we’ve been trying for almost 2 years. 


     Neither of those topics is what this post is about though! I don’t know why, but in true blogger fashion I feel compelled to show you my haul from the Holidays… Haulidays. My haul was almost entirely digital this year, due to the aforementioned lack of planning on my part. I decided on Christmas Eve to put up the tree, and tried to go to Walmart to do some very last minute shopping but was advised strongly against it.

       I’m going to split this haul into different sections. The first one is going to be your ‘normal’ miscellaneous stuff, and the second one is more witchy stuff.

Haul; The Miscellaneous:

     We R Memory Keepers, Foil Quill

     This was something I found like 2 days ago. I was intrigued. I can foil things? Without a machine? I can just write on stuff and it’ll be foiled? I can already tell you that I have plans to foil. my. life. I’m going to draw on everything I can with these things and as an added bonus, it was a heck of a bargain. This kit retails for $100 on the We R Memory Keepers site, and I got it for $30. (I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t also use this for witchy stuff though…)


   Toy Hammock

     You might not know this about me, but I’m an actual child. My room where all of my witchy things are, also houses my makeup station and all of my stuffed animals. Last night, I got a wild hair to go ahead and organize my room. I have this urge to expand my current witchy corner, and to do so I needed to move all of the furniture around. Now the bed is in the perfect place to watch TV, and I can pull out the second bed pretty easily too. Now all I need is to organize these stuffed animals.

     Hanging Organizer

     I don’t know if this one needs a photo demonstration, do you guys know those hanging things? They’re mesh tubes with different compartments and they can hang from a rod or the ceiling. I got one of those too. You guys may not remember the time my Husband held this elaborate scavenger hunt that included little bears and candies, but my bed does. And so do the multiple small bears on my bed. I figured, some of my stuffed animals are of the smaller sizes, and I didn’t want them getting crushed by the big bears and stuff. 

    Re-haul itemNorvina Pro Palette Mini V. 1

    I got this the day before my wedding, because I fell madly in love with the shade in the middle. There’s something about a warm glitter that steals my heart, and I adore that shimmer in the middle of the top row. I will shamefully admit that I lost this a couple days ago, and have since repurchased it (because Christmas). I couldn’t bear the thought of being without it and I do hope that I find it so I have two of these! Sadly, they are limited edition and it wouldn’t suck too bad to have multiples of something that I like this much. 



Haul; The Witchening:

    As it would turn out, this haul is primarily witchy things. So there’s that. I genuinely thought I had gotten more… not-witchy stuff. Guess I was misremembering? I’m not mad about it at all!

      Favorite Haul ItemWhite LED Herb Planter

     I was super excited for this first item. I’ll preface this by saying that I have absolutely no green thumb. At all. I do not have a gift with plants, I don’t know what they need or how to grow them. But I’m about to find out. I’ve developed a sudden interest in growing my own herbs, like Rosemary, Sage, or Mint. Also, no lie, I want a succulent. 

    I also feel the growing need to incorporate living things on my altar, like plants, for instance. I’m getting more interested in Green Witchery and I figured it would make more sense for me to grow my own herbs rather than keep buying them. Hopefully soon I can convince my husband to allow a fish… I would love a betta by my altar.


  Favorite Oracle Deck from this Haul Moonology Oracle Deck

    For someone who claims to not really get Oracle decks, I sure have a fair number of them in my arsenal. I blame the moon. Literally. The Oracle decks I’ve gotten focus on the moon, like this one and the next item on this list. This particular deck, I like quite a bit. Despite my initial impressions off of the back of the box, I don’t find the art sparse or displeasing in the least. Alongside this deck, I also got a journal to use exclusively for tarot, and a pendulum from the local witchy shop. (And a desert rose!)


Journal, deck and pendulum haul
Everything unpacked and chilling 🙂


The Queen of the Moon Oracle Deck

     This one I’m less sure about, honestly she hasn’t made an impression on me in the least. I think when I get back home today I’ll take another look at her. Honestly, I do seem to recall that the card stock was flimsy, so that’s a strike against this deck. I will say that the art is stunning... Which is what led me to impulse buy this one. 


Jewelry Items


     I grabbed a few jewelry items that I didn’t think warranted their own subheading. That triple moon pendant is just for me, the Labradorite bead is because I really want some Labradorite on my altar but can’t afford it from a shop. Labradorite and Flourite are usually pretty expensive, but I did get lucky and find some. The charms are for my spell vials on Etsy so I can make them all pretty and junk. All about that aesthetic. 

  Highly Anticipated haul item!   Mortar and Pestle

    On the heels of my Herb Garden dreams, I’ve been wanting a Mortal and Pestle for months. I managed to snag this nice looking ceramic one from ebay for $11 with a pentacle etched into it. I’m pretty thrilled with the find, since these babies run you about $24 dollars locally. For my altar, I need to expand and get a bigger table and larger shelf for my books, once I do I’ll be able to justify getting even a mini cauldron… which I anticipate using for primarily holding my Sage. 

    More Cards!

       The Wild Unknown deck is for my friend who mentioned she had been looking at this particular one a while back. If I know someone wants (or wanted) something, I’m hellbent to get it for them if I can. Why am I like this?  The The Witches’ Wisdom deck… is for me. I like anything to do with ‘Witches’  or the moon. And I really liked the art on these, so I sprung for them. For as low of a price as I got on these, I regret nothing for having them in this haul. 

       I think the other two decks were bought prior to Christmas, but  I want to include them here because it may have been just a couple days prior. The first one was the Ethereal Visions Illuminated tarot deck, and guys it’s beautiful. Every card has some gold detailing, which took my breath away when I ran through the cards for the first time. This deck has a very maternal energy to it, especially in the way it phrases things. I love it!

     The last deck I got was the Ostara tarot (Photo from HERE) and this one… I felt very called to. I was in the book store and just kept feeling pulled to the Metaphysical area. Once I picked up this deck, the feeling went away. Truthfully, I wasn’t set on this deck, despite liking the artwork. I wonder if there’s someone who’s going to need it in the future? Sometimes I feel like I’m called to items simply to pass them on, so I wonder if that’s why. The cards seem somewhat intuitive, but do not have clear demarcation of what suit or the numerical associations… which I guess counts as a con. To be fair though, it’s beautiful.

Final Haul Item
My first Witchy Mystery Box!
    Mystery Box!

    This last major thing I got for myself in this sizeable haul was a mystery box! I got the Medium one, and I’m super excited for it to get here. What is it about Mystery Boxes that I love? I buy a thing, but I don’t know what it is. The mystery makes it worth it to me. Like a makeup subscription box, I can’t explain it. I just love them. I basically told the shop to go wild with it, and I’ll be doing an unboxing post (possibly video) once it arrives!

     As you guys can tell, I kind of… lost my damn mind for the Holidays. I’m having a little trouble coming back down to earth, honestly. I’ve just felt so shoppy lately, and I need to get it back under control. With the whole big Hauliday gone and over with, what did you guys get from others or for yourselves? In the meantime, I’m going to wait for all of this stuff to get here. 

    ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᑎEᗯ YEᗩᖇ!

35 Witchy Questions tag! (tag one!)

    Hey guys! We have another tag post, this one focusing on the witchy side of JNJ. I figured I’d do a magick tag to sort of introduce this new subject matter. I borrowed this from The Spirit Garden on wordpress, so totally check them out or copy this Tag to fill out yourself! 

1. Do you feel you have natural gifts such as (premonitions, hearing spirits) and if so do you think this is what led you to this path?

  I’m fairly clairsentient, very much an empath. Sometimes it’s hard to pin down where my feelings end and someone else’s begin. I used to be able to sense the energy in rooms very quickly as a child, but as I grew up I started blocking that out. Which is part of why I’m throwing myself back in whole-heartedly, I’m upset that I shut that part of myself off. I don’t know if it lead me to this path though, to be honest.  Really, I can sense environmental energy and spirits to an extent, though it’s muffled. I hope to be be able to connect to them more strongly so I can get a grip on them again.

2. What deity do you work with if any and why? 

     I do! My spell work calls on the Greek Pantheon most times, unless I feel really pulled to invoke someone else. I’ve been doing a fair amount of work with Hecate and Plutus lately.  As for why, I just felt drawn to this Pantheon from a young age. It started with a wild love of Mythology and Athena in particular. 

3. Have you always worked with this same deity? 

     Kind of? I used to work with Hecate when I was just starting off, because she’s considered the Goddess of Witches and has an association with the moon. I’ve always loved to look up at the moon and lose my breath in it’s glow. Then I was called to Athena for years… after finally noticing (like 6 years later). Now I feel like I’m being relinquished from Athena and Hecate is stepping in. I’m not hurt, just kind of honored that the first Goddess I ever worked with is coming forward for me.

4. Do you do past life readings and have you ever had one done? 

      I don’t and I haven’t. Though I do seem to have a memory that may originate from a past life. I want to preface this with saying that my mother and I have known each other before. In this memory I have, I’m a man and I’m tall/slender. I have brown hair kept somewhat long, as it more than brushes my ear lobes. 

     We had a little cottage or hut of some sort outside of London, the image of it is hazy now. It wasn’t very luxe but was warm and safe enough. This was around the time the London Tower was a jail/prison/death sentence. My wife at the time, my current mother, and I were helping people who were unable to pay their dues to the King/Government. I’m not sure if we could afford to pay our dues either, but we were still doing our best to help those who definitely couldn’t.

      Somehow, word got out of what we were doing. It boiled down to straight-up tax evasion. My last memory from this time is them coming to get my wife and I. We were the only ones in our home so we were the only ones to be caught from this, as far as I know. When they came with their wagon with the bars on the windows, I tried to get her to flee with me. She didn’t make it out with me and I had to watch them take her away.

    I remember her face peering through the bars as her hands, still coated in soot from the small fire inside, gripped the bars. I ran. Shamefully, I booked it to the woods as fast and as far as I could. At some point I tripped and my memory ends with me looking at my distraught reflection in a puddle in the middle of a dirt path.

5. What is/are your favorite magickal tool(s)? 

      Gems. Definitely gems. They can do everything and they can bring you power, disperse negativity, ease your mind… gems, hands down. And I suppose, Tarot cards, as I’ve been reading them since I was a child. 

6. Where is the most magickal place you have ever been? 

    I feel like for me it’s any place I am, especially if there’s moonlight beaming down. Or a clearing in the woods with a babbling river nearby. 

7. What animal is your familiar if any? 

      My cat Sebastian is my familiar. When I go to my altar to do spellwork, I close out the cats so they can’t get into my room. He will freak out outside of the door to be let in. When he was a baby, I had my altar stuff boxed up and no matter what I did he would find his way into that box.

    We’re also very emotionally intune with each other.


8. If you have a familiar, did you choose them or did they choose you? 

       I think we chose each other. I went to the animal shelter to get a specific cat, his name was Damien. When I went, he was in quarentine for treatment. I almost left and came back another day, but I looked behind the receptionist and say this little grey kitten in one of the compartments. His ear was clipped and he had no tail, he was looking right at me and just screaming. I caved in, I had to see that cat.

    The moment he was placed in my arms he purred up the biggest storm and held on to me. 15 minutes and $80 dollars later I was walking out with him. Best $80 I’ve ever spent. 

9. What in the craft are you best at? 

       My gut instinct is to say “I don’t know”, not to sell myself short or anything but I want to be able to give an actual answer some day!

10. What in the craft would you say you are weaker at? 

       Intuitive reading. Definitely. Because I get in my own way. I’ll have a flash of something in my head and it’ll make perfect sense but I’ll push it away because I don’t know where it came from. To be fair though, I’m probably weak at a fair bit. Just because my path has been kind of bumpy over the year and I’m just now getting back to it despite being a non-practicing witch for over a decade. 

11. What is your most favorite part of your craft? 

      The feeling of connecting to the energy around me. Today when I realized that Hecate was calling me, I got such a feeling of excitement and just pure elation. It’s the feeling of being able to tap into and utilize something greater than myself.  To help not just myself, but those around me. 

    I love that I’m able to work closely with my deities and feel their whispers around me, and their protection. I love how it makes me feel like a whole person now that I’m getting back to it after so long. I’m feeling connected and I feel empowered. It’s doing wonders for my mental health too!

13. What was the first craft tool you ever made? 

     I… don’t think I’ve made a tool, per se. I’ve been making spell vials and satchets lately. Do sigils count as tools? I’ve been brainstorming stuff to make, so I probably should make some tools. If I can find a rowan tree or yew tree, I’ll make a wand!

14. Do you use astrology in your practice?  

      I don’t! Though I’ve been interested in it for a while, I just don’t know how much, if any, credence I give to it beyond just generalized information. I’m looking into it more, like I am with numerology to kind of see where I stand on it. 

15. What, if any, ways could you practice dark magick and still respect the beliefs of Wicca?  

       I’m not Wiccan, though I did used to be years ago. I think magick is all in intent. Magick is neither white nor black, it just is. The witch makes it white or black. With that in mind, so long as you’re not trying to override the will of others or you should be fine.

16. Do you have any other witches in your family? 

      I wish! My mother started me on this path as a child but she transitioned to more an agnostic/almost-christian mindset and I’m not sure where she stands right now. When I came out of the broom closet my parents took all of my books… to this day I wonder what they did with it. And if I’m being honest, I’m still a little sore about that whole ordeal.

17. What magick item can you not witch without? 

     Nothing. Like a good camera doesn’t make a photographer, a tool doesn’t make a witch. Even without the tools, I’d still be a witch. I like to have the tools, though.

18. Do you have a favorite time of day to do spell work? 

     Absolutely! I like 10PM-Midnight for my spell work!

19. Are you solitary or do you work with a coven? 

     Solitary! Though I have met a couple of local witches, I don’t want to tie myself in with a coven yet. I am very interested in covens for my future, though.

20. If you could pick a certain witchcraft tradition that fits your practice most what would it be?

      I feel like I’m mostly eclectic in my path, though I do borrow strongly from Lunar magicks. I do most of my workings around the moon phases and honor Hecate accordingly. 

21. What was the most creative spell you have ever done, and what did you use?  

     I’m really just starting to spread my wings with my spell work, so I don’t view my workings as particularly creative. I view them as juvenile in comparison to other witches. But, I did make a money spell sachet for myself and my fiance to use. I made the bag myself with white cloth and thread. Filled it with every herb that I had to correspond with wealth, prosperity and luck. Likewise tossed in some cleansed and blessed gems to correspond with the goal.  I topped it off with gold/yellow yarn to cinch it closed and put my Prosperity sigil on it.

    It was the first time I had ever used sigil magick in conjunction with anything else, and of course the bag was more than a bag. I also did cast my circle, did an invokation of Plutus (and likewise gave him an offering) after doing the incantation. 

22. What do you prefer to use for divination? 

     I really prefer tarot cards for the most part, though I don’t use them as often as I used to. I’ve taken to pendulums recently, though I don’t know if I can trust them with my subconscious pulling the strings in the background.

   I was recently called quite strongly to get a pendulum from the local occult store though, so I may try connecting to that one more. It’s a beautiful amethyst pendulum which ties in with my whole psychic awareness kick I’m on. 

23. What do you do to ground yourself? 

       Deep breaths and I try to sweep my thoughts from my mind. I don’t know really how to meditate since I have a lovely thing called aphantasia, and a lot of meditations I see are completely centered around visualizations…. which I can’t do. Truthbetold though, that is part of the reason I’m getting to into my craft again. I want to see if I can stimulate my third eye and get that lazy ***** to open. 

24. Have you ever had a spell go horribly wrong? 

      I haven’t!… or not that I’m aware of.

25. What are your opinions on initiation rituals? 

     Honestly? I don’t know anything about them/

26. How do you handle rejection from a fellow witch that refuses to do a reading or spell for you?

     Bold of you to assume that I ask other witches for things. For the most part I do everything for myself, in the event where I’m not doing it for myself, I’m doing it for others. It’s not cool to ask someone to expend their energy for you and then get mad when they say no, but I wouldn’t even ask. 

27. Do you think it is necessary to cast a circle when you do spell work or any magickal working? 

      Not previously… but lately? Yeah. It’s totally necessary to create a protective barrier between yourself and whatever else wants to come forward when you’re opening yourself up. For Samhain 2018, I did a ritual for the Sabbath but I didn’t cast a circle or invoke my deities or my guides for protection and I felt so threatened that I had to leave my room. It took me days to be able to go back in there, because every time I did I felt to oppressed.

    You may not need  do a full circle and invokation every time you work a spell, but I’m of the opinion (now) that it’s a good idea to be protected even if it’s something simple. 

28. What is your general practice for meditation? 

     Generally, I don’t really. I like to (try to) meditate in the bath under a full moon when I’m doing my monthly cleansing. I just (attempt to) visualize or imagine all of the negativity that attached itself to me over the month getting trapped in a ball of white light between my hands until I can feel the ball between my hands. 

    When no more negativity or darkness can fit, I release it skywards to be recycled and purified. I do this three times. Afterwards, I continue with just a pure white ball of light between my hands absorbing the light of the moon and  my intent. Once I can feel that, I wash myself with it (bring my hands to my face and feel the pure light energy enter my being). That is also done three times.

29. When and how did you know you wanted to be on this path? 

     I grew up with my mother showing me the tarot cards and teaching me how to see auras, a skill I have since forgotten. From a young age, I realized that I was much more in tune with the elements rather than the judeo-christian God. I was told I was going to Hell by my family and in my late teens, I tried really hard to find some sliver of myself that was on that Christian path, and it threw me into a depressive tailspin because I felt horrible that everyone else was able to find this love and life and all I found was pain. I thought I was broken.

    In my early twenties, I started calling myself a witch again when I realized that it was the one thing in my life that was constant. In short, the path is my home. When I was a child, before my family tried to crush it out of me, I feel like I had a connection to the path that was true and strong. And now that I’m nearing my 30s it’s back in full swing. I’m back where I belong. 

30. What candle color do you use most? 

       Lately,  black. I’ve been doing a lot of protective work for myself and others, so I’m using lots of black candles. Otherwise, I use a lot of white too, especially for my cleansing rituals.

31. What area would you like to see your craft grow in? 

      Is all of them an option? I feel like I have a lot of room to grow in so many directions. Honestly, I want to see my divination blossom through intuitive reading, I want to be more confident in the runes… I want to be more intune to the rhythms around me and grow my empathy. 

32. What is your preference, to buy or make your tools? 

     I feel like you can make or buy them- like, if you buy them, you can cleanse them of  outside energy and then imbue it with your own. But if you really want that connection with a tool from the start, I’d say making it is your best bet. 

33. What is your favorite candle and/or incense scent for magickal purposes?

     My favorite candle is either black for straight protection, or white for it’s all purpose capabilities. For my incense, I enjoy dragon’s blood (a lot), for meditative practices (when I try) or just ritual work invoking the gods. 

34. Would you ever teach the craft? 

     I’m not averse to teaching it, but I know I have a long way to go before I get to that point. These posts on here are going to be more about my own path and experiences rather than teaching anyone anything. 

35. What are your totem animals? 

     I don’t know if I particularly feel drawn to any animals really, I used to have a lot of experiences with moths a few years ago. I haven’t been feeling any particular tug towards anything in particular, though I do wonder if Owls have a meaning to me because they’re on my mind a lot at the moment. 

Just an Update to my Etsy Store!

     Hey guys! This post is the first one exclusively for the spooky segment of the site, so unless you purposefully came to this post from the home page, you’re not going to be seeing it. So hey! Let’s do an Etsy update! I’m still brain-storming a few things on here, for instance the colors. What’s up with not being able to change the color of the web page based off of what content you’re looking at?

    There’s a way to do it, I just haven’t found it… or a way to make it make sense. Anyway… I just wanted to do an official post updating everyone on the state of the Etsy Shop. To be honest, I can’t recall if I’ve ever said anything about it prior. But there’s no better time on JNJ to talk about Metaphysical things than now. I have an Etsy shop where I previously only read Tarot for buyers. I’ve had the shop open for the greater part of a year, as well. 

     I sell Tarot Readings on things like Family Issues and to help you hone in on your destiny. There are other readings up as well, and I plan to add more. Aside from the Tarot, I’m also selling spell vials. My favorite is one I wear all the time to facilitate spirit communication and psychic awareness. Coincidentally that was also my first sale when I added a selection of 3 spell pendants. 

      Up until the 15th of December, I’m running a sale where you can get the pendants for 50% off if you buy one by itself. However, if you buy a Tarot reading during this period I’ll send you a spell vial (or bag) pertaining to your concern.  Honestly I’m definitely shocked that it wasn’t one of the Tarot/Spell combos that sold first. And to be completely honest, I didn’t expect to sell anything during the sale, just because of how slow it’s been historically. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled. I just didn’t think it would happen. These new items have been up for 2 days, and we’re already moving along nicely. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of the lucky ones that can use Etsy for their livelihood, but I can at least use it to find my coffee habit.

     You can view my listings below in both categories, I’m planning to be adding more things soon. Like spell satchels and poppets and the like. In the future, I might also throw some other sorts of encharmed jewelry, while I’m at it.