20 Ways to Show Yourself Love on Valentine’s Day

       Hey guys, the day draws nearer! I know I’m not doing anything huge here for the ol’ commercial holiday, but that’s not the same for everyone. Couples and those who are not in a relationship, can both enjoy this holiday! This post is one for the latter! Even though this is a hugely romanticized “holiday”, it doesn’t mean the same things to us all. And in fact, some may find things generally done on V-Day as cliche and corny.

      While I’m not disagreeing with you, hypothetical new friend, I do think it can be fun and slightly cathartic to indulge yourself in the bright colors and saccharin sweetness of the day. I used to take myself out for the day, so I figured I’d share my favorite self care activities for the occasion!


In honor of SweetHearts that are not with us this year, due to Nekko shutting down shop.


  1. Youtube and Coffee – My favorite way to do this self care thing! 
  2. De-Stress with some Yoga
  3. Soak up the sun
  4. Watch cartoons
  5. Take a bubble bath
  6. Treat yourself to candy
  7. Start a new craft 
  8. Connect with a friend
  9. People watch at the mall
  10. Go to a new store and try things on that are outside of your comfort zone
  11. Make cocoa and watch documentaries
  12. Binge on Disney Movies
  13. Write out your stress
  14.  Doodle!
  15. Go thrifting
  16. Take yourself out for lunch
  17. Visit an arcade
  18. Take a ride with the windows down and the music up
    1. Seriously, this is so incredible. Last year I drove three hours for a speech, and even though I was stressed, there was something so freeing about just feeling the wind in hair. I was almost giddy by the time I got there and there were no nerves.
  19. Go downtown!
  20. Take the day off and play video games!

      Despite Valentine’s Day being called “Singles Awareness Day” by some, there’s nothing wrong with being single. Sometimes being alone is fun. Who doesn’t enjoy blaring the music while alone in the car? Singing alone in the shower? As I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve begun really valuing and enjoying my own company. Dinner alone? Bring it. Solo Arcade? Done. Lone Festival enjoying a lovely view on the Ferris wheel with no interruptions? Yes, please.

    I know, It can feel odd at first to go to lunch and hog a booth to yourself, but trust me. No one is looking, no one is making any judgements. 

So, go forth my lone venturers and treat yourself! Heck, one thing I didn’t put on the list because it’s technically for the day after Valentines’, is two words: clearance candy. How’s that for some self care?

Three Cool Drinks to Flavor Your Summer

Hey, everyone! Here in the south, the weather is becoming steadily more summer-like as we leave the moody and grey winter behind us. Now the question isn’t how to stay warm, but how to cool off. The days are topping out at the mid-90s and it’s only getting started- but I already can’t wait for the fall.

In honor of the seasons finally getting their act together, I’ve decided to begin my foray into beverages (and not just painting… er, drinking myself into a corner), with a list of 3 of my top picks to help you cool down this summer.

 3. Starbucks- Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher


    This was my first experience drinking a tea that was flavored with literal flowers, and I only tried it because I wanted something -new-. I didnt’t expect to enjoy it, but oh man. I love this drink. When I was a child, I had multiple flowering hibiscuses in my yard that bloomed all summer long. Starbucks captured the memories I have of running around the yard so sweetly scented by their blossoms. The flavor isn’t overbearing and there’s no trace of bitterness. The berries do nothing to take away from the feeling, either, but rather lend their sweetness to the overall blend. I’m so thrilled that it’s summer again, aside from the heat, because that means I can get this again!

   When I get it, because I’m difficult, I change the berries to Strawberries. Not only is the drink delicious, but it’s the perfect summer drink to show off on instagram due to its pink color.

Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher
Image is taken from Starbucks because I didn’t think to take a picture of it.

2. Applebees- Strawberry Daiquiri


     This one is the first drink featured on the blog that you need to be 21 or older to enjoy, and for good reason, guys. Where Applebees may sometimes fall behind in terms of service, they have always exceeded my expectations in the alcohol department. When I get the daiquiri I make a small change and add Malibu Coconut Rum to make it a little creamier. Believe me when I say, it makes an amazing drink even better. It feels like I’m lounging on the beach or at a bar on an island. 

    They really don’t play with portions, either. The drink you get is huge and well worth the cost. If you’ve got a stressful job, school work is piling up or you just plain want to take a mini (albeit mental) vacation, I can’t recommend this drink highly enough. 


1. O’Charley’s- Cotton Candy Fizz

       I know I just wrote a post on this one, but can you blame me for choosing this as my number one pick for the summer? The summer is when fairs begin cropping up everywhere and the smells of fairground food and cotton candy tempt you to break any diet that you’re trying to adhere to. So when it came time to choose my number one drink for the summer, my inner child wouldn’t quit about this drink.

   The sweetness is the perfect level due to the sugary, pink cloud that gets shoved into (what I assume is) club soda. It has just the right amount of strawberry flavor too- really I’m just psyched about this one, because it feels like an easier Shirley Temple. Maybe I don’t have to stock up on 7 Up and Grenadine?

Cotton Candy Fizz
My jumpy gif doesn’t do it justice, seriously.