Two for Tea and Tea for Two with Te Amo

Our amazing local tea wizard held a Tea for Two event at his shop, the aforementioned Te Amo Tea, that you can read about here.  I arrived a party of one to record the event, and enjoyed my usual Milk Tea, for simplicity’s sake. The beautiful and talented Bolera was attending as the live music and main attraction. She made the usually relaxing and mellow ambiance unusually intimate with her velvety voice. 

Not going to lie, it wasn’t what I expected but much better. The guitar paired with her voice was delightfully reminiscent of French acoustic, though I could be off the mark admittedly. I’m not a music blogger, after all, but I was definitely feeling the music and will likely be looking into any future events that host her, as well. During a brief intermission, I sat with her and found her quite lovely (and stylish!), you can follow her personal Instagram here. She performs fairly regularly at some other local businesses like our very own Iron Bank Coffee. You can see a gif below and to hear her lovely voice, I did add her to the Adventures story on the Java and Jeans instagram.

Here’s the teaser, check out our instagram story for more!

The venue buzzed with quiet conversation beneath the notes low enough that any crescendo drowned it out entirely. There was a small gathering of about 10 people seated on his various conveniently placed cushions. And the venue held some of its usual welcoming charms. Even when it’s bustling, this locale still finds it hard to feel tense. Sadly, I did have to leave at some point. It was nearly impossible for me to pull myself away, before my other stops closed.

The Tea Wizard
Toshiro, my friend, the aptly named Tea Wizard. Posted with his consent.

The hardworking tea wizard, was quite busy this evening, unsurprisingly. He was ready for the occasion with these adorable blue and white paper straws- I’m a sucker for anything aesthetic so I chose a smaller size. For the Aesthetic!
Click the image below to visit the artist on instagram. 

Milk Tea with a complimentary flower that the Tea Wizard graciously bestows upon his patrons- he switches it up sometimes.


Closing Thoughts: 


If you were unable able to come down and sample one of Te Amo Tea’s fantastic flavors, there’s always the next event and you can follow that facebook page as well to keep abreast of any updates. Toshiro always leans into the zen aesthetic. It makes for a great place to kill a few hours. He’s not only got an amazing product, which I raved about in my last post, but is a sparkling and knowledgeable conversationalist. For newcomers or veteran tea-drinkers, Te Amo is a must see. If you don’t know what to get, he can quickly make you up something new!


Hometown Cravings: Give ’em the Ole Razzle Dazzle

City: Columbus, GA
Stop: Midtown Coffee
Drink: Razzle Dazzle

A little out of the way and a fair way down 13th street, (far enough for me to think I somehow went the wrong way) rests another hidden gem. Midtown Coffee sits among various boutiques and restaurants that have trendy balconies and fairy lights. The exterior feels classic and timeless and almost reminds me of a bygone era.

Walking in, the hum of patrons talking and the decor immediately makes this shop feel homey and wholesome. Belle Bottom Jeans feels like it’s where the “cool Christians go for Bible Study” and there are some scripture references and even the Wi-Fi Password supports that sentiment. They have fairy lights hanging from some industrial feeling rafters (?). I’m noticing a trend here of hip industrial-eque establishments. I’m definitely not complaining. The music is more in the interest of ambiance and just is the perfect volume to be a soft background noise.

The handwritten menu signs give it comfortable and unintimidating air, as opposed to places with impersonal and cramped menus.


This time I did try something new, the Razzle Dazzle, a raspberry mocha. The artful presentation gives it an immediate lead on the instagrameter. But how’s it taste? The most prominent flavor is Raspberry with a soft whisper of mocha undertones. The balance achieved by this is interesting because it’s usually the other way around. The mocha flavor isn’t overwhelming or bitter. Overall the drink is smooth and soft- goes down easy and feels like the perfect drink for the holiday season if I can get away from Peppermint Mocha.


Drinking it, as good as it was, was exceptionally difficult for me as the latte` art is just too cute. I imagine it’ll get easy to just devour the art as we grow, but for now, I just really want to enjoy the dainty and photogenic drink in front of me. Unfortunately, I do have to drink it before it gets cold. I do want to note before I issue my ratings, that the drink itself really reminds me of the Raspberry Dark Chocolate Break-Apart treat. It was a pleasant surprise to see that resemblance because I loved those as a child and even more so now.

Needless to say, I certainly recommend MitownCoffee, on the basis of taste and environment. I do want to add the superb customer service, too. They will steep your tea again and reheat your coffee which was a surprise!

Onto the ratings!

Instagrameter; Te Amo Insta/5
Taste; Ohenrys taste/5





Hometown Cravings: ‘Te Amo’ Columbus’ Hidden Gem

City: Columbus, GA
Stop: Te Amo Tea
Drink: Southern Vanilla


Nestled in the heart of Broad on the Phenix City-Columbus border is a unique beverage and dining experience. If you’re walking downtown and blink, you’ll miss it. Columbus has 6 Starbucks, 4 unique coffee shops, and One dedicated tea shop.

The proprietor is an expert on teas from all over the world including the history and brewing of many unique blends. He even sells loose leaf tea, if you make it out and decide you want to take it with you.

When you walk into Te Amo Tea immediately it’s like a weight is lifted, throughout his decor he uses natural and earthy colors that are conducive to an all-around relaxing experience. The shop is full of soft cushions and places to sit and a chic style that feels perfect for the creator wanting somewhere to brainstorm. The environment feels charmingly haphazard and personable, which makes sense because the space was previously an art studio and that sentiment is still felt with the current setup.

The tea does take a little while to brew, after all, perfection takes time. If you don’t know what you like with your tea, you can let him know what flavors you like and he’ll set you up with your perfect tea. It’s definitely not a place to go if you’re in a huge rush, and it’s a MUST if you’re passing through or have an afternoon to kill.

This evening, we dropped by and I took a chance on a somewhat new menu item: Southern Vanilla tea. And honestly, all of his teas blow me away and this was no exception. It had a delicious lightness and was perfectly sweet. It doesn’t take him any time to get a grip on what his customers enjoy. The southern vanilla was accented with cinnamon with was a lovely complement to the sweetness.

I usually try to stray from the caffeine-free options, because I apparently need all the energy I can get but he may have converted me over. If it’s your thing, he does also have Boba Options like Tapioca and Strawberry which add a more tactile element to the experience.

He also has food, he makes a lot of breakfast sandwiches that smell phenomenal but I can’t comment on taste as I haven’t had them yet.  If you give it a try, let us know and we can feature you in your own post!




Instagrameter; Te Amo Insta/5
Taste; Taste Rating/5