Register to win Starbucks Coffee on us!

That’s right, guys! We’re holding our first giveaway to celebrate 300 instagram follows! We’re going to assigning each entry a number and using to choose a truly random number. We’ll be sending the lucky winner the gift card via email! 


Registering to win will preliminarily enter you to win any giveaway in the future, and open the door for when we gain affiliation with businesses so we can get some promotions flowing. Of course, giveaways may differ in methods. Registering will also alert you to giveaways before they go live on Instagram, Twitter or even here!

A future Giveaway may include…


  1.  gift cards of equal or greater value for cafes and boutiques.
  2. Actual coffee from our local roasters mailed to your door!
  3. Accessories

If you guys enjoy coffee like we do, you won’t want to miss future giveaways! Just as a heads-up, this giveaway is running for 2 weeks and will end on June 7th at 7 PM EST.