Java Jill’s Fantastic Fête

~*~ Birthday Pre-Party ~*~


We have a very special birthday post coming at you today! I turned 28 on the 20th and am not happy about it, truth be told. To ease my mood, we started celebrating early! My dear friend and our beloved fashion writer joined myself and my fiance’ for the festivities, most of which was of the consumable variety.

For dinner, we went to O’Charley’s again, and I was treated to their delectable garlic butter filet mignon, broccoli, and Caesar salad, for dessert we had their wonderfully filling and rich Caramel pie. For my drink, of course, I had the Cotton Candy Fizz. On a side note, would you believe that 3 Walmarts and a Target failed to have Cotton Candy so I can recreate this wonderful thing at home? I’m considering buying a cotton candy machine.


Jeans and I rounded off the day with some much needed retail therapy- we left H&M emptyhanded but I struck gold later on at Charlotte Russe when I found this amazing tulle skirt, that is already up on Instagram., I’m apparently cosplaying as a Tumblrette tomorrow- tiara and all. I also bought myself a birthday coloring book and sloth journal to keep track of ideas for future posts on the go because I greatly prefer to write ideas on paper. Behold!


I am so ready to find my holy grail satchel purse so  I can carry my multiple notebooks around!


~*~ Day (two) zero ~*~


On the big day, we took advantage of the many birthday offers I’ve gotten in my email over the past month. The first one was Ihop where I was treated to their delicious sweet cream crepes, unfortunately, I did have to tell them it was my birthday so we could get the pancakes, and they ended up coming to table and singing their birthday song (I didn’t know how to even react- just quietly pout and drink my splash berry). 

Jeans and I left there and headed to Plato’s Closet, where I continued my ill-fated search for the holy grail of satchels. My search was fruitless, but we did find some good deals that I couldn’t commit to. One was a 90 dollar bag with the price tag that was being sold for 16 dollars and the other what looked like a knockoff Versace. In the end, I walked out empty-handed and walked right into a Clothes Mentor which was amazing. I didn’t even know we had a place for affordable name brands. I have never seen so many expensive purses for my budget. I didn’t walk out empty-handed this time.

To be perfectly fair, I’m looking for a crossbody satchel to hold my sketchbook, sloth book and maybe my computer (the latter not totally needed, but would be enjoyed). I found a few cute Coach bags in my budget that checked off a few of my boxes, but not all. Is it still settling if it’s Coach? I ended up selecting this gorgeous mid-2000s Coach crossbody. Not really important, but the inside is really pretty pink, which was a box I didn’t know I needed to be checked. And, I may be a peasant but, I’m very impressed by the stanp of authenticity.

grey Coach crossbody bag
Thank you, Clothes Mentor for my first designer bag!

I did include in that picture the birthday gift that my fiance’ gave me this year- Superfight, it’s like Cards Against Humanity but with ridiculous superheroes. I highly recommend this game if you enjoy Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples. 

The Peachtree Mall has so many great stores with some amazing selections, but in comparison to Clothes Mentor, the selections fell flat. I guess after being around the high-quality items everything else felt lackluster, I guess I know where I’m shopping on the regular. We did get a good deal on this amazing lotion from Bath and Body Works from their new Water line that’s made with Hyaluronic Acid and is supposed to be great for dry skin- I can attest to that, because guys, my. hands. feel. awesome. 

The last leg of our day was to get dinner, which was unremarkable- but we did get Starbuck’s colored drinks- I got the Pink Drink, because my aesthetic for my birthday is Pretty Pretty Princess. Jeans got the Purple Drink.

I’ll do a brief review on the Pink Drink, but since it’s a bundled sort of review with the entire festivities. Honestly, this drink deserves a spot on my Summer Drink list and if that post hadn’t already gone up, I’d definitely add this. It’s amazingly refreshing and fruity. I felt like I was relaxing on some beach in Florida with this, really, it’s phenomenal. Fruity, light with a slight strawberry flavor underneath what I assume is the Acai. I may or may not be mildly obsessed with this.

Also, as a sort of debut for myself and my questionable fashion taste, a photo of us! As you can see we’re having a blast enjoying our pink and purple berry refreshers at one of the happiest places on earth!

Java and Jeans in their natural habitat
Your writers, Java and Jeans! My aesthetic today was pretty princess, apparently






O’Charley’s and the New Spin on an Old Classic


Cotton Candy Fizz Before Picture
Before the fun started- I really wanted to eat it


Today, my fiance’ and I decided to stop by O’Charley’s for a nice lunch, and while perusing the menu, we noticed something. There was a new drink, something called Cotton Candy Fizz. Interested, I immediately ordered it. Once it arrived at our table, I got really excited because I thought the drink came with candy. 

They brought out the drink you see above, and my first reaction was to try to eat the candy until I was told that I was supposed to put it in the drink. The idea intrigued me, so I obliged and was pleasantly surprised. What ended up happening was that the cotton candy dissolved and made the club soda transform into a lightly strawberry flavored Shirley temple. I was considering adding this to an upcoming list post that I’m working on, and I very well may add it. But I couldn’t just let this awesome drink be another number. 


At first, I was breaking off pieces of candy to dunk into the soda. But I needed it to be pinker. By the end the entire fluffy, delicious candy made its way into the soda- and I didn’t even get to eat it. In the end, I’m not too upset, because it was delicious. 

This drink knocked my socks off and made me feel like a kid again. I still feel a little silly for being so impressed by this, as well forgetting what cotton candy is made of. If you’ve ever imagined a strawberry Shirley temple, and thought to yourself “I want that”, this is the drink for you!  I think this is definitely something to explore with different colors of cotton candy, so get on it O’Charley’s. I might actually get on that when I can because I’m genuinely wanting to play with this idea now… for science.

Cotton Candy Shirley Temple Gif
I’m not even upset that I couldn’t eat the cotton candy


 Also, you guys don’t have to take my word for it- if there was any doubt! I apologize for the weird, jumpy quality of the gif (for some reason my phone didn’t want to keep the focus stable even though it was literally sitting on the table). I definitely recommend this drink for your inner child!