Market Days Discovery: Gail’s Perfect Cup

I’m going to be perfectly honest with everyone, I totally forgot that Market Days existed, so imagine my surprise and subsequent joy when I stumbled across a booth selling perhaps my favorite thing in the world.

Gail's Perfect Cup
Her selection of temptation- I couldn’t resist. Can you blame me?

Not just coffee, but fast coffee. I’m talking, right now coffee. Who doesn’t love that? Gail’s booth states her intent in creating her custom blends: Gan’t nobody mix it like Gail, I want to comment on her tagline for a quick moment. It has a charming and authentic character, that I can really get behind. And that logo? I’m loving it, personally. But, you guys know what gets me by now- I love coffee and everything about it.
Her booth was full of possibility and there were so many delicious flavors and all of them were so fairly priced. She had a station set up where you could fix a hot cup of coffee right there, but I opted to wait until I got home so I could enjoy it in a more conducive environment. She does sell her mixes at Bluebelle, here in Columbus as well. So I may be heading that way for my fix sooner rather than later.

Gail's Perfect Cup has nicely fair prices for her product
And it won’t even hurt my wallet too bad.

I selected the French Vanilla and Caramel Macchiato packets, to get me started and ventured around the market for a moment longer before returning to work. The temptation to make it there was almost too strong, but I’m happy to announce that I was able to talk myself out of it and the wait was well worth it. Coincidentally, one of my co-workers was familiar with her wares and really ramped up the temptation- I still prevailed, though.

Once I got the coffee home, I set it out and set about deciding which to try first. I decided on the French Vanilla for my first sample. And for this first one, I made it as the packet recommends, which was with water. I generally prefer milk but I’ll give that a try with the Caramel Macchiato and get back to you guys in a later post.  

I can definitely say that this is impressive coffee- it’s not overly sweet or overly bitter. It’s pleasing and actually has a bit of a nostalgia factor that calls back to the coffee I used to drink when I was younger. The vanilla smells soft and is nice and subtle. I definitely feel like this would have been a good candidate to be made with milk, because I’m generally partial to a richer flavor. As is, however, this is a very mellow and relaxing flavor. 

Gail has created the perfect coffee to drink in front of a fireplace on a winter night or sip while watching rain pour outside. Something about her mixture is so relaxing to me, that I have the urge to pick up a book to pair. What I’m getting at is that this coffee is a relaxing experience from the preparation to the flavor. It took all of maybe 1-2 minutes to prepare and is wonderful to sip while I write this.

Situations for which Gail has the perfect cup:

  1. In bed bundled in plush blankets with a large book
  2. Watching the rain on a lazy Sunday afternoon
  3. In a bath overflowing with bubbles
  4. In the front of a fireplace with a cat or partner
  5. At the dining table with the news

Those are just a few ideas, I’m sure there are many others. Think about what relaxes you, Gail has the perfect cup for that. 

Check her out here and here! Seriously, she deserves it.

Convenience Coffee; Gimme S’more

Let’s face it, it’s expensive to go to cafes` for coffee every time. This new series is to combat that, much like the other series I have on the burner. Convenience Coffee is going to cover those delightful beverages that call themselves coffee you find at convenience stores- much like the one I have with me today that’s going to be my pilot, featuring the Starbucks S’mores coffee beverage.

You probably know what it looks like, but I’m going to post a photo anyway because I think my posts look naked without at least one photo. On the first impression, I really got my hopes up on this one. I was bamboozled!


The Mugshot: 

Starbucks S'more's Bottled Coffee
The fun begins

On opening it, I was hit by an almost sickeningly sweet smell, that was a little like overbearing graham crackers. The overall consistency is downright watery, which is to be expected as I imagine with this sort of thing. I sucked it up and took a sip, and it actually tastes better than it smells. I was pleasantly surprised with how soft the flavor was, but still somehow remarkably S’mores like. It does have a little bit of a strange flavor on its tail, though. I’m not sure what it is, or what it’s supposed to be, but that only thing I can relate it to is soap.

I don’t make a habit of chugging Dawn dish soap, so this lingering flavor is uncalled for. As with Starbucks in general (per my experience as of this moment), it’s a little underwhelming in the quality department. But to be fair to the product, it is a coffee drink. Much like Capris Suns aren’t really juice, I’m willing to bet you this isn’t really coffee. But it pretends.

Really not too terribly pleased with this particular one, I’ve had a few of their coffee drinks and they all rather fall flat with me. I’ll hopefully bring you guys some quality Convenience Coffees in the near future. There’s one in particular that I can’t wait to tell you about (my absolute favorite canned coffee beverage)!

I don’t think I’ll bother really doing a legit rating system for this series, since it’s premade and everything- so I don’t think it really qualifies for my other rating system.

For the soapy taste, watery consistency, and eventually unimpressive taste, all I can say about this particular drink is…


Starbucks S'mores rating