Starting Off the Spooky Season with Six Flags!

    Hey guys, Happy -almost- Halloween! Are you guys ready? Because, I’m not. I have no idea what I’m going to do this year for Halloween stuff, but I’ll figure it out. For now I’m just living my best life and trying to have fun. My friend and I went back to Atlanta last weekend, and to my pleasure (and panic) that was the first day that the Halloween stuff started. You guys may not know, or you may suspect, that I am I huge coward. I don’t like loud noises, being touched, being startled, chased or anything else that generally happens at Haunted attractions. You guys know that theme parks like to show out for the Halloween festivities, and while I like the aesthetic of it all, I would be just as happy wandering around the attraction without the spooks and just take in the decor and creepy effects.

    I have a dear love of Urbex, so just stick me in an abandoned, creepy building and let me explore. But please don’t scare me. My fight or flight has a couple levels. There is no fight, if there’s no flight response, I’m laughing… actually, I have been known to say “STOP IT” or just stare blankly at a spook. Sometimes I’ll try to make them as funny to myself as possible, like the ridikulous charm against a bogart. My flight response now, its either save myself and throw my friends (or future husband) at the zombies… or save one (1) person and myself. Like this one time, when exiting a haunted house. I grabbed my friend and shoved her boyfriend back in to the ‘butcher’ that had been chasing us.

   For our first stop in Atlanta we stopped by Phipps Plaza. Mainly because they have Build A Bear, Revelator Coffee and a decent little selection of the more boujee stores. Let’s face it, that is one of the reasons we planned this trip. I was also interested in checking out Nordstrom, which we don’t have here in Columbus. I’d been hearing that they have discounted makeup- sign me up. We left my house at the early hour of 9 AM. We had a little time to browse and enjoying the process of being grown women at BAB. I had figured about 2 hours for exploring this mall, and we needed the entirety of my estimation. The drive was terrible and somehow my game-plan was perfect, with us arriving at just after the estimated time by 4 minutes. Thanks, Atlanta.

My (wonky) bear, Adelynne!

   After making our bears, we made our way to Lennox Square, which got us closer to our destination only marginally. Lennox also has its own Revelator coffee shop, which is great for me! They also have a lot of the stores that we were dying to go to since last time. Steve Madden, Free People, Sephora, Lush,  Coach… among so many other things. This was the boujee part of the trip. The part of trip where we just made ourselves suffer by looking at expensive stuff. To be fair though, it’s the beginning of fall so there are some Summer things on clearance. Even that’s not terribly helpful though. A girl can dream. I valiantly talked myself out of buying makeup at Sephora, since I can get Kaja and such at my local inset store. I ended up only making it out of the mall with coffee, and a forever 21 dress that I ended up returning because it had a defect.

    We went to Six Flags afterwards, probably dressed too cute for the spooks, because yes, it’s officially the Fall. However, it still feels like summer. It was supposed to be 75 in Atlanta. And yet, no need for toasty layers and autumnal colors here in the south. We arrived at Six Flags about 4:00 PM with our tickets already in hand. We were able to ride Dahlonega Mine Train, Mind Bender, Crime Wave and the Log Jamboree and I spent a lot of time panicking because Six flags somehow makes rides scarier during Fright Fest, and I wanted no part of the Goliath being scarier. Luckily for me, the line at the Goliath was 90 minutes long, and unluckily for me it was the same case for both of the rides I was looking forward to the most- Batman and Superman. We rode substantially less rides than I had intended to, especially with the amount of time we spent there being like 6 hours. But, it’s okay. I was 100% okay with seeing Goliath from the ground. No. Thanks.

     We went into the Casa De Muerte, where the story was that a bride stumbled into the basement to see evidence of her husband’s necromantic ways and science experiments. When he returned home, she slaughtered him. I was excited for this house because the page mentioned ‘ghost viewers’ and sign me up! The viewers ended up being 3D glasses that made the house disorienting, didn’t like that too much. I was surprised to see that I didn’t get particularly scared or even jumpy, maybe it was being there were people around me who were looking jumpy. Can’t be letting the children see me freak out, right? The haunted house had a cool aesthetic and we met mama bear who was hyping her cubs up and telling them to remember it’s all fake, and all in good fun. Haley and I stuck behind them through the house, as we shuffled through in near single file. 

    Honestly, given that I wasn’t jump-scared or anything, I found it to be underwhelming. But, with the description as below, how could I not check it out? I would have linked you to the page, but given as how I’m pretty certain the page will fade from existence after Fright Fest, I wanted to share it with you! 

Find out if your heart is strong enough to stand Casa de Muerte

Madeline Mendoza is known in legend as the Blood Stained Bride. Shortly after her marriage, on the Day of the Dead, her new husband, Prof. Vincent Crowley, a famed world traveling explorer, archeologist and forensic scientist, she was taken away from her home in Mexico City to his palatial Victorian mansion in Georgia.

Crowley was a domineering husband who forbid her from exploring the lower recesses of the home, but while he was gone on his travels, she gained entrance to his laboratories and even the catacombs deep within the home… and what she uncovered there drove her mad. She found that her husband was a necromancer who used science and black magic to raise the dead and to open gateways into other dimensions. He led an ancient cult of twisted sub-humans, who participated in his unholy rituals. The discovery almost killed her and, as she narrowly escaped alive, was determined to put an end to Crowley’s mad schemes.

When he returned from his voyage, she tore him to shreds with her bare hands. The halls of the house were drenched in gore and she immolated herself in the fires of the boiler room, putting an end to the cult of the damned. Every year, on the Day of the Dead, some say you can hear her shrieking, and that you can see the blood dripping a ghastly trail through the house of evil.

Do you dare follow the trail of gore to uncover the Mysteries of the Manor? If so, put on your Ghost Viewer and find out if your heart can stand the terrible things that your eyes will see!

   All in all, we had a great time in Atlanta, aside from the horrible Atlanta traffic and the small issue of random people approaching my car. The malls were great, and I’m left wishing I would have participated in Beauty Week, which was happening at the time. The malls were of course, overpriced for my budget. But that’s what I was expecting. We did do one more thing of note as we were on our way out of the bustling city. I haven’t shared this here, but there’s a restaurant that has robot servers. It’s so cool! I took a gif for you guys!


   Look at that face! For some reason I think it’s really adorable, and I don’t know why. This little guy is at Big Bang Pizza in Brookhaven, which is think is basically still in Atlanta. Or… in the same way that Homestead is in Birmingham.  This pizza is some of the best I’ve had outside of New York City and I can’t recommend them enough. True, it does look like it might be a little gimmicky. But it’s great pizza with a futuristic appeal and is much more than just a gimmick. If you live close-by Atlanta, definitely check them out!



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