Huge Birthday Itinerary for Savannah Georgia!

   Hey guys! Today’s post is another small departure from our usual programming, and late, as is my trend. If you guys have been following in the ol’ tweet machine you may have noticed me LOSING MY EVER-LOVING MIND. Short version: I’m excited. Long version? Just check it out!

     My birthday plans include 6 days of fun and fancy, starting on the 16th.


    Oh boy! I’m going to wake up at 6:00 AM, bright and early. I’m going to throw on my clothes, put Java’s pajamas on her (because I’m that person, and I want her to feel warm and safe), and get on the road. The trip to Savannah is about 4 hours from home. I’m going to stop in every town I come across to try the coffee. That alone will add an hour or so to the trip.

     I plan to get to Savannah about 2 or 3 pm, in time to check in to the hotel. I had initially picked one with an adorable aesthetic, not only were the reviews unfavorable, but they wouldn’t allow my sweet daughter. And how can you say no to this?:


    Today, I plan to take to the historic town of Savannah and see what the downtown scene is like. I want to explore and walk on the cobbled streets with Java and take in the sights and the smell of the ocean. I’ll most likely be glued to my camera until about lunch time, when I plan to find a bistro with outdoor dining, so that Java and I can share a meal. I’m trying not to spoil too much for myself by looking at pictures, so it’s going to be fresh eyes when I get there.

     I’m considering setting up a ghost tour for tonight, a twofer with a carriage ride and walking portion. I’m a little on the fence about having today booked since it’s the day after an exhausting drive. I may take it easy, but then again, I may not!


    Tonight I have a ghost tour on foot already booked, and I am so ready. This is a thing I don’t share too often on here, but I’m obsessed with creepy locations, urbex, history and ghost hunts. It might be juvenile, but I love it and genuinely have so much fun! I have an EMF detector on the way, and I wish it would get here already. I’m wondering if I should buy a small digital camera and try to get some apparitions?


    Tonight is going to be pub crawl with a designated driver! There’s this amazing looking little ghost hunt/tour that features the haunted pubs in Savannah. And you better believe I intend to take part in it. If not that, I know about a dozen other ghost hunts I want to do. But, but I think the pub one is a good choice for my birthday-eve.


     Today will be filled with taking in the sights with the Java, who, to this point, has been drowning in ghosts. I hope to find some little pet friendly shops, and I do intend to ask before I take her into any. I hope to have a list of places that are Java-Accepting before today. I want to take her on the town and show her all kinds of new stuff. This is also the day that I plan to set sail on the 7 seas in a pirate ship

    Guys. What? You can bet I’m going to try to coordinate a Wench ensemble for my grand voyage. You think I’ll find any treasure? Or maybe the treasure was the adventure we’ll have along the way. After shopping in whatever unique stores I can find, indulging my inner Pirate and some food, I’ll go back to the hotel and watch movies with Java.


    I’m a little sad even writing this. Because I don’t want to think about my adventure ending before it’s even begun. I know I’ll miss my Fiance` the whole time I’m there, but I could literally travel my whole life and never get bored of the open road. I plan to stop off in whatever mom and pop breakfast diner I’ve developed a fondness for over the duration of my trip, and then hit the road with Java, bags of goodies, pictures and the memories of adventure fresh on my mind. The adventure won’t be totally over today, because the trip back is just an opportunity to see more new things. 

      Have you guys ever been to Savannah? Are there any places you would recommend that I check out? I’d love to hear about them so that I add them to my itinerary! I’m so looking forward to my trip and especially to sharing it with all of you across social media! 


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