Hometown Cravings; Sweet Redemption with Midtown Coffeehouse

City; Columbus
Stop; Midtown
Redeemed Latte- Half and Half, double shot espresso and vanilla.

Hey there, guys! I hope everyone is doing great this Thursday! I visited an old favorite today and tried something new! I almost got a different drink, with Cayenne but I chickened out last minute and changed it to the glorious drink of redemption you see before you up above! This particular drink is the Redeemed Latte from Midtown Coffeehouse! It’s breve Half and half, vanilla and a double shot of espresso.

When I was reading the ingredients, I was honestly a little iffy, but eventually took the plunge and gave it a go for the vanilla. It’s delicious. I’ve been trying Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and this is reminiscent of it. Since I’ve been learning about different coffee environments, the nuttiness being milder than that of the JBM coffee makes me wonder what sort of environment their Rawanda coffee beans are grown in. I actually am trying to not talk about this job I’m trying to get, because I don’t want to jinx it. On the one hand, speak it into existence. On the other, if I tell too many people, I’ll get jinxed. It’s not even a big job, or a pretigious job. But, I want it. I want it bad. 

This one may be another for people who don’t like coffee, but really like a nutty undertone. The further in the cup you dive, the more the nuttiness sinks into the background and the vanilla steps to the forefront. 

Taste; /5

This one somehow falls just short of a 5 for me, and I really can’t verbalize why. There’s something about it that just makes me falter. It’s quite good, however, if not completely my speed I know a lot of you that might enjoy this one!

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