Make perfect cold brew coffee at home with the BrewCube!

This post was brought to you by our first guest writers Brian and Alex. They approached me on Instagram and shared their Cold Brew system with me. I really like the idea of it, and I can really get behind easy coffee.

Check out their Kickstarter here!


The BrewCube is a new cold brew machine now on Kickstarter. It makes brewing a week’s worth of cold brew coffee convenient and easy.

Brew Cube Glamour Shot
A look at the sleek Brew Cube!

It all came about when one of the inventors, Alex, started drinking cold brew for medical reasons, it has less acid and is easier on the stomach. He continued because it’s delicious. He was making a weekly batch for himself at work and putting it in the fridge…until his co-workers caught on. 

They drank a pitcher every day! Alex didn’t mind sharing, but it did mean he was making a lot of coffee to keep up with the demand. After making a LOT of cold brews, everyone agreed that 18 hours made the best batch. Alex needed a way to stop the brewing process at the right time and who knows where you’ll be in 18 hours. So, he looked for products that could fit his need, but none existed.

Brian and Alex's model enjoying some refreshing cold brew
Brian and Alex’s model enjoying some refreshing cold brew

Alex connected with his old boss, Brian, who had experience in manufacturing and pitched the idea of an automated cold brew system. Brian was hooked immediately and they teamed up to make the BrewCube a reality. The BrewCube is live on Kickstarter now and can be seen here!

The BrewCube was made to overcome one of the largest pain points of making cold brew. Being present to stop the brewing 18-24 hours after starting – with a simple change.  An integrated timer and valve automatically stop the brewing process at the exact time you specify.  Your toaster stops when your bread is toasted. Your microwave stops when your food is cooked. Why should you have to be back in your kitchen after 18 hours to stop your cold brew from over-brewing?  With the BrewCube’s simple process, you can create cold brew coffee with the flavor profile you love, every time without the hassle.


The BrewCube brings a host of other benefits to your kitchen counter. The metal filter, lid, pitcher and brewing chamber are all dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The pitcher and lid have a silicone seal that keeps your cold brew fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks!








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