Ready for Adventure! Here’s my Travel Kit, What’s Yours?

         Hey, guys! How are ya? As I make the final preparations for the youtube channel we make the preparations for our adventure to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. My camera batteries are charged and my makeup bag is curated! Most of this was stuff I was able to decide on immediately, with one item being a final addition and replacing its predecessor. Now guys, before I get into it, can I emote for a minute?

     I’m literally so incredibly excited. Things are kind of looking up and if they weren’t, it’s okay for one reason: adventureWe haven’t gone on a big trip since our impromptu trip to North Carolina before I had this blog. So of course, we have to go back… for the content and in no way because I want to. I’ve never been to Tennessee and my one gripe is how far away Gatlinburg is from Nashville. I imagine we’ll head there eventually, too!

Travel Kit spread
Shamelessly using Java’s Bunny Chair for a Travel Kit holder

       On to the essentials for our trip… y’know, if you can consider cosmetics as essential. I want to feel pretty, okay? My little travel kit turned out more robust than I had intended… I really didn’t know I used that many things on a near daily basis and once I figure out how to do lashes quickly, they might find their way into the kit too. Let’s get to it! 

For the sheer volume of items, I’m going to tackle this as a list!

Too Faced Hangover Prime/Set/Refresh Spray

I got this so long ago, or it feels like a long time ago. When I absolutely first got started in this little cosmetic thing. I literally haven’t used it since I got it, because I also got the other primer from Too Faced at the same time and quickly decided I preferred the cream. Now I much prefer my Tatcha Silk Canvas, but I don’t want to take the chance of losing their weird little disk. I suppose the cream primer from Too Faced irritates my skin, because of the itching, but I haven’t noticed the same with this spray primer.  
     This one actually makes me curious about the Mac Fix Plus I’ve heard so much about! This one made it into my kit because the size is perfect! So far over the course of my test runs with my kit, I’m not disappointed!

Anastasia Foundation Stick (banana)

      This is a very new find. In fact, I’ve seen it at TJ Maxx for months and passed over it for so long. The thought of a stick foundation didn’t appeal to me, and surely they never had my shade. Right? They only had this weird shade called “banana” and eventually, I got curious. I swatched it on my jawline and… I was shook. Legitimately shocked that it was a nice match for my skin. It makes me look nicely awake and conceals the redness in my cheeks. Best of all for my travel kit, it’s very compact. It blends out well with my paddle brush up there, and fairly effortlessly too. I regret not picking this up before because I can’t find them anywhere now. 

Tarte Shapetape

     You guys have probably heard how loved this particular concealer is. You can’t browse youtube Gurus without hearing about this one at least 10 times. I caved and had to try it. The shade I have is a little light for my skin (surprisingly), so I transitioned to using this under my eyes to just priming with it. Something about that ecstatic look of super bright under-eyes doesn’t appeal to me. This works as a great lid primer and gives (most) of my palettes great lasting power. I also like to highlight my forehead and nose with this a little to add a touch of dimension.

      I want to offer a quick word of warning; don’t bake this with Bare Minerals Loose Powder. I’m totally open to the fact that this a huge learning experience for me, and this has been one of my most noticeable mishaps. The bare minerals powder severely oxidized and darkened the heck out of my undereye. It was not flattering. I tried to bake it, because it creases fairly badly on my skin. And, not only did it darken the area… it still creased! 

Natasha  Denona Sunset Mini Palette

      I think I do my makeup in a strange order right now, since I’m listing this out in the order I use it you can probably guess that I interrupt my face routine to do my eyes. This one is my late addition, I had been playing with the Kathleen Lights x Colorpop Collab, but despite how much I love that palette, I found the lasting power severely lacking. Something had to be done- how I can go on vacation and look drab? This little palette makes some gorgeous looks with some amazing lasting power. I found the application so mind-blowing in comparison to some of my other palettes. I will say that you need to be gentle with this one. It deposits a lot of pigment really quickly. 

     This was my first experience with Natasha Denona, and my curiosity with their other palettes is only getting worse. For now, I’m okay with my little workhorse here! 

Urban Decay Naked Skin

        This one actually replaced my Shapetape as my general use concealer. I like how close it is to my skin tone and makes me look alive without making me look insane. It’s a super down-played concealer look and looks nice and natural. I generally do my concealer after my shadow. I really don’t know why I do it in this order, but hey, it works for me. This one also creases, sadly, but I still prefer the tone under my eyes, so I make do. I’m super open to any tips on making concealer or not crease!

MUA Brow Gel/Makeup Revolution Brow Pencil

      I’m going to be honest- like with most things makeup related, I have no idea what I’m doing with my brows. I’m absolutely confused. Do I fill in the natural shape? Do I make a new one? I’ve been filling in the front of my brows with the gel and using the pencil on the tail. It looks decent, or I think it does. Definitely passable, at least until I start getting hate on Youtube for my admittedly abysmal brow-game. 

Kat Von D Dagger Liner

       I know there’s a lot animosity for KVD lately, and I definitely don’t want to insert myself into anything as far as that’s concerned. I purchased this before I was aware and, guys, I’m going to get my money’s worth. Also, this is the liner I learned I can use my non-dominant hand to apply liner. It has nothing to do with the liner, I’m just proud. I find that this liner has nice lasting power and doesn’t smudge. Being supr black, it adds a great emphasis to my lash line and looks great with mascara filling in the rest. I literally couldn’t not include it since it’s my favorite for the moment- I do intend to get the Benefit Roller Liner as soon as I’m able to, because from the sounds of it that one might replace this KVD liner!

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

     This is literally my favorite mascara right now. I found it and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Better than sex, who now? Prior to LCL I was using Lash Paradise, and this one blew it away. There’s no way this one wouldn’t be in my travel kit. I find this one holds the curl beautifully and lasts all day, assuming I have the wherewithal to apply this after my setting spray, it doesn’t transfer. If I neglect that and put it on whenever, like I usually do, it leaves an obvious shadow under my eyes. I’m not too mad, because, as strange as it may sound it never mattered to me before.

     Though I will admit to a bit of agitation when I see the transferrence whenever I pass a mirror. Talk about going to a 10 to a 0 in no time flat.

Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer

   I don’t always do this, but when I do my incentive is the scent. Too faced is so irresistible to me with their candy scented products. You guys might have picked up that I have quite the sweet tooth on me. I love sweet scents, sugar… anything sweet. I… also don’t know how to bronze. I’m trying to figure out what I like with it. I like to keep my face looking really youthful, so I don’t carve out my cheeks or anything. I just use a light dusting around the borders and under my chin. It’s subtle but looks really good to me sometimes. 

Lancome x Sonya Rykiel blush

     I found this blush at TJ Maxx and was kind of obsessed the moment I saw it. Admittedly, it was the design got me. I really like a hand-drawn aesthetic, and this is right up my alley. The blush color is gorgeous and much, much lighter than it looks in the compact. I will say that it’s really, really easy to go too strongly with this due to the formula. I, for some reason, like a little blush across my nose, so I won’t use this for that purpose. I think I like to apply this with my fingers and then blend it out with my paddle brush, because I generally don’t like the applicators that come with things like this.


Laura Gellar Highlighter

      My recent favorite step to my routine is highlight, and guys, I’ve amassed a fair collection of highlighting palettes with little standalone ones sprinkled in. This particular one, is a gorgeous champagne color that’s nice and subtle but can be built up. I didn’t include it in the picture just above since it’s visible in the first picture and has a transparent top. I remember being so pumped to get this, and then I stopped using it. Since I’m getting ready for youtube, I’m planning to try to make use of a lot more of my collection. 

     I think this little highlight is one of their travel sized one? It’s definitely pretty tiny, especially in comparison to the Anastasia Amrezy highlight. I wouldn’t call it a slouch!

All-Nighter Setting Spray

       This one was suggested by one of my best friends during Ulta’s 21 days of Beauty. I snagged it the moment it went on sale for 15 dollars, and I haven’t looked back since. I love this. I was lucky enough to get a sample size to throw into my travel kit, since the larger bottle won’t fit in my bag. I have no idea what I’m going to do when my sample bottle is empty… unless I pour some of the other bottle into it, but who wants to take the chance of spilling this holy grail?

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lips

     I have 2 colors of this right now, big bang, which is a gorgeous glittery pink, and backtalk, which is a perfect light pink. Backtalk is almost kind of a nude for my lips. The color on backtalk lasts an insanely lont time. I will never regret buying either of these because they’re stunning. I included both for our adventure for a day and night thing. I might add a more red-toned one before out trip for our inevitable date nights. I just have literally no idea which red to pick. Why do I have so many red lipsticks???

Estee Lauder Translucent Powder

    This is literally something I don’t use on the daily. I got it on a whim because in my head, I associate Estee Lauder with basically something akin to the lap of luxury. Who doesn’t like luxury? I feel like I’ve used it once or twice to control the oil that pops up in my T zone through out the day. If I recall correctly, that’s how it earned a place in my travel kit! It doesn’t oxidize or darken, it just controls the shine.

     I did include a Neutrogena Lip Gloss there too, but not for any special reason. Just for the times when I want to just wear a gloss. I can’t wait to share our trip with you guys, so be sure to follow on Instagram @Java_and_Jeans so you don’t miss any of the fun! I have no idea what’s in store for us in Tennesee, but I’m so incredibly ready! If you guys have a dedicated travel kit for your beauty routine, share that in the comments below! 


Unboxing; Surprising Discovery From Yes Oh Yas

     Hey guys, I’m back with a little bit of a late unboxing for December 2018. No joke, I got this on December 29th, so it was almost a little too late. This box actually had a brand I was familiar with, and that you may remember from a long ago post. The Wholesale Makeup Event I covered a few months ago. Beauty Creations. I know I was pleasantly surprised by their quality from that sale, but since getting them I haven’t revisited them.
     Maybe that’s a shame, because even though they appear to be a knockoff brand, they seem to have a pretty solid formula. I applied this makeup at about 6:30 AM to get ready for work. And the gold shadows I went with were phenomenal for what they are. I’ll admit that I do need to brush up on my eye shadow technique, but barring any obvious improvements I can make, I quite enjoyed these shadows.
   The thing that had me a little confused was the color correcting concealer palette- I don’t think I liked that too much. I just don’t see the purpose of them over actual concealer like my trusty shapetape. The only one I got any real use out of was the Peach tone, which I put under my eyes. Overall, I wasn’t digging the effect.
     The other items being that liquid lip and a brush, I’ll speak on the liquid lip. I liked the color, I didn’t however, like that it felt like it never completely dried down. It remained tacky until it finally wore off 4-5 hours later. All things considered, that’s not bad lasting power.  I did replace it with my Glitterflip while at work because I forgot to bring this one. 
     This post is little on the simple side for me, and guys, I apologize for that. I have some matters that I’m currently dealing with, but I didn’t want to leave you guys high and dry. I think I’ll end this post with the wear-test results!
     Honestly, I wanted to try a gif this once, to show off the eye shadow. I feel like taking the pictures with the whole eyes-closed thing is super awkward. The liner is KVD Dagger liquid liner and obviously held up fairly well. I bought it before I knew of the controversy, but I’m determined to get my money’s worth out of it. 
     My basic feelings about this shipment from YOY, is that it feels low-value in comparison to IPSY, which delivers recognizable larger brands. The quality in these products did surprise me. And I do want to note quickly, that I don’t know much about brushes so I can’t really speak on this one. As well as the mask, which I haven’t had occasion to use it yet in the course of everything going on. 
    I do hope to bring you guys some travel content soon as we prepare for potential first out-of-state Weekend of Content! Stay tuned for Thursday!

Hometown Cravings; Starbucks New Cinnamon Shortbread Frappe!

     Hey, guys! I’m actually kind of on time for this particular post, because this drink just launched yesterday! I’ve been frequenting Starbucks pretty heavily for the past month or so, since I work 5 minutes from both Starbucks, and two thrift shops. It really gives me things to do when I get off, especially since just ten minutes in the opposite direction would take me to an outdoor shopping mall. So, maybe not a great thing for my flagging self-discipline.
     Anyway, let’s get to the drink!
Cinnamon Shortbread Frappe- topped with nutmeg and whipped topping
    First off, just take a moment and look at that. Doesn’t it look delicious? It is. It absolutely, 100% is. Though I do have to add a disclaimer, I’m really not sure if this qualifies as coffee per se, but it’s good for what it is. Starbucks topped the drink with their signature vanilla whipped topping, and I love their whipped topping. I don’t much care for nutmeg, most times, but this wasn’t a bad combination.
     The pairing of the whipped cream and the nutmeg, made for a taste that was vaguely reminiscent of pumpkin pie. I think because I’m comparing the topping to vanilla ice cream like you’d put with your pie. Literally, if I liked nutmeg more, I’d say just give me this in lieu of pumpkin pie. The one con I have to address, is I did find that it made me extremely thirsty.
     Being slightly dehydrated from the nutmeg is as good a reason as any to dig in! The first thing I noticed was that it was certainly as rich as you’d expect it to be, especially being a frappe. The second thing that really hit me was how well the scent of nutmeg complemented the flavor of the drink. I enjoyed this one with my lid off so that I could smell it. It literally added a whole new dimension to the drink, I highly suggest going this route if you’re a user of the flat-top reusable cups, like myself.
      The flavors for this new signature drink are buttery vanilla and cinnamon, with a touch of nutmeg. Somehow this combination translates to almost caramel to me. The buttery flavor really adds an extremely rich and satisfying texture to the overall tone of the drink that I really enjoyed. The vanilla was amazing and paired wonderfully with the other warm flavors that are mixed up in there. One more disclaimer, this one is another Starbucks treat that comes across as more dessert, because, guys, I have to reiterate: It’s so rich. 
     All in all, my basic impression of the Cinnamon Shortbread Frappe is that I love it. I don’t think it will replace my tried-and-true vanilla caramel or my white chocolate peppermint mocha, but it’s something I’d love to try again! If you’ve tried this one, let me know what you think in the comments below!


  Honestly, I know I’ve slipped from my old style of taste rating! I’d like to bring it back! Is it any wonder that with the level I raved on this one, that it deserves a 5/5?


What’s New; Posh Peach Serves Up Some Heart Break for 2019

      Hey guys, and happy second post of 2019! Over the weekend, I took myself downtown and into The Posh Peach to check out their new stock. I’ve always really loved everything about their aesthetic, from the decor to the styles they cater to. Walking in is always like coming home, for me, because I swear, it’s me all over.  I’m so excited to bring you a What’s New post for January! 

     For today’s post, I found four new styles to share with you! I’m excited, so let’s get started!


New velvet floral bellbottoms     

     This first style was some velvet flare leg pants, with a simple grey long-sleeved top. This definitely is a new style for me because I do tend to stay away from patterned pants. Most of my pants are bell bottoms though, so at least it’s close to something I’d ordinarily wear.

     The pants didn’t have a button or anything, so the entire waistband was elastic. The outside, of course, felt like velvet with a cool lining on the inside. These did heat up fairly quickly, so I do think that these would make a good winter pant. 

    We paired it with this simple top to kind of complement the colors in the pants themselves, because I, for the life of me, couldn’t find a top that spoke to me. So we opted to go with this.

    I’m not really sure how I would style these. I’m feeling like this would be fun to lean into the 70s with. I know they’re not terribly retro looking, but it could be fun. Or, with an oversized sweater and a pair of sunnies. If you were to wear this with long hair, a white scarf/headband would be adorable with this sort of outfit!


New Corduroy Dress


        This next outfit was one that definitely excited me! I love little dresses and corduroy is something that’s been growing on me for a while. When I picked this one up, I was expecting the buttons to be snaps like on an item that they had one of the last times I went in there (that wasn’t my size…).

     This fairly comfortable, though as one would expect, not the warmest. So this is definitely not winter-wear. I thought this was literally so cute and was kicking myself for not wearing my boots, because my favorite boots from Clothes Mentor that I’ve talked about so much, would have gone great!

    Barring ankle-boots, I think knee-highs would go great with this. I’m feeling brown suede would be a solid choice to kind of keep the style grounded. For an edgier look, black leather would suffice. 

     Looking at it, I kind of want to throw a sweater over it, but that might be because I’m cold right now. If you were to throw on a sweater with this, I’m picturing a fluffy white cardigan. Or maybe even the mustard cardigan I’ll have in a photo below!


New Funfetti Cardigan with Corduroy pants


     Who doesn’t love a new cardigan? I know lately, I’m just about obsessed with them. They go with everything, don’t mess up your hair like a pullover. This one was called Funfetti, and that’s fitting. It’s pink with random “sprinkles” of blue and other colors. Now that I think about it, it kind of makes me hungry.

     This gorgeous and toasty cardigan was paired with a mauve long-sleeved top and corduroy bellbottoms I told you, corduroy has begun to grow on me. The material feels slightly like suede and is nicely warm. This is where my heart break begins for real. I want these pants. They were hanging out on the “last ones” rack, so fingers crossed that they wait for my next payday. 

    This entire ensemble was fairly warm, except for the top. This top was made of a loose, thin, drapey fabric that would have left me cold had I worn it out. That aside I really like this outfit. It would be easy to style with some chunky jewelry, for some reason I’m seeing wood. Earth-toned or red boots to add some life to the color scheme, would be perfect! If you want to do something with your hair and this particular outfit, headbands are a safe bet!


New Mustard Cardigan with Jeans

     This one… Oh my goodness. I saved my new (unlikely) favorite for last. This one just about broke me, because I do have a coupon, but I still can’t afford it with a clear conscience. I am dying to go back for this cardigan. Yellow, is absolutely not a color I wear often, but this mustard knit cardigan would change that in a heartbeat.

     This cardigan was paired with a pair of stretchy jeans, once again with no button, just elastic. And the same thin and drapey top from the previous style. Not even lying, I fell in love with this whole thing. I took a bunch of goofy pictures in this because the hood was just so much bigger than I thought it would be. It covered my whole face if I would let it. I loved it.

     So, I can see this styled with knee-high boots or converse. I feel the need to cover the hems of jeans with shoes especially if the shoes are mildly high-topped. For some inexplicable reason, I’m picturing a red lip with this, because if you’re going to wear something as bright as this, why not? Simple Jewelry and accessories would work best, unless you want to lean into bright colors and throw in some Turquoise. 


  I’ll leave my gushing at that, guys, since I don’t want to bore you! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to do a What’s New post and I do have plans to try to do more of them. My next one will likely be Lizard Thicket, because I haven’t been in there forever. I’m currently working on two Subscription Box posts because I just got them in on the 2nd. December’s boxes. I’m going to include my wear test findings, too!

     I hope you guys enjoyed a little bit of this returning to my roots as far as posting goes, and I hope you’ll join us next week! 

The Year of Positivity; 50 Things That Make Me Happy!


     Happy new year, guys! In our previous post, I explored the Blog’s trajectory as well as my own. One of my goals was to inject my life and thought patterns with positivity and try to find the confidence that I have hidden somewhere. This is another slight deviation from our usual content, but I hope you’ll forgive me. I’ve been fighting with some software that would let me record with my DSLR because I have a video planned, but so far, I’m losing.

    That in mind, I’m going to challenge myself to think of 50 things that make me happy! Do I even like fifty things? Let’s find out!


  1. Dressing Java in ridiculous outfits
  2. Finding good deals
  3. Good skin days
  4. Adventures to new places
  5. My cats climbing on me
  6. My loving fiance`
  7. Approaching Halloween
  8. Dressing up in swishy skirts
  9. Comfortable shoes
  10. Compliments- spread the love!
  11. When the lighting is perfect for photos and I actually have my camera
  12. My friends acting like friends- I’m not hard to please
  13. Apple bottom jeans – No joke, this was my ringtone for ages and I still giggle at it.
  14. When peppermint comes back in style
  15. A nice cup of my favorite coffee
  16. a nice cup of a new coffee
  17. Animal Crossing
  18. Catching a Shiny in Pokemon
  19. Emails about amazing deals- I have a problem with shopping :p
  20. The perfect temperature to hang out in front of the fire with cocoa
  21. Bad horror movies
  22. Lilo and Stitch- except for the parts that make me cry
  23. TJ Maxx/Marshalls
  24. Wandering around the mall
  25. Making plans to go on a trip
  26. Finding a new Boutique to check out
  27. Nostalgic music from high school
  28. J-Pop/K-pop (I love Chieko Kawabe and Kotani Kinya, and have for years)
  29. Drawing people’s awesome outfits that I see out and about
  30. Occasionally watching Anime- mostly ones I watched a long time ago.
  31. Talking to my best friends who live in Florida, even though it just makes me miss them more.
  32. Nachos absolutely loaded up with cheese.
  33. Relaxing in the tub with music and my DS/Switch
  34. Writing here on the blog!- I still can’t believe I’ve been doing this as long as I have and I’m still so happy to have this outlet, and my beautiful readers!
  35. Gathering content- I love feeling productive.
  36. Studying something I’m interested in- right now I’m really into learning languages!
  37. How happy random dogs get when they see me, and beg for pets.
  38. Shopping for Java. I’m totally that person when I’m not makeup hunting.
  39. Thrift Shopping and finding treasure!
  40. Flower Crowns!
  41. A nice daiquiri on the right occasion, with Malibu!
  42. Seeking out landmarks and small-town attractions
  43. Brick buildings and old architecture
  44. “Haunted” places or any place creepy- call it morbid fascination?
  45. Airplanes!- I love being above the clouds, and looking at the patchwork below! I’m totally cool until we get over water.
  46. Cheesecake- seriously. Euphoria.
  47. New video games
  48. Summer Break from College
  49. Days off from work- more time to play!
  50.  Any and every fair/festival! Even the bad ones are photogenic 🙂

      I’m honestly not sure if this is a tag, but if it is, I tag you! Let’s spread some positivity this year and foster contentment and confidence. If you do make your own list, leave a link below and I’ll feature your post here! 

     Quick aside as we wind this post down, I know we’ve deviated from our coffee roots and boutique reviews. I do want to give you a heads up that I have plans spanning the next few weeks to gather a few What’s New posts, Debuts, Coffee Abroad, Subscription box reviews, and a few more themed posts as we lead on up to Valentine’s Day. Times got pretty rough for us here as we moved and I started a new job, but I’m trying to get back on my feet and fully into the swing of things!

    I hope all of you are having a great 2019, and have many more amazing days ahead of you!  

The Year Ahead Here at JnJ!

Hey guys! Well, 2019 has come upon us at last. I’m not quite ready for it, truth be told, but really, who is? A new year, new troubles, new plans… and above all, new goals. Speaking of which, let’s look into the future just a little and delve into what I’ve got planned for the website this year!

Of course, I may be over over-ambitious, but let’s get this show on the road!

  1. One of the big things I’m gearing up (and psyching myself up for) is Youtube. Youtube is this huge unfathomable beast that can chew up a small creator and spit them out. I want to see if I’ve got what it takes. I’m dying to try out this new software! The Youtube channel will be featuring…
    1.  the odd boxing, until I gauge interest between platforms. So far, my Allure unboxing is my highest viewed post. But what took it there?
    2. Makeup reviews, like the first one I did. Really, I may end up redoing that one with my new set up and killing the current video. I definitely realize that I need scripts; I better get on it.
    3. Once I gain a little bit of a viewership, I would like to introduce you guys into my adventures with vlogging- it looks like a lot of fun!
photo taken at Pine Mountain, GA by Myself.
  1. More trips, especially to places outside of the current perimeter. Right now, we have plans to go to Gatlinburg, TN and I have pretty current plans to go to Macon, GA and cover the shops in Auburn that I missed.
  2. Loads of What’s New and Boutique Debut posts! One of which is coming up this weekend for a favorite! 🙂
  3. I plan to have some sort of physical publication for promotional purposes go out in the coming months. 
  4. hope to have some more engagement across platforms to gauge the popularity or new content
  5. Professional relations of some sort- this one is definitely ambitious!

That’s what we’re looking at for the moment as far as this little chunk of cyberspace goes! Of course, I do have personal goals that I hope to reach. 


Personal Goals

  1. I’ve already starter this one, but I’m trying to be more positive and less pessimistic. I’ve always been a little bit glass-half-empty and I’m trying to make some changes to my thinking to make me kinder to myself. Because my inner critic is ruthless.
  2. I would like to be a little more trim and work out a little more often (at all,  tbh). I do have a membership through work, but little motivation most days to actually work out.
  3. Improve my art and dedicate more time to things I genuinely enjoy. 
  4. Just generally be a better person to myself and others.

    If you guys are making any drastic changes in your personal life, or your attitude, comment below! We can encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves. 🙂


Ten Coffees for People Who Don’t Like Coffee


Hey guys! I’ve been thinking… I’ve done so many posts about coffee that would be good for those of us who enjoy the sweeter things. Or, not what some people would call actual coffee. My Fiance` being one of the main ones I can think of who doesn’t necessarily like coffee, but will be occasionally moved to enjoy a cup if it’s suitable for his palate. 

    I figured, if it’s hard for me to keep track of these less-bitter options, it’s probably card for you too! So, I decided to make us a little round up for the coffees I’ve found since we I started this journey. Let’s get to it!

  1. Merry X-Moose- Origin Coffee

I’m going to be going backwards in time and hunting through the posts here, but I’ll start with a recent find! 

     This one is Mocha, Marshmallow, and Peppermint and it’s absolutely amazing. I opted to get it a little extra sweet, because I have a problem with my sweet tooth. It was exceptionally smooth, I could scarcely tell I was drinking an espresso beverage at all. The bitterness was completely nonexistent.

2. Raspberries and Cream- Origin Coffee

     The chocolate and vanilla mingle and blend in such a way where neither is identifiable alone. You might think that’s a bad thing, but it really makes the creaminess stand out. I thought it was going to be more like a chocolate dipped berry with some vanilla tones. But what happened instead was almost a decadent creaminess with raspberry offering tang and standing out. 

3. The Basic Witch- Iron Bank Coffee

     The basic witch is a drink I would definitely recommend somebody who, like me,  is not big on pumpkin spice. Honestly,  I am really a pleasantly surprised and I cannot wait to see what we come across a little later on in this list. The overall flavor of the basic which, is very mild. I detect almost no bitterness, it has a little bit of acidity that lingers but there’s almost no extreme, earthy presence from the espresso. It’s just a sweet relaxed kind of drink that is good to enjoy all year around. And guys, If they keep the spice on the shelves I may be coming back for this one!

4. Heavenly Caramel Iced Latte- UniquExpressions

     The coffee flavor barely lingered on my tongue, which I attribute to the sweetness of the caramel. Speaking of the caramel, it was the has the final word where the flavor is concerned. This is another drink I would highly recommend for my readers who are just getting started drinking (and enjoying) coffee. It’s one of most sweet, yet somehow mellow coffees I’ve had. I’m still definitely partial to the Prince Harry

5. Cafe` Caramello- My Favorite Muffin

The Cafe Caramello has a name that slightly intimidated me. Honestly, I was expecting something incredibly bitter and to get mowed down by a strong espresso flavor (and then not sleep for a few days). What I got instead was a mouthful of smooth refreshing coffee with a lovely sweet harmony of caramel chiming in. It feels quite delicately flavored. The balance is impeccable. 

It’s nicely light-bodied, and I’m very pleasantly surprised. This is definitely a coffee for those who prefer a more mild coffee drinking experience. If you’re just getting started on your coffee journey, give the Cafe Caramello a try!

6. Be Mine Latte- Iron Bank Coffee

it tastes quite a bit like chocolate milk with cinnamon thrown in. The cinnamon is the predominant flavor with the vanilla and chocolate coming in at a tie and balancing nicely. There’s a pleasant weight to the coffee that leaves a hint of espresso lingering, but nothing particularly biting. 

7. Prince HarryUniquExpressions

The coffee was as fantastic as I remember- the flavors are incredibly smooth and balanced without a hint of bitterness. The toffee was the predominant flavor and followed nicely by the rich mocha and caramel. There is espresso in it, but the flavor is so subtle and sweet that it even my coffee-ambivalent partner was enamored. I did try a second one from them today, since we were there for a while and the prices are so fair.

8. Razzle Dazzle- Midtown Coffee

The most prominent flavor is Raspberry with a soft whisper of mocha undertones. The balance achieved by this is interesting because it’s usually the other way around. The mocha flavor isn’t overwhelming or bitter. Overall the drink is smooth and soft- goes down easy and feels like the perfect drink for the holiday season if I can get away from Peppermint Mocha.

9. Heath Freezer- Fountain City Coffee

The first flavor I notice is a toffee and it’s followed by a nice contrast of slight bitterness that doesn’t detract from the drink but rather complements the sweetness. I honestly can’t recommend this drink enough.

10. Frosted TurtleO’Henry’s

he Frosted Turtle was surprisingly smooth- I didn’t notice the bite of espresso or any unpleasant bitterness. The Caramel and Mocha blended smoothly into a lovely harmony that left me feeling energized. Neither flavor was particularly overpowering, which is fairly impressive for something featuring two strong flavors like caramel and mocha.

I included little excerpts with each of my recommendations so you can see kind of what you’re getting into! I’m hoping to be able to travel a little more and bring you guys coffees, diners and boutiques from towns in a larger radius in 2019. Or, I’m certainly going to try! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little roundup of coffee that you may have forgotten about, because I certainly did! I may have to go back and try some of these again, actually! 

If you guys have tried any of these previously, or something similar, share your experience in the comments below! Or, feel free to submit a guest review over on our Submissions page!


Origin Treats us to Christmas Coffee!


     Hey guys, we’re T-Minus 1 day to the big event! I’m so excited! Are you guys ready? We already broke some major ground here on the blog with yesterday’s video and I gotta tell you, that was definitely new. I’m hoping to have more content that you guys will be legitimately into as we move on into the new year! After yesterday, all I’m in the mood for is coffee. 

    The little local place I’m veritably obsessed with, Origin Coffee right here in Columbus has this amazing latte just in time for the Holidays. I thought that the Be Mine from Iron Bank was my Chocolate milk look-a-like, but I hadn’t met this one yet. 

     This one is Mocha, Marshmallow, and Peppermint and it’s absolutely amazing. I opted to get it a little extra sweet, because I have a problem with my sweet tooth. It was exceptionally smooth, I could scarcely tell I was drinking an espresso beverage at all. The bitterness was completely nonexistent.

    My favorite part about the holidays, if you may recall from one of our earlier posts, is peppermint. I love peppermint and what it does for my coffee. Coffee, as we all know, has an earthy flavor that is fairly bitter and grounding. I love how peppermint is able to add some coolness and subtle sweetness. I always knew I liked peppermint, what I didn’t know was how much I love marshmallow.

    Marshmallow being in this particular drink is amazing. It attaches to the espresso and tempers it. Makes it soft and decadent. The richness of the chocolate was magnified and it was made sweeter, somehow. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend this to you if you’re into Hot Cocoa or even Chocolate Milk. This is another one for those who don’t appreciate the bitterness of coffee.

    If you guys aren’t local, and there’s a big chance of that, this one is a good one to order custom from your favorite local place. Your experience may vary slightly, but this is one that I feel will translate well from other Cafe`s.


     I’ve been really utilizing our Christmas tree the last couple of days, mostly because we just managed to get our first tree and partly because I’m just really feeling the aesthetic. I also want to give a huge hello to our new readers! I hope you guys stick around! I’m happy to announce that I have some big plans for us here that I hope you like!

   Come back tomorrow for our last day of Christmas post!

Holiday Roundup! Products to Add to Your Repertoire!

Hey guys! Another day, another post for Blogmas! Today’s a super different, in that the bulk of it is a video format! I rounded up my favorite (and not so favorite) items from the 2018 holiday releases in the video below!

I apologize for the overall quality of the video, I tried to make it as palatable as humanly possible. This is going to be fun to learn, I think!

Early Christmas Gift with Allure December 2018 x Nikkie Tutorials


Hey guys! I know this one is going up a touch later than I usually post. I’m not going to lie, I crashed hard last night. We had a dinner party with our close friends, so I had scarce time to prep today’s post! Today is going to be slow day, kind of revisiting beauty boxes. On that note, I did get my December Allure Box, which I was so excited for. In case you may be out of the loop with Allure, they did a Collab with NikkieTutorials, a huge beautuber. Needless to say, I was excited

     If you click that link, it’ll take you to her December 2018 video where she discusses this particular box! She’s currently doing her own blogmas sort of event on her channel that I highly recommend if you’re into festive Beauty content. And guys, she goes all out.

     Nikkie is the girl that turned me on to Ofra highlights, so I was hoping I would be getting one this month. Seriously, I just knew I wanted more Ofra. So I got the email sometime last week that my box had shipped. Excited, I kept checking the tracking history until the big day!

Isn’t that beautiful? In this box, I got a tiny The Nubian palette from Juvia’s Place, Nyx Lip Lingerie, Ren Clean overnight moisturizer, a single Neutrogena makeup remover, LaSplash Architect liner, and the Ofra All the Highlight highlighter.  On first glance, I was pleased to see that all of the items in this month’s box are cohesive.  I knew that my girl Nikkie would take care of us.

    The Nubian Palette has loads of warm neutrals that I was so excited to play with. Juvia’s Place has really affordable products at high quality that I had previously only heard tell of.  You can find Juvia’s Place Palettes at Ulta at around 20 dollars, give or take a couple dollars. Or click the image below for more information about this particular product

I think with the appropriate face products you could make a passable holiday face with these items- which is exactly what I did end up doing. Though, since I am just getting really started with cosmetics, it’s not exactly what I wanted it to be. But, I do think I did a decent job! 

The Nyx Liquid Lip looked a little warmer in the tube, but on application it cooled significantly to a subdued brown. I thought that color wasn’t particularly holiday approved, so I tapped on some KVD Everlasting Glimmer Veil in Gold Skool to liven it up just a little. 

   Before looking closely at the eyes, I thought that the liner was better. That is purely a user error. I did find that the liner performed well and was somewhat easy to work with. I’m still getting my bearings with liquid liner, I’m sure I’ll get there eventually! One thing I will say is that I was pretty proud of the way these lashes came out. I tried full-strip lashes for the first time since I failed with the magnetic ones. These are the Ardell Studio Effects custom lashes, these things definitely have a learning curve and I’m still not sure how to get the glue off of them afterward. 

    The last thing I’ll bring up is the highlighter. Wow. It’s definitely something. My gripe with it is that the deepest copper tone is almost too pigmented and didn’t look right on my skin tone. I had to go over it with the remaining foundation on my beauty blender and then put on a little concealer before it chilled out. Even then there was still some obvious highlight showing through. I think my mistake was that I did mix all of the colors for my highlight and it’s a mistake I won’t be making again. I’ll definitely be trying this again to get a better feel for it.

  I know today’s post is a little lacking in the Christmas Spirit, aside from the cameo appearance of our first Christmas tree in the photo of my loot. I do hope you guys are having a great Holiday break and that you get everything on your wish list. I’m still crossing my fingers for that Tatcha Primer on my end!

On that note, I’ll leave you guys until tomorrow where we get one day closer to Christmas!