Hometown Cravings; The Origin of Obsession

Hey, everyone! Welcome to another Hometown Cravings! This is a very special debut post for the amazing Origin Coffee that recently opened close-by my home. I remember when I saw their sign, I was ecstatic wondering what sort of coffee they had. I was especially super excited that it was opened right by the card shop my Fiance` likes to hang out at. It gives me something to do that I really enjoy- drinking coffee.
   Their hours are also great! 6 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday, and 8 am to 8 pm on Sunday. It works for me! I got the chance to go in on their opening day, and let me tell you, their aesthetic is fantastic! I’m in love with the earthy and harmonious feel of the whole place- they really know how to use neutral colors and live plants. I honestly felt so at ease and relaxed the entire time! 
    For my first taste of their fantastic product, I got two for the price of one! My selection was Caramel and Spiced brown sugar which brings up one of my favorite things about them. They have so many unique flavors I’ve never thought of. It really let me be creative with my flavors!
     Before I got my drink, I chatted with the lovely lady that I can only assume is the owner. Their entire stock of coffee beans is locally sourced from River Rock Roasters (the same place as UniquExpressions and Lightnin’ Bugs ). I was eavesdropping later and found out, interestingly enough, that they are very fresh. The coffee beans are roasted Monday and are delivered no later than Wednesday. 

the glorious Caramel Spiced Brown Sugar Latte from Origin Coffee

I was super interested to taste my drink, because I’ve never seen spiced brown sugar flavored coffee. And guys, it was amazing. The caramel flavoring was much more noticeable at the offset. Which works for me! There was a hint of spice just behind the sweetness of my tried-and-true flavor. It’s somehow almost tangy? I’m not sure how else to describe it.
    The brown sugar lingers on the back of my tongue while the coffee is mild. The coffee serves to accentuate the sweetness of the flavors. I detect almost no hint of bitterness, but it’s there, giving a pleasant kick to a mild latte. I would definitely categorize this as another one of those coffees for those who don’t like coffee.
My second drink was a freebie, due to having made one with whole milk rather than 2%. Cookie Butter. Who ever sees COOKIE BUTTER at a coffee shop? It was pretty fantastic, though I was much more in love with my iced latte, due to nepotism and just plain loving caramel with just about anything. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of it in my excitement. Next time, for sure!
        My initial impression was the scent of Biscoff– or something like it. The coffee itself is fairly mild with a slight bit more kick than the previous drink. I definitely would also say this is a great contender for a holiday drink. This sweet spiciness has me feeling festive in the middle of Summer. I’ll definitely be revisiting this one around Christmas. 
        Moving on to my ratings… It should be pretty obvious, that I’m head-over-heels for Origin Coffee. I put it right up there with my FAVORITE coffee shop (3 guesses which one that is….), and the fact that it’s so close to my house is huge points. But, it’s not just the proximity that gets it a high rating, it’s the fact that it’s absolutely delicious.

Instagrameter;  /5

        There are so many possibilities for coffee placement and aesthetic shots, that I can think of no other rating than full score for their Instagram Score. It just feels so peaceful and relaxing in this shop and I CANNOT recommend it enough for everyone- locals and those just passing through.

Caramel/Spiced Brown Sugar; /5

    I LOVED this drink. The entire thing was delightfully sweet and harmonious. I’m absolutely in love! Definitely highly recommend this for everyone!

Cookie Butter; /5

    This was unique! I was introduced to cookie butter flavoring recently and never would have thought to throw it in coffee. It’s very well suited to fall or winter. It wasn’t quite as good as digging out a spoon of cookie butter, but it was close! 

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