O’Charley’s and the New Spin on an Old Classic


Cotton Candy Fizz Before Picture
Before the fun started- I really wanted to eat it


Today, my fiance’ and I decided to stop by O’Charley’s for a nice lunch, and while perusing the menu, we noticed something. There was a new drink, something called Cotton Candy Fizz. Interested, I immediately ordered it. Once it arrived at our table, I got really excited because I thought the drink came with candy. 

They brought out the drink you see above, and my first reaction was to try to eat the candy until I was told that I was supposed to put it in the drink. The idea intrigued me, so I obliged and was pleasantly surprised. What ended up happening was that the cotton candy dissolved and made the club soda transform into a lightly strawberry flavored Shirley temple. I was considering adding this to an upcoming list post that I’m working on, and I very well may add it. But I couldn’t just let this awesome drink be another number. 


At first, I was breaking off pieces of candy to dunk into the soda. But I needed it to be pinker. By the end the entire fluffy, delicious candy made its way into the soda- and I didn’t even get to eat it. In the end, I’m not too upset, because it was delicious. 

This drink knocked my socks off and made me feel like a kid again. I still feel a little silly for being so impressed by this, as well forgetting what cotton candy is made of. If you’ve ever imagined a strawberry Shirley temple, and thought to yourself “I want that”, this is the drink for you!  I think this is definitely something to explore with different colors of cotton candy, so get on it O’Charley’s. I might actually get on that when I can because I’m genuinely wanting to play with this idea now… for science.

Cotton Candy Shirley Temple Gif
I’m not even upset that I couldn’t eat the cotton candy


 Also, you guys don’t have to take my word for it- if there was any doubt! I apologize for the weird, jumpy quality of the gif (for some reason my phone didn’t want to keep the focus stable even though it was literally sitting on the table). I definitely recommend this drink for your inner child!


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