My Paranormal Story Time; Baby’s First Ouija Board

    Hey guys! I know I’m now short 3 Days, 2 after this goes up. Halloween can be all year around when you’re somewhat tuned in to the paranormal. LoeyLane on Youtube doing spooky content, and beauty, kind of made me realize that it’s a thing I can do. I think I prefer the written word over videos, but I might try to bring back videos eventually. Today’s post is going to recount one of  the most notable paranormal experiences I’ve had.

    This experience really solidified what I already knew about the supernatural; that it’s there. I hope you enjoy it, and do as I say, not as I did. Always approach the paranormal with cautious respect because the thing is, you won’t always know who you’re communicating with. With that disclaimer aside, let’s get to it!

 Did you hear that?

      When I was in highschool I had a fairly large group of friends, a lot of us were into the paranormal. My mother, as I assume most do, advised me not to use the Ouija Board. Ever. She regaled me with tales of glowing red eyes under a bed and unexplained noises. I thought nothing of it. I always thought that surely a piece of cardboard couldn’t summon anything… right? 

    One night, I went to my then-best friend’s house, where she, her 4 siblings and our other good friend were already hanging out. Someone had acquired a Ouija Board. I still can’t remember how they got it, but they really wanted to use it, since their mother was out of the house. I was a little hesitant, even though I didn’t really believe Mom’s stories. Reluctant, I gave a little pushback on using the board- after all, I didn’t think it would work, but why take that chance? I suggested, that we use a candle and have the hypothetical spirit respond YES or NO via the flame. For some reason, I wasn’t vibing with using the planchette. I didn’t feel safe giving whatever might be there too much ability to traumatize us. That house always creeped out, so the spirit was going to be restricted.

    They agreed and we set to work making sure there would be no interference from a rogue gust of wind, and made sure the AC was off, windows closed and all that. We even shoved a blanket under the door,  just to be safe. Once we were satisfied, we situated ourselves around the board and lit the tealight candle right between YES and NO. 

    The first question we asked was something like, “Is there a spirit present?” to which we received an affirmative. The spirit seemed to indicate, that it was some relative of one of ours. We asked some pretty dumb questions, being basically still children with no real fear of the paranormal. At some point during the questioning, the energy changed. The air became thick and almost hostile. Someone said they could see a shape in the room with us. I felt a phantom touch and immediately choked up. You know that feeling when you were a child doing something you’re not supposed to do, and a door opens somewhere else in the house? That feeling of inevitably being caught redhanded? When all the air disappears from the room? I had that feeling.

    Whatever was in attendance, was not happy with us or the way things were going. We were all getting increasingly frightened, as the temperature in the room dipped giving us all chills and goosebumps. Finally, I said, “Spirit you may depart. This session is done. Goodbye,” my friends muttered their own Goodbye to the spirit and I started to feel the air clear a little, once we blew out the candle. Suddenly, we heard a loud crash in the living room area and from just on the other side of the door, we all heard a scream. It was so full of fury and hate and rage, but the weirdest thing was how it sounded. I almost don’t know how to explain it, I feel like it was right outside the door, but somehow it had some sort of distant quality? Like simultaneously close and far away.

     We were, of course, very unsettled. So we sat in the darkness for a moment, gathering our nerve to go investigate. Myself being on the Spiritual side, lead our excursion. We slowly left the room in a single-file line, and made our way through the living room and around into the dining area/kitchen. When we got there, the light fixture for the dining room was in the middle of the floor. Luckily not broken, but we found the source of one noise. We moved the fixture to the table and made sure the house was clear. Nada.

    We eventually went back to the bedroom and went to sleep all together, none of us wanted to be alone. 

     When I woke up in the morning, I quickly got my aunt to come get me and bring me to her place, where I was living at the time. I can’t remember the whole day, I’m pretty sure I played DDR or something. But later that night, I laid down to sleep and put on one of my CDs on a low volume to help me sleep, and kept the TV on to illuminate the room a little. This fear of the dark has never left me. 

    I’m not sure what time it was, but I was in a deep sleep facing the wall with my back the room. I heard a loud bang or something I’ve described as a drumbeat in my head. Loud and jarring. Startled, I rolled over to inspect the room to look for a source of the noise and I saw something. A tall, solid black silhouette of what appeared to be a man striding from the area of the door. He had a long stride, and was walking parallel to the bed toward the window. I panicked and threw myself bodily out of bed, making sure not to get close to the figure, and into the wall by the light switch. Once the light was flipped on, I collapsed by the door, still somewhat in the grips of sheer panic, and saw nothing. 

    There was nothing in the corner, nothing anywhere. I feel like a spirit followed me, and was basically calling me an idiot and showing me that I was lucky that it was just him. He held no malice for me, that I could feel. He just wanted to startle me. From that point, I proved how big of an idiot I can be, by trying to communicate with this spirit. He never came through for me, which at the time bummed me out. He had a message and that was all. I told my friends my experience with him and they told me they had seen a similar entity.

    I wonder if he just followed us to kind of wag a finger and scare us straight? In any event, whatever was at my friend’s house, I never want to experience that again. That inhuman scream will haunt me always. It took me over a decade to touch a damn board again.


    That was my first ever actually substantial paranormal experience, I hope you guys enjoyed it. I havea few other stories to tell you, but since this one was a little longer than expected, I may split those others into additional Halloween Posts. As usual for this… event? If you guys have had any experiences, feel free to share them below!


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