Hometown Cravings; That New New Cloud Mocha!

      Hey guys, so this is weird. I logged in and saw that this one missed it’s schedule… I do have some new content for you, but I wanted to go ahead and get this out for your viewing pleasure.  Anyway, today’s post is on the New Mocha Cloud Macchiato at Starbucks. I do plan to bring you guys another new drink from Starbucks next week, the awaited Tie Dye Frapp. Baristas everywhere are quaking.
     Let’s get right to it! The Mocha Cloud Macchiatto is so aptly named because it’s very mocha. From the taste, I suspect dark chocolate. There was so much of it that its bitterness actually rivalled the espresso. And that’s not something I say lightly, because this espresso has a heck of a bite. I do greatly prefer the Caramel Cloud Macchiatto,but that’s just personal preference because I like the sweeter things, and the more mild.
     Once I stirred it a bit to disperse the mocha and the sweet froth on top, the mocha became less aggressive. Each sip made me appreciate the drink and feel refreshed. It’s an extremely rich drink, that I don’t recommend for those who do not enjoy the bite of espresso. But once it chilled out, I found myself really enjoying it.  Not my favorite by any means, but not my least favorite either.

Taste; /5

This one, I can’t rate higher than a 3.5, just because it’s not my thing. If you have similar overly-saccharine tastes to mine, you may also not be too enamored. If you’re a fan of the flavor of dark chocolate intermingled with bitter espresso, this may be your drink!  


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