Home Brews; French Vanilla Great Value (K-CUP)

Hey guys, I’m so sorry for my unannounced hiatus. It’s not been a good time in the JNJ house. Coffee, and makeup have been my only escape from the defeatist summer I’m experiencing. Who knew being unemployed could worsen symptoms of depression? I have luckily managed to land a freelance thing, so I’ll hopefully be able to sustain a little bit of adventure. I have a friend over at Kalon Kosmetics, with whom I’m affiliated, that I plan to pay a visit to when funds permit! Let’s get to the blah festivities, and look at the French Vanilla K Cup from Walmart! 

This is a post I’ve had in draft for a long, and I do mean long time. I wasn’t sure about posting it, but being super broke, I figured I would cover this for my other broke sisters who have an addiction and a Keurig. You know, since they’re like $20 at Goodwill lately, I don’t see them as luxury items exactly anymore. We’re doing another (long-awaited) post in the Home Brews series, where I give opinions on coffee that is accessible in homes everywhere (presumably). As much as I would love to travel everywhere and try all the coffee- all the time, that’s not feasible. So this should make for some decent content.

This post is going to be dedicated to the French Vanilla (to be honest, I’m not sure if it qualifies as coffee) is French Vanilla Great Value “Cappuccino” K Cup. To be frank, this is lazy day coffee and is so close to water or hot cocoa, that I’m loathe to even call it coffee. But hey, it smells really good!

The caffeine content is negligible. Though, honestly, maybe I’m just too tolerant to caffeine? This will barely rouse me from a state of unconsciousness, or even help me stay awake.  While it doesn’t taste bad, per se, it doesn’t taste like coffee either. The smell is there, and it has a pleasant vanilla scent that is rather calming. I really like this for those evenings where I’m relaxing with the cats… But it does get pretty bad when it cools. I feel like it starts to separate and become water. Which, I know it’s majority water, but c’mon. That’s not what I expect from my generously named cappuccino.

While I don’t recommend this if you’re pulling an all-nighter- I’d go with Folgers or something that might be considered coffee, which I’ll talk about in another post- these cups work in a pinch when you need the look/illusion of drinking coffee. And, it’s only 70 calories, so it’s decent if you’re on a lo-cal thing.

Rating; Starbucks Taste/5

Not really something I would consider coffee, or even a cappuccino (which is what’s on the label)-  This K Cup is very watery in consistency like when you use water to make hot cocoa. 1 cup for taste and added 1 for the convenience factor. Good for if you NEED something that calls itself coffee. This K Cup does not impress. I might even recommend Dunkin Donuts coffee over this, and I actually despise their coffee.