Java Jill

The best part of traveling is trying things from new restaurants- take in new sights, smells and sounds and just enjoy the newness. Find something somewhat familiar in the unfamiliar an just experience life as it comes.

This started as three friends on a grand adventure to have fun, chronical our trips and incentivize ourselves to explore life outside our comfort zones. It eventually evolved into an ambitious undertaking for myself and my partner.

I am going to be reviewing all of the various coffee shops that we travel to- and believe me, I have a… habit. My goal is to try as many different coffee shops and beverages as I possibly can and give you an idea of what to expect, should you follow in our footsteps.

My fellow writers will be sharing with you various aspects of cuisine and fashion. The hope is that we will have a stream of guest writers sharing their journeys and passions with all of our potential readers.

This marks the beginning of what I hope to be a wonderful adventure filled with all the food, fun and pleasurable company that the world has to offer! We have widgets with our social media accounts, so please drop by to say hello on whichever you prefer!

Stay Thirsty!



My birthday aesthetic of Princess- I’ll be contributing OOTD posts and such over time.


I’m an artist aside from blogger and lover-of-coffee