What’s New; Let’s Go Down to the Thicket

Hey guys! This last weekend didn’t go quite as I had planned, but it’s okay, because I still got some content for you! I had planned to attend an opening a couple hours away, but due to the continuing joblessness, we opted to stay close to home. I gathered a little content over the weekend, first up is the Lizard Thicket, where they graciously hosted me and allowed me to try on some of the newest ensembles in their inventory.

    Price-wise, they were definitely out of my meager budget, at around $40 an item, which is why I frequent the clearance racks. But I wanted to show you the new and not just the new clearance.

         I’ll start off with my favorite thing on my excursion. I loved this flare legged jumpsuit, literally so much. The moment I saw it on the rack I knew I had to try it on and I feared that it wouldn’t fit. My fears were a reality, because the zipper wouldn’t go all the way up. Truthfully, I needed a size up, but I don’t think Lizard Thicket caries that size much to my dismay. It does not matter because it’s still so cute. I can see it with gold accessories and a straw bag that was all the rage last summer… that I actually have one of… somewhere. For shoes, I’m feeling some accent wedges, with gold and maybe some faux gems. Just to lean into the classy, summery vibes.


Next up is the first one I tried on. This was on one of the mannequins as a full outfit and I was curious. Honestly, I don’t think the shorts flatter me even though they’re so cute on other people. I kind of like this with the cardigan, but I’m not sure. That’s no reflection on the beautiful people over at the Lizard Thicket but rather a matter of personal taste. This has to go with a long necklace with some sort of pendant. Maybe a bow or a compass, which is quite a jump. For shoes, white flats, for sure. Or… you guessed it, white converse.

Summer time Sadness

     This was one I was so excited for because it looked so summery on the rack. I’m talking romantic summery with the ruffled, off-shoulder neckline and the subtle striping. I felt like something out of Pride and Prejudice wearing this. Until I looked in the mirror. I think it would have been great if I could have found my size, but this was the only one they had. And in my defense, this size usually works. It’s still cute, don’t get me wrong. But much too big. I would accessorize this with loads of white and frilly ribbons. A ribbon choker, some white sandals with ribbons, not quite gladiator sandals. A wide-brimmed straw hat and maybe some cherry blossom earrings, or some other pastel flower would be perfect.

I'm a cool mom

This one made me laugh so hard when I got home. I call this outfit “I’m not like other moms”. Literally no shade, I love it. That’s just the energy I get from it. I would pair this one with black and gold. Gold jewelry to complement the purple and black because… well, it goes with everything. I’m thinking booties and a long black suede necklace.  

I had to get out of there after the jumper broke my heart, but I do feel like I found some of that new-new for you guys! I can’t wait to join the gainfully employed once again so I can support this wonderful business. If you have one in your area, definitely check it out and let me know what you find!

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