Hometown Cravings: This Lemonade is Kicking at Midtown Coffee!

      Hey guys! Guess what season it is officially? Summer. My least favorite season of all time. I only assume that this is officially Summer because it’s hot as all get out and wouldn’t you know my AC is on the fritz. With all of this hot hot heat, I needed something to help me cool down. And maybe coffee is that thing!

        I’ve been on a super nostalgic kick, I guess I’m longing for simpler times. I had this extensive soundtrack the year I graduated high school in the grand old days of 2010. I want to share a little of my soundtrack, because it’s on my mind. I’ve been suddenly obsessed with a lot of songs, most likely because I feel lost and I want to cling to the feeling of nostalgia, so enjoy the little piece of history below!

      But, all that aside, let’s get to the reason you’re here! Coffee! Or, like a modification of it? I went to Midtown Coffee on my first full day of being unemployed once again- this has not been my week, and I won’t even pretend like it has been. I know you guys have likely been in my shoes, so you know what’s up. Anyway… Like the title of this post says, I got lemonade today.

      Generally, I abstain from lemonade, but it was their signature coffee. What? Of course, ya girl had to try it. I really don’t do sour stuff, so I opted for Berry flavoring to temper that down a little. They use unroasted green coffee beans in making this unique concoction, and I’m here for it to be honest. It surprisingly is quite good with the berry flavor doing it’s intended job of tempering the sour taste and a slight kick of coffee flavor underlying. It’s almost indistinguishable from your usual berry lemonade, save for the aftertaste.


     This is one I recommend for a summer staple, if it sounds like it’s up your alley. In fact, can I recommend this as a legit coffee for people who don’t like coffee? 

Taste; /5

This is a pretty clean cut 5/5 for me. It introduced me to something I generally don’t like in a way that I really enjoy it. The caffeine may be to credit for that, and I’m fairly certain it is. I definitely recommend looking into this one from the Midtown Coffee House if you’re in the area or pitching it to your friendly local barista.

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