Guest Submissions

Guest Posts are officially open!

Java and Jeans is accepting guest posts from our readers in preparation for surprise that should be coming later this year, barring any setbacks. We currently have 5 main categories that you can submit to.  I do want to make a quick note before we get into the accepted content; no blatant advertisements. I will decide whether or not to include sponsored content on it’s own dedicated page, but will not accept ‘sponsored’ posts or ads.

All posts are reviewed and will be posted at the discretion of Java and Jeans, which I’m sure doesn’t need to be said. Read on below! 

Content that will be accepted in each category:



 For Beverage posts, they should be featuring one (or two, if you’re feeling motivated!) coffee drinks or specialty beverage These posts will pretty much be accepted under most circumstances. Bonus Points if it’s a place not everyone knows about!

Photos for this post category should include the beverage(s) and the interior. Feel free to include a snap of the exterior and even the baristas/bartender working their magic (with their permission of course!)

The only ways for these posts to be disqualified would be vulgarity, or if they lack any photos at all. We don’t just want to hear about how relaxing the place is, we want to see it too. 

This post is a good example of a beverage post.


Have you found a new delicious dish that you want to shout from the rooftops? This might be the next best thing, and not wake your neighbors. These posts would include a photo of the dish in question, and an image showcasing the mood of the business. Bonus points if you get the waitstaff in a photo and interacting with your party (with their consent!).

Feel free to showcase the entire meal, from appetizer to dessert, and including your beverage. You can feature as little or as much of your meal as you would like. This post from one of our guest writers on Captain Crunch French Toast, is a good example!

The only ways for these sorts of posts to be disqualified is if there are no images, or there’s vulgarity.



Boutique posts may take a little more time, because these posts would require photos of their layout and displays, as well as a selection of at least 3 outfits that really speak to you (not exceeding five). Feel free to include new arrivals and/or honorable mentions for things that really speak to you, but that doesn’t quite work out, like I did in the Lizard Thicket post.

Bonus points if you include a link to their page so we can send them some traffic as well. We love small business! You can use our post on The Posh Peach as an example in this category.

The only ways for this sort of post to be disqualified is if it does not include photos or the outfits are immodest. 



If you want to submit a post to this category, have fun! Scope out new and exciting events in your area, attend a live show at a bar and grill. If it’s fun, we want to hear about it! My only request for these posts, is of course, keep it PG. Other than that, you’re free to play as you wish in this category.

These posts may be disqualified for the same reasons as the ones above. We do require photographs, of course. These sorts of posts could even work with selfies of you and your friends having fun. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, we haven’t had occasion to spread our wings in this category. 



   This category can be fun, especially if you just got a new Palette and you want to create a few looks with it to share with the world. As with all of the other categories, you do need pictures and text. If you’re doing a tutorial, be concise and try to help others succeed with step-by-step instructions. Feel free to also share any unorthodox tips that have helped you along the way.

     We may also accept unboxings and product reviews, so long as they follow the guidelines. We love learning about new subscription boxes like Allure, Ipsy, Birchbox, Yes Oh Yas, and Lip Monthly to name a few. The review should be more or less self-explanatory, feel free to go into pigmentation and longevity. Put it through the ringer, and share your findings!



     We will now be accepting stories on your personal paranormal experiences for this segment. If you have an experience with the paranormal, be it with a Ouija board or completely out of the blue. We’d love to hear it! You can even send them to us just for us to see, if you don’t want us to post them up for you. 


    If you’re a practicing witch/pagan of any sort and would like to share your personal experiences with Spell work, divination or your particular path (eclectic, energetic, cosmic, hearth, to name a few) We’ll be happy to submit your knowledge to help others who may be seeking a path of their own and may resonate with yours. I’ll kind of be sorting these as needed between the New Age category or Divination depending where it falls.


How to Submit your posts:

Send your submissions to, the formatting for the post should be similar to the format that is used here. I do prefer each post to have at least two images, capturing the aesthetic of the business that is being promoted as well as the service being provided. If you want a specific title for your post, include that in the body of your email.

When you send in your submissions, please be sure to include your blog URL, if you have one so that I can include it in your post, and all of the posts I would make letting people know that your post is live.


Quick Notes:

  • When taking photos inside a business, please be courteous. Be sure to have their permission before you start snapping away. Most places we’ve gone, don’t mind. But, others need approval from higher up or they have precautions that must be kept in mind.
  • When voting or commenting on other guest entries, please be kind to one another!
  • Please don’t photograph individuals without their permission. Always be courteous to others when preparing your posts!
  • Just a reminder, subscribe to our newsletter for a chance to win any future giveaways and stay in the know on any other updates!
  • Spooky Category posts don’t require photos to be submitted, however don’t be surprised if I add some stock photos for representation. If you want to include your own photos it’s appreciated but not a requirement.
    • I know it can be hard to get actual photo representation on the paranormal side of things, so this is to make it easier for you guys!
We promise not to send you spam or excessive correspondence, our newsletter goes out once a week on Monday and recaps the prior week of posts.