Fashionable Finding: The Council Has Spoken

Council shelves aesthetic
I was strangely obsessed with this shelving- their aesthetic gets me.

Hi there everyone! Welcome to yet another installment to our Fashionable Findings, I’m so thrilled to have you here! Recently, I discovered a new boutique that is pretty new. Like less than a couple of months new. I was so excited to both get a new job and find a new place to check out. Did I win the lottery? Council has some absolutely adorable clothes, and some of them are handmade by Larkin Lane. Skills.

   Strangely, I had a bout of unreliability in the form of ill-timed luck shifts- that frankly, I should be accustomed to by now. I intended to go two weeks ago. But life kept getting in the way, I’m so thankful for the patience of the workers at Council for working with me as things got a little more hectic. 

4th of July rack Council
A quick shot of their 4th of July rack

Thankfully I did finally get a chance to go in after my shift and have these gorgeous ladies model some outfits for us! We put together some cute and simple 4th of July approved ensembles that I really wanted to take home. I want to extend a quick thanks preliminarily to our models for this post, the lovely workers from the store itself! I shared some alternative shots on the Instagram, check it out if you’re curious! 

      This first one is a simple, trendy and energetic red sweatshirt that looks so incredibly comfortable paired with casual high-waters and sandals. I was absolutely loving the over-sized aesthetic with these sleeves. Call me crazy, but I ADORE baggy sweaters and sleeves. This one is perfect for our lovely little town, for sure! It would be perfectly suited to a stroll on the Riverwalk as the temperature starts to drop. But sadly, we don’t seem to have too much variance in temperature as of late, with all of this humidity. Which is a serious shame.

Red, white and blue outfit council
Red, white and blue ensemble with a nice pop of color.

I was honestly way too obsessed with this second outfit- it could almost pass as business casual with this gorgeous light jacket. It’s almost fitting for a blazer, save for the fray at the bottom. It looked amazing paired with the white shirt and ripped white skinnies- it really adds some beautiful contrast and makes that color pop. You may be asking now, “where’s the blue?” You need only direct your eyes to her stylish wedges- it’s a bit toned down in the blue department, but very much rises to the occasion. 

This is perfect for not only the fireworks show, but also drinks afterward. 

High-waisted skort and creme top
This high-waisted skort had my attention the moment I saw it on the rack. It has my heart, too.

This third outfit is one that we didn’t get to model, due to time constraints, but it’s a high-waisted gingham skort and a creme shirt. The moment I saw the skort I was enamored, but unfortunately unable to fit into it. This is a cool and trendy outfit that would be adorable with some red and blue jewelry and white wedges (can you guess what my favorite shoe is?) It would also be stunning in a more monochrome setup- so it’s really quite versatile. 

I can also see it paired with a red off-shoulder linen top. Any pop of color would be a great choice with this particular ensemble- with this one, you can get away with being bold and pairing with chunky jewelry or a huge bow in your hair. This one would be great for a day at the park, or the annual 4th of July BBQ.


The Consensus on Council

   I really love everything about this place. The workers are phenomenal sports and so patient, the owner is charming and has a great eye for aesthetics. You guys have surely picked up that I’m a sucker for distressed looking bricks. I adore any whiff of industrial interior design- the pipes in the dressing rooms to hang your selections on only add to it, regretfully I didn’t think to get a picture of those- next time?

My one and only gripe is the prices are a touch out of my price range- from $100-$235, it’s something that I would absolutely love to bring home, but sadly can’t right now. They have high-quality clothing and it’s fittingly stylish with a variety of patterns and textures to choose from. If you’re in the area, this is another place I totally recommend you pay a quick visit to.

I want to give one last thanks to our models, you guys are naturals! 

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