Drinks Around the World (Market)

     Bonjour, mes amis! I know, I know, my late is showing again. I also wanted to apologize for any of you who may have getting “your connection is not private” notifications. The SSL certificate expired and I thought I had renewed it; but I renewed the one on my comatose photography site, Live in Colour Photography. I’m sure you guys know, I will never ask for payment info. While I do have a shop on here, your information is 100% safe. 

     That business aside, onward to the fun bits! We took a good friend of ours to Rocket Fizz and World Market. The initial plan was to go only to the joyous land that is Rocket Fizz, but upon seeing mine and our lovely companion’s reactions to the many unique and foreign candies that were there. My fiancé immediately got the idea to go to World Market, which I wasn’t even sure was on the table since I was a little strapped at the time. 

     We ended up with 7  drinks, and 3 snacks there were some definite hits and misses, as there always are when you’re trying a bulk of things. So I don’t have to avoid spoilers anymore let’s get to it! Oh, if you’re curious about any drinks below, you can find them on Rocket Fizz’s site linked above! 

DrinksRound 1

~Berry Bonanza~

  1. Bloody Nose- This is one I certainly wouldn’t have chosen. Most likely because I took it literally and questioned whether this was for Vampires. When we opened it we were assaulted by the scent of cherry. The flavor was woefully underwhelming. I was tossed up on the flavor, our options are…
    1. A cherry sneezed on club soda
    2. Koolaid Before you sweeten it
    3. TumsWe unanimously despised this one, and my rating was 3/10
  2. Black Cherry Noir- My fiancé picked this one, and keeping in line with the cherry from the Bloody Nose, we tried this one, It’s much more subtle with the scent, which was very welcome. The drink itself felt… heavy? Rich, like almost syrupy. The cherry flavor was more cherry flavored, if not a little overpowered by the sugar content.
  3. Fru Fru Berry- I chose this one, of course- I just have to be overly girly. Our friend also picked this one, but put it back so we could try more different things and not have repeats. The flavor of this one was amazing. The scent was like a berry smoothie, like you would get from pretty much anywhere that has smoothies. The taste was like strawberry cotton candy, we unanimously loved it and wished we had gotten that second one to drink after some of the less delectable drinks we brought home.

Snack Intermission

     Our first snack that we had to try was these really cute Hello Kitty Rice Crackers. These were packaged as 2 crackers, while the serving size was only 1. What? It looks like someone took a paint brush and flicked it on the cracker with the sort of speckling that is there. It’s a weird mix of savory and sweet, with an emphasis on the butter. That’s not to say it’s bad, but I most likely wouldn’t eat them too much more.

Drinks Round 2

Crossing the Pond

  1. Smuggler’s Run- My fiancé picked this one, because he generally likes tropical things. It’s blue, has this name…  and that’s it, really. I expected it to taste a little like coconut, or maybe blue curaçao. It was almost aggressively coconut and was not really well received by our small group. Taste-wise I’d compare it to that coconut candy that the cheap neighbors gave out for Halloween that everyone hated.
  2. Lychee Ramune- This was a unanimously despised drink choice, I think our friend picked it? I can’t quite remember who to blame this monstrosity on. It was like a cherry merely glanced at a teaspoon of salt and I did not enjoy it in the least.
  3. Thai Tea- I generally love me some Thai Tea, so I expected to love this. I did not love this canned versi0n of a drink that I like. They ruined it. Ordinarily you can taste the earthiness, but this was insane. It was like eating a handful of leaves, minus the crunch. I took two sips and gave up.

Snack Intermission Deaux

Waffle Cone Caramel Chocolate Bar- This does not impress in first impressions or flavor. The bar itself looks literally like they threw a handful of waffle cone at a piece of chocolate and called it a day. There was an abundance of chocolate and caramel, but far too little of the part I was most interested in. 

High Note

Nothing Wrong With Friendly Disagreement

Strawberries and Creme- This drink was expected to be Strawberry flavored and boy, oh boy did it deliver. You guys may not know it,  but I have a special love for artificial strawberry flavoring. And oh. my. god. This gave me that in spades. This was a point of disagreement between us, because I was the only one that actually enjoyed it. The flavor was a bit creamy under the berry flavor, but not too much. I still would totally get this one again!

     This is a great thing to do with friends or loved ones, just make a day of trying something new. The entire day cost maybe 20 dollars, and we were able to have fun together for 3 people and try lots of new drinks. I highly recommend this as a general idea! If you guys give it a try let us know below! 

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