Hometown Cravings; Crunch Berry Latte With Origin Coffee

I came into Origin Coffee, once again, for a wonderful tryday experiment! Honestly, I love asking the lovely people to just make something fun. I get some really unique flavor experiences that way. Today I asked about something unique, outside of my usual favorites, Mocha, Caramel and Brown Sugar. I was introduced to the Captain Crunch Iced Latte.
   As mentioned in the previous Origin post, their coffee is locally sourced and has a bit of bite to it. I feel like they use a darker roast, due to the tinge of bitterness I get underneath the other flavors. That being said, this drink is mild, but the coffee flavor may be a bit much for those who don’t like the bitterness. The bite of the coffee adds a wonderful counterbalance to the raspberry flavor that is the predominant flavor.
   The flavors they used to make this wonderful concoction were Caramel, Hazelnut, and Raspberry. The hazelnut is so subtle and adding not really a nutty flavor, but just a touch of that cereal taste. It’s really surprising to me how well the flavors work together to bring in a sweet, not-too-rich, drink. 
     By now, you guys probably think I’m completely obsessed with Origin Coffee, and well… you’d be right. Proximity and quality are unparalleled and the staff they have working here are absolutely wonderful. I definitely highly recommend Origin and I can’t sing their praises enough.
Lucky me that they set up shop so close to my home!

Taste; /5

   I love this drink! It’s the perfect amount of new and nostalgia. When I asked for something new and “Crunch Berries?” came from behind the counter, I was curious. It surpassed my expectations and gave me something to crave when I’m feeling some nostalgia-need.

Now that we’ve taken care for your regularly scheduled content, I have the next couple of posts planned. We’re going to be attending the grand opening for Petite Sweets n Treats, and seeing what kind of goodies she’s whipped up for this big event! Followed by my first Beauty post (what’s in my bag?) featuring my top dollar acquisitions or this huge makeup wholesale event I’ll be attending Saturday! Time will tell which one goes live first!
I’ll also be reviewing the newest JnJ Merch from Vista Print that I get each month! We’ll be seeing a few subscription oriented posts- Ipsy, Promobox and the Goodie Box from our baker friends over at Petite Sweets N Treats. 
Though it’s been completely insane for me for the past month or so, I’ve been making plans!
Stay fabulous, guys! I’ll see you Monday!

Home Town Cravings; Sweet Rebellion with Midtown Coffee

Hey everyone! I visited Midtown Coffee again, after a long Saturday at work. I’ve mentioned the Barista’s Choice list a time or two, and I highly recommend trying it! If your local watering hole doesn’t offer such a list, it’s also a fun to ask them flat-out what their favorite drink is! Midtown Coffee really has the right idea!

Immediately I noticed the sheen of Honey on the whipped cream, and I’ve never had these two flavors together at the same time. It was absolutely wonderful! Absolutely an amazing combination of tastes and textures that had me smitten. It was sweet in a modest way and not overbearing. I could totally see just this portion alone becoming a staple.

The sweet rebel is a blended drink, with a double shot of espresso, cinnamon and brown sugar. The first impression is entirely cinnamon and is paired nicely with the earthy tones of the espresso. The scent honey adds a nice counterpoint to the bitter richness that’s in every sip.

The lingering flavor on the tongue is dry cinnamon- it has a graininess on the back of the tongue.

All in all, the flavor is zen and a great choice for the summer!

I apologize for the short post for today! If you follow on Instagram, I’ve had a hectic few weeks and have been in the process of moving! I should be debuting my first Beauty post with some of the great products I’ve found!

Stay tuned for some new content and a new friend that is going to hook us up with a special Java and Jeans dessert that I can’t wait to show you!

Sweet Rebellion Taste; /5

    All in all a pleasant experience, but even though I quite enjoyed the honey topped whipped cream, I’m not generally too big on the overall flavors. I do recommend this if you’re looking for a good summer drink to cool you off, or even the spring. 

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