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Recently, Java and Jeans removed a post regarding The Blushing Brunette due to a negative interaction that we had there. We at Java and Jeans try our best to outline the positives along with the negatives of any visit to clothing outlets or coffee shops, and we’d like to emphasize that we only outline our experiences and opinions in our blog posts. We removed the post because a representative from The Blushing Brunette reached out to us and denied the claims made in the post, as well as threatened us with legal action. As we are just a small opinion blog, with neither the time nor resources to undergo a lengthy court battle, we acquiesced by removing the post altogether rather than spending a large amount of financial resources defending our legal right to post our opinions -positive and negative- online.  

We thank you, our dear readers, for your understanding and consideration on the matter.

Hometown Cravings; Forray into the Secret Menu with an Affogato

   Hey there, guys! For today’s post I tried something new and a little more expensive than I was planning! My fiance has been trying to get me to try Affogato, but being so hopelessly hooked on a macchiato, I have yet to do it. What better place to ease myself in and dip my toes into that area than America’s sweetheart, Starbucks. I’m using this drink from the secret menu, if anyone wants to have their own experience with this drink! 

I suddenly remembered that I’ve been advised to try Affogato style coffee, while I was sitting and leisurely sipping my Macchiato, and watching guilty pleasure videos. I figured, “why not” and got up to order it. “Why not” is because it’s a whopping 7 dollars for a grande, but me loving you guys just so much, I decided again, “Why not?” and swiped my card. 

I’m going to give you a play by play. First sip, I hated it. When I say I hated it, it made me gag. What happens if I stir it? Which I’ve gathered isn’t what real coffee drinkers do, but I’m me and not them, so I’m going to stir it. I stirred it and moved the straw about midway up to get it away from the pure, unadulterated death at the bottom of the cup, which by this time has had time to settle while writing this. Why do people do this to themselves?

I’m hunting for the vanilla flavor that should be there and just getting sip, after cautious sip of pure espresso, which as it turns out, I don’t care for in it’s pure form. After stirring, it became a bit more pallatable. I wonder how this would be with legit ice cream, rather than whip? 

Day five, I’m finally adjusting to the flavor and I feel like I’m moving fast… I’m sitting still. Maybe it’s because I’ve downed 2 shots of almost pure espresso and I’m finally left with mostly vanilla frappe and java chips. I really can’t say in good conscience that I will try this near-death experience again, just because it’s not really up my alley. I may try an authentic one, if I get a chance, but this has not been a pleasant experience for yours truly.

Honestly, once the espresso died down a little, I found myself enjoying it. It’s probably because I had gotten rid of the parts I didn’t like and was left with what I do. I don’t  know if that’s the drink’s credit, or mine. 

If you’re brave, and relatively uninitiated, like me, give it a go and let me know what you think down below!

taste; Image - Imperial skull black.png | 40k Wiki | FANDOM powered /5

Do I really need an explanataion here? 

Unboxing; Allure April 2019


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Oh dang!! My @allure #allurebeautybox came today! I see promise in here, and I’m #excited. #postincoming☕👖

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Hey guys, happy Good Friday! I know I fell off of doing the unboxings of my makeup subscriptions, but I hope to be able to get back to them. Today, I checked the mail and had my Lip Monthly bag, as well as my Allure Box. Honestly, Allure hasn’t impressed me since Christmas. I mean, you can’t really top a box that is hand picked by NikkiTutorials. This particular one actually surprised me when I looked inside!

   Right off the bat, I was excited for a Natasha Denona single, even though at this point, I feel like I have enough her shadows. I’m always willing to accept more. Her formula is superb. There was a Luxie tapered brush, which made me pretty happy too. I’m getting an appreciation for brushes, as I’ve gotten… 3 sets of BH Cosmetics brushes? I feel like they’re great, especially for the price. But I will admit, that I love my Luxie brushes.

    A brown Laura Gellar twist up eyeliner was also included in this box. I was thrilled, because I love liners and mostly stick to black, so brown is a nice change of speed. I was working on a look for a twitter tag that I’m participating in and thought it would be nice to have brown to ground the look. It broke. I was… disheartened. I don’t even have a sharpener small enough to bring it back to a point. So I had to make do. 

    You guys may know that I’m a slight, ABH fangirl. I swoon over every palette and am only missing the Mario one. I rushed out to preorder the Riviera and loose highligter. But, I only had two ABH lip products. One I got from TJ Maxx and one I got on my Black Friday Spree. This one is the Liquid Lip in Pure HollywoodI legit don’t get the Mauve vibes from this. It’s so pale and you almost can’t differentiate it from my skin. It reminds of me of when I’m doing my foundation and I have it on my lips. As much I love ABH, I don’t think I’m feeling this color. I really love their shadow formula, but I do find their lips to be drying so far. So, I might be sticking to their eye and face products.   

     The last couple of items in this box were a frizz and heat protectant, it smells strongly of oranges and reminds me of that orange cleanser that used to live in my Step-Father’s garage. I used to habitually use it and just enjoy the aggressive orange scent of it. I think it was supposed to clean motor oil and stuff like that off of your hands? And, I want to be clear that I don’t mean that negatively. It was a nostaligic scent- but I don’t think I’ll be using this for a while, since my hair is so short right now. The last thing was a packet of tanner wipes, that I’m sure I won’t be using. I have no interest in tanning, so these might get passed off to someone.

    I’m fairly pleased with this Allure shipment, so I’ll be keeping this one for a while longer. 


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Trying not to spoil a tag on Twitter! This #taurus inspired look is going up on the 23rd for the #candisweets zodiac tag! . . #look #teaser #makeup #beauty #cosmetics #fotd #eyes #eyeshadow

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Just because I’m so incredibly proud, I want to put my teaser here too for the #candysweets zodiac tag I’m participating in. I’m trying to up my makeup game and learn blending and such. Call me big-headed,but I think I did well on this look! 

What did you guys get in your Allure box?

Tag; Step into Spring!

Tag; Step into Spring!

    Hey guys, so here’s another instance of me inviting myself to a party that I wasn’t invited to. I really like tags, probably because I kind of had my start on DeviantArt back about a decade ago, when there were so many people doing tags in their posts. That’s not strictly blogging, but I do recall doing so. many. tags. 

     I know that I’ve been quiet this week, I don’t have a reason or excuse other than I just… had no energy. No matter how many coffees I drink to cheer myself up, I still feel lackluster. I’m wondering if the prospect of braving these 49 days to my big trip has me feeling down. It’s really likely.

     Today’s post is another Question and Answer style post, this one in a valiant effort to remind myself that it’s spring. I welcome you guys to take part too on the platform of your choice!

1. What 3 colours remind you most of Spring?

      For me, it’s definitely baby yellow, pastel purple and soft pink. I remember growing up and eating peeps with the rest of the children after hunting for multiple pastel plastic eggs. There’s something so innately spring about pastels to me. 

2. What is the first thing you’d add to your wardrobe in Spring?

      I’m really partial to flowy bohemian style skirts and loose peasant tops for the spring. I tend to start dressing more for casual festivals then everyday life once the weather permits. 

3. What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in Spring?

     I do away with bulkier coats in favor of cardigans and colorful pull-overs. Sadly, I end up pushing any items featuring fuzzy faux fur to the back of my closet in favor of booties that are more season appropriate.

4. What are your ultimate Spring nude and Spring bright lipsticks?
    Please don’t judge me too harshly for this one, but I really like the Kylie Lip Kit in Apricot for my springy pink. It’s so soft and almost like a ‘grown-up’ version of the iridescent pinks I wore as a teen. I also favor more rose gold tones for my nudes, my favorite is one I don’t even know the name of.

5. What is your top Spring fragrance?

     You mean people change scents for the season? My favorite scent ever is vanilla. But if I had to pick a spring scent, it would be light and floral. Floral isn’t my usual scent, so I sadly don’t have any to use as an example for this one!

6. What do you add/drop from your skincare routine in Spring?

     My skincare routine is woefully inadequate, to be honest. I pretty much just moisturize in the morning then again at night after taking my makeup off. I try to remember to slap some moisturizer on my face when I don’t wear makeup, but more often than not, I forget.

7. Do you change your hair up in Spring?

    I change my hair up all the time! It doesn’t have to a seasonal thing. It’s just when I’m bored of what i have going on, which is what happened this time. I do notice that my current chop did take place right as the seasons were changing over. Hm. 

8. Are there any exciting beauty releases you’re waiting for this Spring?

    A few that I’m aware of right now! My favorites hail from Colour Pop, personally just for the affordability factor and their superb quality. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I did purchase (I think) 7 items from their Disney Villains collection. I ordered the palette along with Facilier’s set, then tacked on Ursula’s highlight and Cruella’s gloss

    The next one is also from Colour Pop and it’s their actual 2019 spring collection, I purchased the ‘your face is like sunshine‘ set because I have no self control, and really like the colors and the idea of getting lots of items for pretty cheap.     

    There is an honorable mention from MAC, that I haven’t purchased from. I’m lowkey proud that I haven’t gotten something from the Boom, Boom, Bloom collection, but I know it only because when I looked at it, the For the Frill of It gloss was sold out. 

9. What are your top 3 Spring nails shades?

    Definitely have to go with teal, rosy pink and champagne. Champagne is a perfect color for any season, in my humble opinion.

10. Who do you tag to do this post next?

     I did already kind of answer this question before we got started, since I don’t have any friends -sniff- that blog, I tag my lovely readers! If you do participate in this tag, please leave the link in the comments below!

Huge Birthday Itinerary for Savannah Georgia!

Huge Birthday Itinerary for Savannah Georgia!

   Hey guys! Today’s post is another small departure from our usual programming, and late, as is my trend. If you guys have been following in the ol’ tweet machine you may have noticed me LOSING MY EVER-LOVING MIND. Short version: I’m excited. Long version? Just check it out!

     My birthday plans include 6 days of fun and fancy, starting on the 16th.


    Oh boy! I’m going to wake up at 6:00 AM, bright and early. I’m going to throw on my clothes, put Java’s pajamas on her (because I’m that person, and I want her to feel warm and safe), and get on the road. The trip to Savannah is about 4 hours from home. I’m going to stop in every town I come across to try the coffee. That alone will add an hour or so to the trip.

     I plan to get to Savannah about 2 or 3 pm, in time to check in to the hotel. I had initially picked one with an adorable aesthetic, not only were the reviews unfavorable, but they wouldn’t allow my sweet daughter. And how can you say no to this?:


    Today, I plan to take to the historic town of Savannah and see what the downtown scene is like. I want to explore and walk on the cobbled streets with Java and take in the sights and the smell of the ocean. I’ll most likely be glued to my camera until about lunch time, when I plan to find a bistro with outdoor dining, so that Java and I can share a meal. I’m trying not to spoil too much for myself by looking at pictures, so it’s going to be fresh eyes when I get there.

     I’m considering setting up a ghost tour for tonight, a twofer with a carriage ride and walking portion. I’m a little on the fence about having today booked since it’s the day after an exhausting drive. I may take it easy, but then again, I may not!


    Tonight I have a ghost tour on foot already booked, and I am so ready. This is a thing I don’t share too often on here, but I’m obsessed with creepy locations, urbex, history and ghost hunts. It might be juvenile, but I love it and genuinely have so much fun! I have an EMF detector on the way, and I wish it would get here already. I’m wondering if I should buy a small digital camera and try to get some apparitions?


    Tonight is going to be pub crawl with a designated driver! There’s this amazing looking little ghost hunt/tour that features the haunted pubs in Savannah. And you better believe I intend to take part in it. If not that, I know about a dozen other ghost hunts I want to do. But, but I think the pub one is a good choice for my birthday-eve.


     Today will be filled with taking in the sights with the Java, who, to this point, has been drowning in ghosts. I hope to find some little pet friendly shops, and I do intend to ask before I take her into any. I hope to have a list of places that are Java-Accepting before today. I want to take her on the town and show her all kinds of new stuff. This is also the day that I plan to set sail on the 7 seas in a pirate ship

    Guys. What? You can bet I’m going to try to coordinate a Wench ensemble for my grand voyage. You think I’ll find any treasure? Or maybe the treasure was the adventure we’ll have along the way. After shopping in whatever unique stores I can find, indulging my inner Pirate and some food, I’ll go back to the hotel and watch movies with Java.


    I’m a little sad even writing this. Because I don’t want to think about my adventure ending before it’s even begun. I know I’ll miss my Fiance` the whole time I’m there, but I could literally travel my whole life and never get bored of the open road. I plan to stop off in whatever mom and pop breakfast diner I’ve developed a fondness for over the duration of my trip, and then hit the road with Java, bags of goodies, pictures and the memories of adventure fresh on my mind. The adventure won’t be totally over today, because the trip back is just an opportunity to see more new things. 

      Have you guys ever been to Savannah? Are there any places you would recommend that I check out? I’d love to hear about them so that I add them to my itinerary! I’m so looking forward to my trip and especially to sharing it with all of you across social media! 


20 Pixie Cuts That Might Make You Give The Look a Shot!

     Hey guys! Today’s a little bit of a different sort of post, because I’m sitting here just kind of staring at the screen fantasizing about tomorrow; I’m making a change. It’s time, right? Anyway, I wanted to share some of the hairstyles I’ve found since I set my appointment to spur me to action. It’s something I’ve been thinking about and with it being tax season, I figure why not now? In an unrelated note, you guys know any places to get good wigs?

       I’ve been scrolling endlessly on pinterest all week, drooling over so many stunning pixie cuts, that it only makes me more confused. Does anyone else never know what they want when they go to the salon? I just kind of get a vague idea and then forget it by the time I sit down. 

     I wanted to kind of share where I’m at right now- as far as ideas for what sort of pixie I’m going to be getting, since I’m so on the fence I’m sure someone else is too. Right? 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

      I’m a strange mix of nervous and excited for tomorrow- while I have all of these options that I’m kind of drawing from, I’m still a little lost. I think I’ve settled on about what I’m after stylistically, in my pixie cut and I guess I’m just hoping it looks as cute as I think it’ll be. Let me know which pixie is your favorite, and if you got the itch to take the plunge too!


Sweet Sentimentality; 3 Valentines Dates for Long Term Couples

     Hey guys! I know, I know, I’m late today too! I’m pleased to report that I’m finally able to speak, and I’m feeling good. Since I’m feeling better, I’m starting to really feel Valentines day. I was thinking earlier about places I would love to be other than work on this temperate February day. I started thinking about where I how I would love to celebrate our third Valentine’s day with my better half. I really can’t even believe it’s been that long.

       Really, why should the courtship stop just because you say “I do”, or even just a “Yes”? Make your fellas, or ladies, feel desired and treat them to an idea from this post!  I know how tight things can be while waiting for those long-lost taxes, so I’ll be keeping this one fairly budget friendly! And guys, these ideas are great if it’s not Valentine’s Day too!

Valentines Coffee

Coffee Date in a Neighboring Town!

      You know it wouldn’t be JnJ without me throwing coffee at you! This one is one that’s good for pretty much everyone… and if coffee isn’t your forte, most coffeehouses serve tea. It’s really fun to see what different types of flavors different shops will come out with to commemorate the day!

      Pick a nice window seat and put your phones away. Spend some time rediscovering each other and just chatting. Pretend it’s a first date (without the awkward silence!). Bonus points if you try new drinks, because, why not. After coffee, take some time to wander around the surrounding area or maybe decide on dinner. Take this time to de-stress and laugh together. You can even harken back to an important event in your shared history… like the place you got engaged.

     I suppose, this one doesn’t have to be out of town. If you have a favorite local haunt, feel free to visit it instead!

Hometown Hotel Date

      This is one of my all-time favorite dates! Depending on what place you decide to choose for your lodgings, it can either be budget or a ritzy. My favorite part of pretty much every vacation, is the hotel bed. The pillows are always so extravagantly fluffy, like I’m burying my face in a sheep. Anyone else love hotel beds?

      The other thing I love about vacation, is learning about a new town. This particular idea is literally so fun. Just pick a place and pretend you’re from out of town. Try to look at your town with new eyes. Take advantage of any attractions, events or restaurants that are either not seen or rarely visited.

      Last time we did this, we went to Cracker Barrel, because for whatever reason I only eat there when I’m in another city or state. It sold the illusion for me!

Valentine's Meal

The Great Bake

       So far out of this list, this is the one I’m considering for our valentines day. I really like the idea of preparing a nice meal together, tag-teaming the prep work and everything. There’s something that strikes me as so romantic about that! A million bonus points if you add some candles and some home-made (or just mixed) drinks. We really like making Cucumber Mint Lemonade, which is what we had on our first Anniversary.

    If that sounds up your alley, our recipe is super simple! 

  1. Throw some Milos Lemonade (or whatever brand you like) into a beverage dispenser like you’d find at Walmart.
  2. Chop one or two cucumbers and throw’em in the lemonade 
  3. Add fresh mint to taste
  4. Let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours to let the flavor develop

       It goes great in a wine glass and makes me feel so sophisticated, with the added bonus of reminding me of our early days!

     Let me know if you guys have gone on any of these dates, and what you thought! I’m hoping to be able to drag my lovely Fiance` on an adventure to celebrate the occasion, personally. I’m so excited for our third Valentine’s Day together, and I’m hoping for many more! 

      Also, share your own Budget Friendly Valentine’s datenight ideas below!





Boutique Debut; Oh, So Charming (Oaks)

Boutique Debut; Oh, So Charming (Oaks)

        Hey guys! It’s definitely been a long week, especially with all the running from the weekend robbing my poor little feet of sweet relaxation. Though they may ache and complain, I have no regrets! Especially with this first fashion related post from last weekend. This post is dedicated to my favorite outfit that I had to pass on, sadly, due to cost, and the breadth of the shopping I did this weekend. RIP at Charming Oaks toasty knit tank and navy skirt. I’ll never forget you.

     Before we dive into the outfits that I was able to find, let’s take a look at the aesthetic and an honorable mention. Their aesthetic feels like hospitality. It’s got a very welcoming feel in all of the warm colors and even the layout is open and inviting. When you walk in, you see this huge layout of racks and clothes of all kinds of colors. They have this adorable aesthetic lighting in the back that has the shop name, Charming Oaks, which was the only picture I thought I was going to get with all the rain outside.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


      In true JaJ fashion,  I did that thing where I went to a shop and picked at least one outfit to take home with me. I say at least one, because I did choose two items from one particular shop, which I’ll be showing you in an upcoming post! I’m seriously so upset that I could only pick one outfit from Charming Oaks, but I’ll definitely be back once I gather my resources back up! I’m coming for you, Charming Oaks. Be ready. I know I am. 🙂

     I’ll start at item number one that I tried on, just because it’s visible in my other pictures. I found this adorable red polka-dot summery dress on the clearance rack. In fact, all of my finds are from the clearance racks. I’m boujee on a budget, what can I say? This dress was way too cute for 5 dollars, and just my size. The fabric was breathable and light, perfect for the summer. I can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can pair this with some simple wedges and an anklet. Maybe a straw hat?

Charming Oaks Red Summer Dress
Pardon my mismatches socks- I think my house doesn’t want my socks to match because they KEEP disappearing.

      My second outfit was my favorite. I loved the little cardigan-thing, and the toasty knit tank that confuses me on what season it would be for. It would be far too hot for the summer, but would be great for the cooler weather if you wanted to just have it peek out of a plunging neck. I paired these items with a high-waisted navy skirt and felt so chic. I feel like would be great with some navy pumps, or shoot, even my tried-and-true hightops that I absolutely swear by. This would have been a great outfit for our trip coming up, too. Cold weather be damned. I do think I’ll return to Charming Oaks for this outfit, or one like it.

Charming oak knit tank and navy skirt

       I had few items that didn’t work out due to sizing issues, and these shorts were very nearly among their number. With an adorable bird patterned romper, and a sweater dress that I almost cried when I found it didn’t fit. This next outfit might be tied with the above, actually. As I look at it, I like it more and more. The loose-fitting olive green, drapey tank and black shorts combo is another one that begs for converse. Or, gold flats, would be a marvelous choice too! At first, I flat-out didn’t like this one. I generally stay away from really loose things, because they tend to make me look boxy. Boxy isn’t sexy, guys. I don’t like boxy. Like, give me a nice silhouette, c’mon.

Charming Oaks black shorts and olive tank

       You can literally see my doubt. I have a whole, “Do I like this?” thing going on. If I had been able to find a pair of black shorts that were just a little more my size,I would have absolutely bought this outfit. 

      My general concensus of Charming Oaks is that I’m thrilled with my experience there. My debit card had issues, but that was no fault at all of the lovely and understanding ladies that manned the counter. I was absolutely obsessed with that Valentines day shrug in the slideshow way up above. I certainly have plans to return for some serious retail therapy! 


What’s New; Posh Peach Serves Up Some Heart Break for 2019

      Hey guys, and happy second post of 2019! Over the weekend, I took myself downtown and into The Posh Peach to check out their new stock. I’ve always really loved everything about their aesthetic, from the decor to the styles they cater to. Walking in is always like coming home, for me, because I swear, it’s me all over.  I’m so excited to bring you a What’s New post for January! 

     For today’s post, I found four new styles to share with you! I’m excited, so let’s get started!


New velvet floral bellbottoms     

     This first style was some velvet flare leg pants, with a simple grey long-sleeved top. This definitely is a new style for me because I do tend to stay away from patterned pants. Most of my pants are bell bottoms though, so at least it’s close to something I’d ordinarily wear.

     The pants didn’t have a button or anything, so the entire waistband was elastic. The outside, of course, felt like velvet with a cool lining on the inside. These did heat up fairly quickly, so I do think that these would make a good winter pant. 

    We paired it with this simple top to kind of complement the colors in the pants themselves, because I, for the life of me, couldn’t find a top that spoke to me. So we opted to go with this.

    I’m not really sure how I would style these. I’m feeling like this would be fun to lean into the 70s with. I know they’re not terribly retro looking, but it could be fun. Or, with an oversized sweater and a pair of sunnies. If you were to wear this with long hair, a white scarf/headband would be adorable with this sort of outfit!


New Corduroy Dress


        This next outfit was one that definitely excited me! I love little dresses and corduroy is something that’s been growing on me for a while. When I picked this one up, I was expecting the buttons to be snaps like on an item that they had one of the last times I went in there (that wasn’t my size…).

     This fairly comfortable, though as one would expect, not the warmest. So this is definitely not winter-wear. I thought this was literally so cute and was kicking myself for not wearing my boots, because my favorite boots from Clothes Mentor that I’ve talked about so much, would have gone great!

    Barring ankle-boots, I think knee-highs would go great with this. I’m feeling brown suede would be a solid choice to kind of keep the style grounded. For an edgier look, black leather would suffice. 

     Looking at it, I kind of want to throw a sweater over it, but that might be because I’m cold right now. If you were to throw on a sweater with this, I’m picturing a fluffy white cardigan. Or maybe even the mustard cardigan I’ll have in a photo below!


New Funfetti Cardigan with Corduroy pants


     Who doesn’t love a new cardigan? I know lately, I’m just about obsessed with them. They go with everything, don’t mess up your hair like a pullover. This one was called Funfetti, and that’s fitting. It’s pink with random “sprinkles” of blue and other colors. Now that I think about it, it kind of makes me hungry.

     This gorgeous and toasty cardigan was paired with a mauve long-sleeved top and corduroy bellbottoms I told you, corduroy has begun to grow on me. The material feels slightly like suede and is nicely warm. This is where my heart break begins for real. I want these pants. They were hanging out on the “last ones” rack, so fingers crossed that they wait for my next payday. 

    This entire ensemble was fairly warm, except for the top. This top was made of a loose, thin, drapey fabric that would have left me cold had I worn it out. That aside I really like this outfit. It would be easy to style with some chunky jewelry, for some reason I’m seeing wood. Earth-toned or red boots to add some life to the color scheme, would be perfect! If you want to do something with your hair and this particular outfit, headbands are a safe bet!


New Mustard Cardigan with Jeans

     This one… Oh my goodness. I saved my new (unlikely) favorite for last. This one just about broke me, because I do have a coupon, but I still can’t afford it with a clear conscience. I am dying to go back for this cardigan. Yellow, is absolutely not a color I wear often, but this mustard knit cardigan would change that in a heartbeat.

     This cardigan was paired with a pair of stretchy jeans, once again with no button, just elastic. And the same thin and drapey top from the previous style. Not even lying, I fell in love with this whole thing. I took a bunch of goofy pictures in this because the hood was just so much bigger than I thought it would be. It covered my whole face if I would let it. I loved it.

     So, I can see this styled with knee-high boots or converse. I feel the need to cover the hems of jeans with shoes especially if the shoes are mildly high-topped. For some inexplicable reason, I’m picturing a red lip with this, because if you’re going to wear something as bright as this, why not? Simple Jewelry and accessories would work best, unless you want to lean into bright colors and throw in some Turquoise. 


  I’ll leave my gushing at that, guys, since I don’t want to bore you! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to do a What’s New post and I do have plans to try to do more of them. My next one will likely be Lizard Thicket, because I haven’t been in there forever. I’m currently working on two Subscription Box posts because I just got them in on the 2nd. December’s boxes. I’m going to include my wear test findings, too!

     I hope you guys enjoyed a little bit of this returning to my roots as far as posting goes, and I hope you’ll join us next week! 

The Year of Positivity; 50 Things That Make Me Happy!


     Happy new year, guys! In our previous post, I explored the Blog’s trajectory as well as my own. One of my goals was to inject my life and thought patterns with positivity and try to find the confidence that I have hidden somewhere. This is another slight deviation from our usual content, but I hope you’ll forgive me. I’ve been fighting with some software that would let me record with my DSLR because I have a video planned, but so far, I’m losing.

    That in mind, I’m going to challenge myself to think of 50 things that make me happy! Do I even like fifty things? Let’s find out!


  1. Dressing Java in ridiculous outfits
  2. Finding good deals
  3. Good skin days
  4. Adventures to new places
  5. My cats climbing on me
  6. My loving fiance`
  7. Approaching Halloween
  8. Dressing up in swishy skirts
  9. Comfortable shoes
  10. Compliments- spread the love!
  11. When the lighting is perfect for photos and I actually have my camera
  12. My friends acting like friends- I’m not hard to please
  13. Apple bottom jeans – No joke, this was my ringtone for ages and I still giggle at it.
  14. When peppermint comes back in style
  15. A nice cup of my favorite coffee
  16. a nice cup of a new coffee
  17. Animal Crossing
  18. Catching a Shiny in Pokemon
  19. Emails about amazing deals- I have a problem with shopping :p
  20. The perfect temperature to hang out in front of the fire with cocoa
  21. Bad horror movies
  22. Lilo and Stitch- except for the parts that make me cry
  23. TJ Maxx/Marshalls
  24. Wandering around the mall
  25. Making plans to go on a trip
  26. Finding a new Boutique to check out
  27. Nostalgic music from high school
  28. J-Pop/K-pop (I love Chieko Kawabe and Kotani Kinya, and have for years)
  29. Drawing people’s awesome outfits that I see out and about
  30. Occasionally watching Anime- mostly ones I watched a long time ago.
  31. Talking to my best friends who live in Florida, even though it just makes me miss them more.
  32. Nachos absolutely loaded up with cheese.
  33. Relaxing in the tub with music and my DS/Switch
  34. Writing here on the blog!- I still can’t believe I’ve been doing this as long as I have and I’m still so happy to have this outlet, and my beautiful readers!
  35. Gathering content- I love feeling productive.
  36. Studying something I’m interested in- right now I’m really into learning languages!
  37. How happy random dogs get when they see me, and beg for pets.
  38. Shopping for Java. I’m totally that person when I’m not makeup hunting.
  39. Thrift Shopping and finding treasure!
  40. Flower Crowns!
  41. A nice daiquiri on the right occasion, with Malibu!
  42. Seeking out landmarks and small-town attractions
  43. Brick buildings and old architecture
  44. “Haunted” places or any place creepy- call it morbid fascination?
  45. Airplanes!- I love being above the clouds, and looking at the patchwork below! I’m totally cool until we get over water.
  46. Cheesecake- seriously. Euphoria.
  47. New video games
  48. Summer Break from College
  49. Days off from work- more time to play!
  50.  Any and every fair/festival! Even the bad ones are photogenic 🙂

      I’m honestly not sure if this is a tag, but if it is, I tag you! Let’s spread some positivity this year and foster contentment and confidence. If you do make your own list, leave a link below and I’ll feature your post here! 

     Quick aside as we wind this post down, I know we’ve deviated from our coffee roots and boutique reviews. I do want to give you a heads up that I have plans spanning the next few weeks to gather a few What’s New posts, Debuts, Coffee Abroad, Subscription box reviews, and a few more themed posts as we lead on up to Valentine’s Day. Times got pretty rough for us here as we moved and I started a new job, but I’m trying to get back on my feet and fully into the swing of things!

    I hope all of you are having a great 2019, and have many more amazing days ahead of you!