Hometown Cravings; Makeshift S’mores!

City: Columbus, GA
Stop: Origin Coffee
Drink: Maple spice,  Spiced brown sugar, Toasted marshmallow
     Hey everyone! I’m bringing in the new week with a new favorite flavor from- you guessed it- Origin Coffee. I may or may not be completely enamored with them. The workers there are more than happy to work with me as I hardly ever get the same flavor twice. They have been fantastic sports, so I have to give them props! Seriously, they’re just wonderful and I can’t hype them enough.
     I was going for a less cohesive S’mores flavor with this combination and I really thought that the spice would harken to the best season as it’s lurking right around the corner. Honestly, I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve really gotten to where I’m feeling some spiced flavors lately. I even found myself enjoying a pumpkin spice variant that I’ll be rounding up in a list for you guys in about 3 weeks or so. 
      Forgive me if this particular review portion is a bit on the short side, but I’ll get right to it! My little S’mores variant has some very subtle tones. Despite the majority being spiced, the drink comes across as creamy and soft. Toasted Marshmallow was a good choice for this instant fall favorite.
     The predominant flavor is the marshmallow with the maple as a quiet undertone. Which is a shame, because evidently I really dig maple flavoring. I had a fantastic maple milkshake with espresso in it from Macon and I think I’m hunting for something like that close to home. Sadly, I didn’t have the blog quite yet so no write up exists on that- but one day (hopefully soon!). The brown sugar is a very mellow flavor that adds some nostalgia somehow. It reminds me of the smell of the family home while the food was being prepped and everyone was starving. 
     Honestly, this was going to be featured on my list coming up in a few weeks. But I think they have something planned, so I would hate to feature something and then have it be completely overshadowed. If you’re local, I definitely suggest keeping an eye out for any Halloween themed goodies from the good folks over at Origin Coffee!

Taste; /5

I would love to give this a 5/5, but I was a tiny bit bummed about the maple not making more of an appearance. It’s a phenomenal drink that is perfect for the fall and I feel like the hot variant would be fantastic for the winter. I’m thinking a liquid version of roasting marshmallows at the fireplace. It’s definitely one I’m going to have get again (and again!).


     These next couple of months are going to be pretty eventful here at JnJ, I have a lot of good stuff planned (some more pricey than others). We have some fresh beauty content coming, some What’s New(s) and I’m thinking of slightly deviating from our regular content for the month of October and then really crank it up for the week before Halloween. 

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Hometown Cravings; The Origin of Obsession

Hey, everyone! Welcome to another Hometown Cravings! This is a very special debut post for the amazing Origin Coffee that recently opened close-by my home. I remember when I saw their sign, I was ecstatic wondering what sort of coffee they had. I was especially super excited that it was opened right by the card shop my Fiance` likes to hang out at. It gives me something to do that I really enjoy- drinking coffee.
   Their hours are also great! 6 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday, and 8 am to 8 pm on Sunday. It works for me! I got the chance to go in on their opening day, and let me tell you, their aesthetic is fantastic! I’m in love with the earthy and harmonious feel of the whole place- they really know how to use neutral colors and live plants. I honestly felt so at ease and relaxed the entire time! 
    For my first taste of their fantastic product, I got two for the price of one! My selection was Caramel and Spiced brown sugar which brings up one of my favorite things about them. They have so many unique flavors I’ve never thought of. It really let me be creative with my flavors!
     Before I got my drink, I chatted with the lovely lady that I can only assume is the owner. Their entire stock of coffee beans is locally sourced from River Rock Roasters (the same place as UniquExpressions and Lightnin’ Bugs ). I was eavesdropping later and found out, interestingly enough, that they are very fresh. The coffee beans are roasted Monday and are delivered no later than Wednesday. 

the glorious Caramel Spiced Brown Sugar Latte from Origin Coffee

I was super interested to taste my drink, because I’ve never seen spiced brown sugar flavored coffee. And guys, it was amazing. The caramel flavoring was much more noticeable at the offset. Which works for me! There was a hint of spice just behind the sweetness of my tried-and-true flavor. It’s somehow almost tangy? I’m not sure how else to describe it.
    The brown sugar lingers on the back of my tongue while the coffee is mild. The coffee serves to accentuate the sweetness of the flavors. I detect almost no hint of bitterness, but it’s there, giving a pleasant kick to a mild latte. I would definitely categorize this as another one of those coffees for those who don’t like coffee.
My second drink was a freebie, due to having made one with whole milk rather than 2%. Cookie Butter. Who ever sees COOKIE BUTTER at a coffee shop? It was pretty fantastic, though I was much more in love with my iced latte, due to nepotism and just plain loving caramel with just about anything. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of it in my excitement. Next time, for sure!
        My initial impression was the scent of Biscoff– or something like it. The coffee itself is fairly mild with a slight bit more kick than the previous drink. I definitely would also say this is a great contender for a holiday drink. This sweet spiciness has me feeling festive in the middle of Summer. I’ll definitely be revisiting this one around Christmas. 
        Moving on to my ratings… It should be pretty obvious, that I’m head-over-heels for Origin Coffee. I put it right up there with my FAVORITE coffee shop (3 guesses which one that is….), and the fact that it’s so close to my house is huge points. But, it’s not just the proximity that gets it a high rating, it’s the fact that it’s absolutely delicious.

Instagrameter;  /5

        There are so many possibilities for coffee placement and aesthetic shots, that I can think of no other rating than full score for their Instagram Score. It just feels so peaceful and relaxing in this shop and I CANNOT recommend it enough for everyone- locals and those just passing through.

Caramel/Spiced Brown Sugar; /5

    I LOVED this drink. The entire thing was delightfully sweet and harmonious. I’m absolutely in love! Definitely highly recommend this for everyone!

Cookie Butter; /5

    This was unique! I was introduced to cookie butter flavoring recently and never would have thought to throw it in coffee. It’s very well suited to fall or winter. It wasn’t quite as good as digging out a spoon of cookie butter, but it was close! 

What’s New: Posh Peach Edition

       Hi guys! Welcome to another What’s New adventure! I went to the Posh Peach after work because it’s been far too long since I’ve visited these lovely ladies. Walking in was a like a breath of fresh air, I didn’t realize how much I missed it- I was immediately reminded that I love their whole collection. I was so excited to see what new goodies they had for me today!
    My sheer excitement really made selecting pieces extremely difficult. I did eventually narrow it down to 4 main pieces. I selected 3 dresses and a somehow pirate reminiscent romper. They were all in the expected budget of between 20-50 dollars, not a bad price for the quality! The hard part was selecting the item that I would take home with me!
Posh Peach Romper
Burgundy Romper with a mild Pirate Aesthetic.
      The first style I threw on was this red, vertically striped romper. It was priced at 40-ish dollars, if I remember correctly and I see it being super cute with a cardigan and some gold accent jewelry. For shoes, I’m thinking sandals- most likely gold flats. I feel like the fabric may be a bit thick for hanging out in direct sunlight, but maybe I’m just too pale for that anyway. I’d probably pair it with a white headband to add some contrast. All in all, I do get a strange pirate aesthetic, which I’m really living for!
      I really like this for a super casual and fun look! You can take it all the way to the pirate side with a gold dangly, gypsy-inspired headband and gold jewelry, if that feeling moves you!
Bella Ruffled Metallic Leather Sandal  

Posh Peach Edgy Denim Dress 

The second item, and one of my two top picks for this post, was this adorable denim dress. It topped out at 48 dollars, being one of the highest priced item from this list. I loved the color, being denim with a hint of gunmetal grey. I loved the subtly edgy look of this dress- it made me want to find some distressed tights and black knee-high boots to complete the look. I’m feeling a small clutch for this dress, because it’s absolutely perfect for going to the club or just out with the girls. When I was wearing it, I really wanted to don some black eyeliner in place of my neutral makeup of the day. Seriously though, this dress was too cute and I was absolutely torn about taking this one home with me. Until of the next items.
       I feel like the name of the dress being “edgy” really lent the feeling of wanting to edge it up and made me feel like I was in high school again, a slightly welcome feeling in contrast to this terrible adult feeling I have recently.
 main image main image 
Posh Peach Romantic Juliet Pairing

This third style was, strangely, juliet feeling. When I saw the two pieces separately, I knew immediately that I wanted them together. Whether or not they quite fit stylistically speaking, is another thing. 

This white-on-white look felt so romantic to me- something about it screamed a romeo and juliet feel. I kind of began to regret my black hair with this, because I see it with a blond crown-braid and night dewy makeup. I’m feeling some nude tights and nothing would be more perfect than white pumps. For accessories, I’m feeling a silver choker and some pastel dangle earrings. The dress was a clearance item, and was 20 dollars. I can’t recall how much the Kimono was- it was a last chance item, so if you like it, head on over to the Posh Peach to grab this elegant piece!
     My only gripe was that it was a tiny bit transparent. That may have been because they didn’t quite have my size- I made it work, but it wouldn’t zip up. I think this dress requires a slip though, or to wear something neutral underneath.
pdpImgShortDescription pdpImgShortDescriptionmain image 
Posh Peach Boho Flowey dress
Now for the grand reveal- the item that stole my heart and my money! his last one had me completely obsessed- I immediately wanted to tear up because it was a little bit out of budget. But then I remembered something. I haven’t used the 20% coupon I got from their 4th Birthday Party. This dress is so, perfectly my aesthetic. Where the denim would make me feel like I was trying to be someone else. Someone edgier and all around cooler… or a person who goes out to clubs. This dress felt like I was being true to myself. The flowy bell sleeves- and perfect length felt so right. It was a whopping 43 dollars, or 35 dollars with my coupon (thanks, ladies!). 
      For accessories with this beautiful dress, I’d pair it with a flower crown (with white flowers!) and I feel like these boots work pretty well with the aesthetic. I can see it working great with longer more flowing hair, which means I have some time to wait! I sent a picture of this dress to my Fiance` and his comment that it “looks like me” pushed me to buy it. Instantly, I knew what I wanted to , and when it was in the bag and my rewards program was set up I was thrilled.
As usual, the Posh Peach thrilled me to no end. I absolutely adore so many of their styles and I’m always so happy to find my next addition! I literally rave about these beautiful people every time I visit them- my only complaint is that I can’t buy everything I like from them. And believe me, there’s a lot. They recently got in some Bamboo shoes, which is a brand that I love. I learned about this brand at Sassy and Southern, and they make some adorable shoes!
I’ll go ahead and cut this short here- suffice to say, they have some amazing selections that are fairly new. I definitely suggest looking around their gorgeous shop if you have the chance!

Quickie: My Favorite Addiction

Hi everyone, my name is Jill and I have a problem. Since that first post on My Favorite Muffin, I’ve been back 4 or 5 times. It’s shaping up to be a real problem for my bank account. With all of the delicious treats, I can’t say that I’m too upset. Today I decided to camp out and have a couple cups of coffee and try on of their gourmet bagel sandwiches. I ordered one of their specialty coffees today, the Cafe Caramello alongside a Southern Tradition sandwich on a cheddar bagel. I’ve been eye-balling their sandwich menu since my first visit, so I’m excited to dig in!



The Cafe Caramello has a name that slightly intimidated me. Honestly, I was expecting something incredibly bitter and to get mowed down by a strong espresso flavor (and then not sleep for a few days). What I got instead was a mouthful of smooth refreshing coffee with a lovely sweet harmony of caramel chiming in. It feels quite delicately flavored. The balance is impeccable. 

It’s nicely light-bodied, and I’m very pleasantly surprised. This is definitely a coffee for those who prefer a more mild coffee drinking experience. If you’re just getting started on your coffee journey, give the Cafe Caramello a try!

This sandwich is fantastic- the basic nature of the filling is made more delicious by the cheddar bagel. The first flavor I get when digging in is a slight saltiness from the bagel, it offers a nice counterpoint to my coffee. Certainly don’t recommend taking a bite then a drink, the two flavors don’t go at all together- learn from my mistakes, guys. 

I just want to rave on their wonderful prices again, they are spectacularly fairly priced. My only gripe is that they do close on 4 all week, which doesn’t fare well for my need to drink coffee in the evening. 

Taste; /5

I don’t know if I feel like this is a 5/5, but it’s really close. I’m starting to get to where I’m preferring a little bite to my coffee, which this one lacks. But I stand by my recommendation for newbies to coffee!



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Featured Fashions: The Blushing Brunette Boutique

Hey Y’all,

  Today’s “Featured Fashions” post is going to be very…interesting to say the least. Recently, Java Jill and I visited The Blushing Brunette Boutique in Columbus, Ga.

As we walked in, we were promptly greeted by the owner of the boutique. She asked if she could assist us and we politely declined. She informed us know that she would be around if we needed anything. After browsing around and pulling some different options, we were finally ready for a fitting room. The owner pulled us each a pair of sandals from the stock room, and we began trying on our outfits.

For my first outfit, I chose this adorable two-piece set. Two things really drew my attention to this outfit, the floral print the color. The tropical vibe of the floral print really complimented the soft, sunny, yellow color of the set. At first, I was a bit skeptical of the way the outfit would look and fit on my body. I typically range between a medium and large in tops and bottoms. They did have a size medium in stock, however,  judging by how the garments appeared on the hangers, I was worried that both pieces would run small.  When I tried it on the bottoms, I was pleasantly surprised! The medium fit like a glove, despite the fact I was not wearing the correct undergarments. While I was impressed by the quality of the shorts, I wasn’t as fond of the top.


Blushing Brunette tropical two piece

The elastic band at the neckline caused the off the shoulder top to bunch up. Now, I understand that many off the shoulder tops use elastic to enable the top stretch over the shoulders. However, I couldn’t move my arms without it riding up. I love off the shoulder tops, but that is so frustrating! It might seem like I’m being a bit nit-picky, but that’s just my personal opinion. I did like that the top covered more skin than I had originally thought it would. As a curvy girl, I love wearing crop tops that show just a sliver of skin. That way, I get to enjoy the look of a crop top without highlighting parts of my body that I am trying to camouflage.

Despite the drawback of the top, I would probably purchase this outfit. I feel like it would be perfect for a summer getaway to a tropical destination, although, I’d add a bralette, and some cute accessories the complete the look. I did like the look of the metallic sandal with the outfit for a more casual outing. If you are looking to dress it up for a dinner or a night out, I suggest swapping out the sandal for a wedge heel.

Let’s move on to JJ’s outfit of choice. JJ chose a beyond adorable, all black, lace romper. We both really loved this romper, and as soon as we saw it we knew one of us needed to try it on. The lace detailing covering the entire romper really made it stand out. Also, despite the lace, the romper was not itchy and did not rub against her skin or make her uncomfortable. JJ raved about how flattering it was on her body and the quality of the fabric. JJ mentioned that she would probably wear pantyhose to make it a bit more modest.

Speaking of modesty, although the romper had a plunging neckline, the overall feel of the romper is cute rather than sexy. JJ looked stunning in the romper and I know she probably would have purchased it if…well, we touch on later. If you’re looking to purchase this romper for a special event, I would suggest adding a layered choker, a pair of heels (wedge, platform, chunky, take your pick) and a cute clutch. If you’re going for a more casual vibe, a slightly dressy sandal or a heeled ankle boot, statement earrings (hoops or dangles), and a cross body will dress down the romper.


Blushing Brunette Black lace romper

My next outfit veered more on the causal side. When I saw the leopard print top hanging up on display, I immediately went to look for it. Once I found it, I knew I’d be pulling it to try on. I grabbed a size medium because the top seemed to have a relaxed oversized feel to it. I also grab a bralette to peek out from under the top, and a pair of black denim jeans to match.

Starting with the bralette, the fit was disappointing. I grabbed a size medium/large and it fit like a small/medium! Not only was it too small, the bralette itself had little to no stretch. To be fair, I am a busty girl and they did have “plus sized” bralette options so I could have sized up. However, for a boutique carrying sizes small to triple X, I’m not sold on the fact that the plus-sized bralettes would really fit a truly plus sized lady. I’m curious to find out how the bralettes work at other body types because they are a hard pass for me.

Although I hit a snag with the bralette, I was impressed with the t-shirt. Although I’m not sure what kind of fabric was used to make the shirt, it was super soft and really comfortable. I loved the color contrast of the terracotta and black spot against the white t-shirt. The tie in the front also added that extra little trendy touch to the top. I am currently obsessed with the “tie up” look (it a great trick to make an oversized top or tank appear more flattering) so it’s not surprising that I loved that top. I just wished that I liked the shorts as much as the top.

At first glance, the cuffed black denim shorts seemed like they were going to work out. When I got to the dressing room, I realized that I might have needed to size up. Although, If I had grabbed an X-Large, it probably would have gaped in the back, so that would have solved one problem but created another one. Even though the shorts were a bit tight, the overall look of them was ok. If I had a body shaping underwear on, I would have been able to fix the issue.

Out of the three clothing pieces included in the outfit, I would purchase the top and the shorts. T-shirt was comfy, and the shorts were cute. Since this outfit is casual, I’d switch out the sandals for sneakers, and add super simple accessories like a dainty necklace and studs.

The Blushing Brunette logo

By now you might be wondering what I was talking about when I mentioned that this was going to be an “interesting” post. Well, this is where things took a turn for the worst. As we were in the process of shooting pictures of my second outfit, the boutique owners husband made a comment that had us both raising an eyebrow. As we were standing by the jewelry display, he asked us what we were shopping for. With big smiles on our faces, we told him that we were fashion bloggers that feature local business. With a smirk and nasty tone, he replied: “You two are fashion bloggers?”.

It took a second to sink in before I realized he meant it in a rude way. We continued to snap pictures of my outfits, and when I went to the front to ask the owner’s husband for permission to take pictures with the store logo, I was cut off by him saying “We need the dressing rooms for other customers!” There were two other groups of people in the store, however, only one girl besides JJ and myself were trying on clothes.

The boutique is relativity small, and there are only three dressing rooms. However, if I learned anything from working in retail, I know to NEVER RUSH A CUSTOMER OUT OF THE DRESSING ROOM! This automatically turns off customers and makes them feel unwelcome. Up to this point in our experience, the boutique owner had been nice. All of a sudden she jumped in and backed her husband asking if we were “about finished up”. We weren’t. We had two more outfits to photograph for y’all, and I try my hardest to show a little bit of everything the boutiques have to offer. When your being pressured by the owners to free up their dressing room, that’s impossible to do. So in the end, we just left. As we walked to the car I asked JJ if she felt the same as I, and she did.

I like to make note of a few things as well. First, while she welcoming in the beginning, the owner seemed to be more interested in other customers that she might consider to be her “target demographic”. This can make other customers feel isolated and unwelcome. Second, we waited until the store was empty to start trying on clothes so we wouldn’t inconvenience other customers. Third, JJ and I are regular people and in no way expect business to bend over backward for us. This blog is our outlet to shed light on small businesses, not to trash them. Finally, we weren’t upset because the owner’s husband attempted to diss us ( I say attempted because you can’t diss those who won’t accept your negativity), we were upset because we treated their business with utmost respect and did not receive the same respect in return.

Men like the boutique owners husband are one of the reasons we started this blog. Fashion shouldn’t have a set look. Fashion is a about expressing your personal taste, and letting your personality shine. Maybe we aren’t what some people consider fashion bloggers…but that’s what makes us stand out from the rest. So a special thanks to you sir for trying to bring down two girls just trying to get their blog off the ground. You just made us want to stick around longer, to shut people like you down.

Well, my darlings that’s about it for this post, like I said, this one was interesting. The Blushing Brunette Boutique is another quintessential hotspot for college girls and housewives that we will probably never return to. The clothes are cute, the aesthetic of the boutique is adorable, but the service just left a bad taste in our mouth. As for the prices, they were what you’d expect from any boutique, not affordable but not super pricey either. I’ve got another “Featured Fashions” post coming up soon, so be on the lookout for that!


Until next time y’all! 






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Boutique Review: The Poshest Peach in Town!

Hey Y’all,

I’m Miss Belle Bottom Jean and I’m coming at you with my first boutique review! These reviews are is going to be a trial and error process at first, so please bare with me.

If you live anywhere near the Columbus GA area, then y’all are in for a treat! I had the pleasure of visiting The Posh Peach, located in the chic and electric Downtown district of Columbus.

Posh Peach

As soon as Java Jill and I walked in, we were greeted with some good ole southern hospitality. With a background in retail, I know that a friendly smile and warm welcome go along way.

Once we were greeted, I felt free to walk around and browse the store. The ladies at the Posh Peach are always lovely, and have mastered the skill of being attentive, yet letting their customer have space. Although the sweet peach that was working let us do our own thing, she was still very professional, personable, attentive, and courteous. Posh Peach gets a 5/5 rating on service.

Now for the moment y’all have been waiting for. Shall we talk about the clothes?

The clothing at the Posh Peach is trendy, chic, and tasteful. So far as the overall style of the boutique, I would classify them as southern boho chic which is right up my alley.

I tried on three different outfits while I was there so y’all could get an idea of the cute clothing they have to offer.


The first outfit I chose was this beautiful peach ruffled maxi dress. This dress was one of the first things that caught my eye, it was absolutely stunning! I also really love the versatility of the dress, it’s definitely a day-to-night piece that every southern belle should have in her closet.



This next outfit its “night out on the town material”. Between the patterns shorts and the bodysuit, this outfit gives me “College Night at the Bar Vibes” in the best way possible. The shorts are super comfy, and would be great for dancing. As for the bodysuit, well…who doesn’t need a black bodysuit in their closet, am I right? While body suit hugged all the right places, it did suppress my “girls” just a little. That’s problem could have been easily fixed by sizing up though.


Y’all I have saved the best for last. Two words…Bell bottoms. I wouldn’t be Miss Belle Bottom Jean if I didn’t include a pair of bell bottoms in my first boutique review! The bell bottoms I tried on at The Posh Peach were beyond adorable! The hugged every curve, and even gave some extra pop to my booty. Being a devoted fan of high-waisted jeans, I  was blown away by the overall look of the bell bottoms. As for the crop top I paired with it, I really loved the color pairing on the top, however, the lace detailing is what really stood out to me. The lace brought a soft, feminine feel to the top, which I love! I did have to take my bra off with this top, but I’m sure if you had a stick on bra you could probably get away with wearing that.



In conclusion, I will be shopping at The Posh Peach again! I’m hooked on the overall feel of the boutique and the beyond adorable shoes, accessories, and clothing. I rate the Posh Peach 4.5/5. They only lost a “half jean” for the pricing. Being a budget fashionista, the prices on certain items are higher than I’m willing to pay However, that’s to be expected at any boutique so…what can you do right? Speaking of budgets, they do have a few awesome sales racks to check out while your there too! Anyway y’all, I will be revisiting The Posh Peach once I get a proper rating system down. Right now, I stand firmly at 4.5 jeans!

4.5 out of 5

I did not get a chance to write down the prices of all the pieces I tried on however I will link their website The Posh Peach. Make sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook too. Until next time y’all!

-Miss Belle Bottom Jean