Pre-Halloween Ghost Hunting Adventure!

     For day 12 on our countdown, I had one of my best friends stop by last night for some Halloween festivities. I’ve been wanting to Ghost Hunt so bad since leaving Ohio and the house my mother and I collected evidence from, a few years ago. I bought an EMF detector because I had planned to use it in Savannah, Georgia on my big birthday thing, that was cancelled. It’s okay, because we know some places where we can find some spirits here in town!

     Last night, about midnight, we set out just the two of us, for our original goal. Which was the Bibb City Mill which was repurposed into a residential apartment, which we weren’t aware of. We arrived at the old mill to find it completely gated and opted  to not go in. People do tend to get paranoid when non-residents are snooping around a building they live in. I mean, understandably. After that disappointment, we started to backtrack a little to head downtown and found an old dam building. The moment I saw it, I wanted to go in so bad, but it was all boarded up and impenetrable. Dam.Chattahoochee river dam building

Plan B

   We then made our way across town to Whitesville road, that is home to Twin Chapel Creek, supposedly, where there’s allegedly clown spirits and you can hear from a nearby tunnel, the sounds of slaves in pain and/or dying. We drove up and down that road. Several times. When we started our hunt, we had 100 miles in the tank. By this point, we had about 60. And nothing to show for it.

     After one more futile shot at finding the small structure that would tell us we’re going the right way, we conceded to the powers that be and opted for plan C. Plan C for Cry Baby Bridge, where allegedly a bus full of children plunged off a bridge and into the creek below. Unfortunately they did pass away in the creek. Allegedly, you’re supposed to be able to put baby powder on the back of your car and put it in neutral and the children will push you off the bridge. In effect, sparing you a similar fate.

     These days the bridge has been filled in and the only clue that there was a bridge there, is the guardrail. To get to the Cry Baby Bridge, you basically turn at the Icee Stand, and follow Whitesville Road north until it hits gravel. You’re going to look for the third bridge. Now, one thing you might not know about me, is I hate the woods. I hate how claustrophobic they make me feel, so the whole drive to the bridge was very stressful for me. The whole way there, I was scanning the border of the woods, feeling like I was being watched and gripping the wheel way too tight.

    To add to my already disabling, and somehow still growing, fear… The road had become narrow. I was no longer sure of how to turn around, or if I even could. Still we bore  on. The roads were dark and devoid of street lights. The trees mocked us and we came upon a rather large hill, that I couldn’t see the top of. I continued driving, although increasingly uncomfortable. Still feeling like something, or someone was watching us make our steady progress toward our goal. One bridge… Two bridges… Was that the third one? We pulled up the map and, sure enough, it had been. I found a place to turn around and made our way back to the barely recognizable bridge.

   I have an app on my phone, that supposedly functions as  spirit box. Before you say anything, I know what it sounds like. To test it, I sat at my house with that and asked endless questions for an hour, and got no responses from any spirits. I’m inclined to believe this app is at least somewhat legitimate. We stopped the car in the middle of the bridge, put it in neutral and nothing happened. No biggie. We got out the EMF and my phone, with the app, and… they answered us. The first word we got was, Density. Density of what? Spirits? Water? People?

    My companion asked “Are you hurt? Do you need help?” they responded with Cast and Broken. They then said the word hunting. Perhaps indicating knowledge of those who go there to ghost hunt, not unlike ourselves. About this time, I was, of course, sitting there in a mild state of panic. I glanced out of the windshield and to the right of the car. I saw, at the border of the shadows just beyond the guardrail a white wispy shape. Short enough to be a child, perhaps? But whatever, or whoever it was, I wanted no part of. I asked if they wanted us to leave, and got a very strong feeling that that was the case. My EMF detector spiked erratically and, they didn’t need to tell me twice.

   While we were making our way back home, I was certain that the presences that had been talking to us would depart. But, it soon became clear to us that we were still in the company of someone from that bridge. As we left, we got the word Weak, followed by Ugly. When asked “Who’s Ugly?”, we got Gianna. I began to think seriously that my initial perception of this app was wrong, and it may be real, when we got the word Real.

     On the drive home, we got quite a few other words, most notable among them Amanda, Yield, Be Weary and Believe Her (“Her” Possibly being my friend, who was certain the spirit meant no harm). I made sure to keep an eye on the road lest we join our intrepid friend.  We were about 15 minutes from home when we got Almost Here. The conversation took a dark turn, when we got Psychopath, Skin, and Assaulted. Additionally we got words that seem to indicate gang violence caused her to meet her end.

    Whoever she was, she was pretty adamant that she was kept all alone in a basement, assaulted by a number of men (mans, as she spelled on the spirit board later), one of which being named Larry allegedly. When we got home, thoroughly shaken, we set up the Ouija Board that we had been wanting to use in the car.

Spirit Board

    As we sat down at the board, we asked if we had a spirit with us. The planchette moved to ‘Yes’. I was very concerned with verifying her name, because we had gotten 2 female names and she confirmed that her name was Amanda. I told her I was sorry for what happened to her, and on the board, our fingers moved to ‘no’ and the spirit box said don’t lie. We tried to assure her that I was in fact sorry for what happened to her. We sat at the table focused on the board for 3 hours, that decidedly didn’t feel like 3 hours. During the course of the, I guess Seance, I asked for a break so I could change clothes and grab water. I was told ‘no’. Which I appealed and was granted 5 minutes.

The Story So Far

  • The spirit that followed us goes by Amanda
  • She can’t stay, because she needs to go back to her body, which was dumped at the bridge
  • She is from Columbus, Georgia
  • Amanda was assaulted in possible gang violence and kept in a basement, tied up and alone and was eventually sexually assaulted and stabbed.
  • We were given the names Dylan, James (hurt her the least, maybe tried to help?), Larry, Addison, Gianna, Seth Terry, and Cathy.
  • The spirit was 7 years old when she died, and was murdered possibly around march of 2019. She stated that no one is looking for her, and she has not been reported as missing.
  • Stated that whoever killed her was a family friend
  • Possibly held on a base (would make sense, because she did mention soldiers earlier as well)

    My current theory on that is that perhaps her family handed her over to her eventual murderer, and were well aware of what was going to happen, she/the Spirit Box said Dope I’m somewhat inclined to believe that perhaps they handed their child over for drugs? I think she wants to move on, but can’t let go. She said my middle and last name and then said wishing. Maybe wishing for a second chance? A better family? Are we the first people who have spoke to her about what happened? Is this a sad, lonely, frightened child? As I sit here typing this post, I’m still getting responses on the spirit box. I guess it’s further confirmation that she followed us here.

    I’m still trying to get further information to substantiate some of what were told. Nothing so far, but I’ll continue trying as long as she’s here. She told us last night that she can’t hang out here until Halloween, so I’m not sure how much time I have to obtain the information from her.

   As of right now, that’s where I’m at with this ghost hunt. I knew going into it, that someone might follow. I don’t feel threatened or scared of her or anything like that. So I’m taking her at her word, even though I can’t find anything yet to lend credence.

   If you guys have had any experiences, feel free to comment them below or send them to us in an email! Happy Halloween!

EDIT; while editing this post, as i was writing about the bridge, or well, reading out loud as I do, I got the word Accident, and Too high up. As I read the portion where I saw the… spirit? On the other side of the rail, I got Near You. Definitely still getting chills.

Anti-Haul; New and Upcoming Releases!

     Hey there guys! I haven’t done one of these in so long, but I feel like it’s about the perfect time to do an anti-haul with the holidays approaching. I’ve been stalking Trendmood and Indiemood just to know what my wavering self-control is up against. Guys, there’s some gorgeous things coming out and I feel like I need to be held accountable. I’ve made two purchases so far, and I need to reign myself back in, because money doesn’t grow on trees. Let’s go ahead and get started with the festivities of me talking myself out of things! 

NARS Queen of the Night

     This one almost got me, guys. It’s a beautiful shimmer palette that looks like it has some beautiful toppers for your looks. Kind of like the Ignited palette that I bought, thinking it was going to be able to be noticeable alone. Wrong. That’s, of course, not to say that it’s not gorgeous. But when I say this almost got me, it almost got me. NARS has afterpay. Afterpay is my weakness- and I know it can snowball, so I have to stay strong. It’s beautiful, but like I have to ask myself for most things- “Will I use it?”. And if I have to ask myself that, the answer is probably no. And I don’t need to spend $58 on something I’m just going to look at and occasionally swatch.

Shu Uemura x Pokemon 

    I’m not even going to lie- I want this for the packaging, and the name. But the colors are very underwhelming. I have no experience with Shu Uemura, so who knows? It might be a bomb formula. But with the theme of Pikachu, this is what you came up with? The whole aesthetic of pokemon is bright colors and out of the box designs. The doodle Pikachu is to die for, but I don’t need another neutral palette with a single pop of color. The lash curler is really cute with the little charm, and it looks like they’re doing brushes, blush/contour, eyeliner and is that a wallet? It’s honestly adorable, but… why? 


Viseart New Grande Pro

   I don’t have too much to say about this- while I love the viseart formula, I do think that Rainbow palettes are little overdone at the moment. I mean I have a few palettes currently that would qualify as a rainbow palette, and cumulatively across my collection, as well. This is something that I just don’t need.


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#TrendmoodSpotLight ✨💡 For all the #NEON Lovers 🌈⚡️ Here are some Colorful, Bright #EyeshadowPalettes by #rubymaycosmetics . 1. Pop Zombie 9 Color #EyeshadowPalette $23.14 pre-sale *ships September 20 2. NEON LIGHTS 24 Color Glitter and eyeshadow palette. 24 colors of pressed & loose glitter and eyeshadow + #GlowInTheDark with a variety of textures $39.99 3. Street Art Palette And more… . Available online @rubymaycosmetics . . What are your thoughts? 🌈☀️⚡️XO #Trendmood THANK U to our AMAZING makeup community for this update 😘 . . #instabeauty #beauty #beautyaddict #cosmetics #bblogger #beautyaddict #beautyblog #beautycare #makeupart #makeupartist #makeupblogger #makeupobsessed #wakeupandmakeup #maquillaje #fashion

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Ruby May Neon Lights Palette

  This is one I actively have to talk myself out of, I’m intrigued by the neon colors but I know realistically that I’m not at a point to implement them into my looks. This palette is gorgeous though, if a little eye-stabby. What can I say? I like the pain, and I like this palette. Maybe if some reviews come out I’ll be moved to buy it, but for now I’m not planning to buy it.


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#REVEALED! 🚨 And she’s HOT 🔥🌶💚 NEW! by #morphebrushes 💚❤️ 35O3 Fierce By Nature Artistry Palette. This palette is bringin’ a surge of sultry sass to the 35O Family with wild reds and flamin’ oranges. . Will be available ➡️ September 17th online @morphebrushes *Use code TRENDMOOD 10% off. . A warm fire palette with 1! Bright green and a shimmer green 😍 Who has this baby on their list? 💚🔥 XO #trendmood #morphe Thank you for this beautiful update! @riah.leigh_ 😘 . . #ilovemakeup #makeup #makeupjunkie #makeuplover #makeupaddict #maquillaje #instamakeup #beauty #eyeshadow #lipstick

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Morphe 3503 Fierce By Nature Palette

     I don’t know if this is going to catch me some heat or whatever, but wow a neutral palette with a pop of green. Yawn. Sure it has a couple of colors that are more red and that one weird yellow-green color above the bright green, but I’m not feeling this palette. Morphe hasn’t impressed me so far, so I’m not moved to buy any releases beyond my JCxMorphe palette that I bought on pure impulse. 

Pat McGrath Midnight Sun

   This one is on here purely because of the price.  I simply cannot justify a palette for $130, no matter how drop-dead gorgeous it is. Maybe if I come across it on sale or on reddit, I’ll splurge, but for now, I just simply can’t. But would you look at that.  I mean, I know it’s a nearly neutral palette with a pop of purple, so realistically I don’t need it. But I also know that I love the PMG transformative formula.

Miss Fame Beauty’s Under My Skin

   As I was scrolling through IndieMood I was a little torn, because when I tell you that for me the indie brands are killing it, I mean it. But this list isn’t here to convince me to buy things, but to not buy things. While I do love this palette and want to buy it; I’ll not be moved. This almost reminds me of PMG in the layout, and the colorstory kills me, but much like the Ruby Ray palette, I’m unfamiliar with the formula and so will most likely not be buying this at least until I know more about it.  

Kraken Cosmetics End of the World Palette

      This particular one is another one I’m very curious about- however, it is pastels. Which I already have on hand, so I may be passing on this one because I already am able to emulate having the palette. This is a beautiful palette that I know nothing about, I’d suggest waiting for reviews unless their formula is familiar to you.

Likely Makeup Clown Blush Palette

    Anything that I could say is pretty much already in the name of the palette- which is basically that I’m pretty sure that this is not for me. I’ve always thought yellow blush makes you look kind of sickly, and while it looks gorgeous on their model, I’m definitely not taking my chances. Those pinks are lovely though, but I can’t commit to a full blush palette if I only want a single color.

Hell Bites Beauty’s Holy Trinity Palette

When I look at this all I can think of is a darker and more imposing Secret Sinner palette from P Louise.  This one is substantially more vampy than the P Louise one, and to be honest, I don’t really do too much with vampy colors. I’m generally more for champagne or silver shimmers and natural tones with the occasional pastel or bright color thrown in. That being the case, pretty though this palette is, I may wait for one more my speed.  


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👑NEWS👑 @euniquebeauty . . @euniquebeauty new “Elite Edition” of their mini palettes are available now. Each palette has 2 mattes, 2 shimmers (one shifty magical one – idk how else to explain it but they look like fairy dust), and one pressed glitter. I tried these out and they’re absolutely stunning 🤩 they make some of the best indie shadows shadows I’ve tried. They’re £14.99 each – use the code INDIEMOOD for 10% off (Affiliated) . . Pictures: @euniquebeauty , edit: @theindiemood . . Follow us for news in indie makeup, polish, perfume, and more! @theindiemood . . . . . #indiemood #indienews #newcolors #indiemade #makeupnews #newmakeup #indiecosmetics #indiemakeuplover #eyeshadowpalette #euniquebeauty #ukindiebrand #blackownedbusiness #indiesdoitbetter #supportsmallbusiness #indiemakeupandmore #makeupmess #indiemakeupbrands

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Eunique Beauty Elite Mini Palettes

   Now, this particular entry on this list is here because while it’s stunning, and it is, that pressed teal glitter looks too chunky for use around the eyes. Honestly, I’m not on body glitters or any of that, but eye glitters are my thing. It would be too tempting to put it on my eye, even though I can see the large hexagonal chunk glitter just sitting there. If you guys hear anything different on this particular one, I’d be interested to hear it. Because, honestly, I won’t lie. I’m lusting over that teal shade a fair bit and would love nothing more than to hear that I’m wrong in this case and that I can smear that beautiful color all over my eye.


     I think I’m going to end this one here, on a good note. These were just the things that stood out to me when I was scrolling through @theindiemood and @Trendmood1 so it may not be all of the new releases, just the ones I wanted to talk about. Honestly, I did a fair amount of scrolling because some of the things I actually wanted and just couldn’t bring myself to talk myself out of them. Aside from talking myself out of things, I’ve bought a few new products from brands that I have no experience with, like Midas, OMFG Cosmetics, Mellow Cosmetics and Melt. I may do kind of a rapid fire review post including all of these new products. Though I may need to break the post into two, just because I know Mellow is international and I’m not sure about OMFG. 

     If you guys are talking yourself out of some of the new releases, how are you doing with that? I hope you guys make informed decisions and only buy the things that will spark joy… or that you get at a hefty discount. That counts as joy, right?







Hometown Cravings; Forray into the Secret Menu with an Affogato

   Hey there, guys! For today’s post I tried something new and a little more expensive than I was planning! My fiance has been trying to get me to try Affogato, but being so hopelessly hooked on a macchiato, I have yet to do it. What better place to ease myself in and dip my toes into that area than America’s sweetheart, Starbucks. I’m using this drink from the secret menu, if anyone wants to have their own experience with this drink! 

I suddenly remembered that I’ve been advised to try Affogato style coffee, while I was sitting and leisurely sipping my Macchiato, and watching guilty pleasure videos. I figured, “why not” and got up to order it. “Why not” is because it’s a whopping 7 dollars for a grande, but me loving you guys just so much, I decided again, “Why not?” and swiped my card. 

I’m going to give you a play by play. First sip, I hated it. When I say I hated it, it made me gag. What happens if I stir it? Which I’ve gathered isn’t what real coffee drinkers do, but I’m me and not them, so I’m going to stir it. I stirred it and moved the straw about midway up to get it away from the pure, unadulterated death at the bottom of the cup, which by this time has had time to settle while writing this. Why do people do this to themselves?

I’m hunting for the vanilla flavor that should be there and just getting sip, after cautious sip of pure espresso, which as it turns out, I don’t care for in it’s pure form. After stirring, it became a bit more pallatable. I wonder how this would be with legit ice cream, rather than whip? 

Day five, I’m finally adjusting to the flavor and I feel like I’m moving fast… I’m sitting still. Maybe it’s because I’ve downed 2 shots of almost pure espresso and I’m finally left with mostly vanilla frappe and java chips. I really can’t say in good conscience that I will try this near-death experience again, just because it’s not really up my alley. I may try an authentic one, if I get a chance, but this has not been a pleasant experience for yours truly.

Honestly, once the espresso died down a little, I found myself enjoying it. It’s probably because I had gotten rid of the parts I didn’t like and was left with what I do. I don’t  know if that’s the drink’s credit, or mine. 

If you’re brave, and relatively uninitiated, like me, give it a go and let me know what you think down below!

taste; Affogato rating/5

Do I really need an explanataion here? 

Unboxing; Allure April 2019


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Oh dang!! My @allure #allurebeautybox came today! I see promise in here, and I’m #excited. #postincoming☕👖

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Hey guys, happy Good Friday! I know I fell off of doing the unboxings of my makeup subscriptions, but I hope to be able to get back to them. Today, I checked the mail and had my Lip Monthly bag, as well as my Allure Box. Honestly, Allure hasn’t impressed me since Christmas. I mean, you can’t really top a box that is hand picked by NikkiTutorials. This particular one actually surprised me when I looked inside!

   Right off the bat, I was excited for a Natasha Denona single, even though at this point, I feel like I have enough her shadows. I’m always willing to accept more. Her formula is superb. There was a Luxie tapered brush, which made me pretty happy too. I’m getting an appreciation for brushes, as I’ve gotten… 3 sets of BH Cosmetics brushes? I feel like they’re great, especially for the price. But I will admit, that I love my Luxie brushes.

    A brown Laura Gellar twist up eyeliner was also included in this box. I was thrilled, because I love liners and mostly stick to black, so brown is a nice change of speed. I was working on a look for a twitter tag that I’m participating in and thought it would be nice to have brown to ground the look. It broke. I was… disheartened. I don’t even have a sharpener small enough to bring it back to a point. So I had to make do. 

    You guys may know that I’m a slight, ABH fangirl. I swoon over every palette and am only missing the Mario one. I rushed out to preorder the Riviera and loose highligter. But, I only had two ABH lip products. One I got from TJ Maxx and one I got on my Black Friday Spree. This one is the Liquid Lip in Pure HollywoodI legit don’t get the Mauve vibes from this. It’s so pale and you almost can’t differentiate it from my skin. It reminds of me of when I’m doing my foundation and I have it on my lips. As much I love ABH, I don’t think I’m feeling this color. I really love their shadow formula, but I do find their lips to be drying so far. So, I might be sticking to their eye and face products.   

     The last couple of items in this box were a frizz and heat protectant, it smells strongly of oranges and reminds me of that orange cleanser that used to live in my Step-Father’s garage. I used to habitually use it and just enjoy the aggressive orange scent of it. I think it was supposed to clean motor oil and stuff like that off of your hands? And, I want to be clear that I don’t mean that negatively. It was a nostaligic scent- but I don’t think I’ll be using this for a while, since my hair is so short right now. The last thing was a packet of tanner wipes, that I’m sure I won’t be using. I have no interest in tanning, so these might get passed off to someone.

    I’m fairly pleased with this Allure shipment, so I’ll be keeping this one for a while longer. 


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Trying not to spoil a tag on Twitter! This #taurus inspired look is going up on the 23rd for the #candisweets zodiac tag! . . #look #teaser #makeup #beauty #cosmetics #fotd #eyes #eyeshadow

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Just because I’m so incredibly proud, I want to put my teaser here too for the #candysweets zodiac tag I’m participating in. I’m trying to up my makeup game and learn blending and such. Call me big-headed,but I think I did well on this look! 

What did you guys get in your Allure box?

Tag; Step into Spring!

    Hey guys, so here’s another instance of me inviting myself to a party that I wasn’t invited to. I really like tags, probably because I kind of had my start on DeviantArt back about a decade ago, when there were so many people doing tags in their posts. That’s not strictly blogging, but I do recall doing so. many. tags. 

     I know that I’ve been quiet this week, I don’t have a reason or excuse other than I just… had no energy. No matter how many coffees I drink to cheer myself up, I still feel lackluster. I’m wondering if the prospect of braving these 49 days to my big trip has me feeling down. It’s really likely.

     Today’s post is another Question and Answer style post, this one in a valiant effort to remind myself that it’s spring. I welcome you guys to take part too on the platform of your choice!

1. What 3 colours remind you most of Spring?

      For me, it’s definitely baby yellow, pastel purple and soft pink. I remember growing up and eating peeps with the rest of the children after hunting for multiple pastel plastic eggs. There’s something so innately spring about pastels to me. 

2. What is the first thing you’d add to your wardrobe in Spring?

      I’m really partial to flowy bohemian style skirts and loose peasant tops for the spring. I tend to start dressing more for casual festivals then everyday life once the weather permits. 

3. What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in Spring?

     I do away with bulkier coats in favor of cardigans and colorful pull-overs. Sadly, I end up pushing any items featuring fuzzy faux fur to the back of my closet in favor of booties that are more season appropriate.

4. What are your ultimate Spring nude and Spring bright lipsticks?
    Please don’t judge me too harshly for this one, but I really like the Kylie Lip Kit in Apricot for my springy pink. It’s so soft and almost like a ‘grown-up’ version of the iridescent pinks I wore as a teen. I also favor more rose gold tones for my nudes, my favorite is one I don’t even know the name of.

5. What is your top Spring fragrance?

     You mean people change scents for the season? My favorite scent ever is vanilla. But if I had to pick a spring scent, it would be light and floral. Floral isn’t my usual scent, so I sadly don’t have any to use as an example for this one!

6. What do you add/drop from your skincare routine in Spring?

     My skincare routine is woefully inadequate, to be honest. I pretty much just moisturize in the morning then again at night after taking my makeup off. I try to remember to slap some moisturizer on my face when I don’t wear makeup, but more often than not, I forget.

7. Do you change your hair up in Spring?

    I change my hair up all the time! It doesn’t have to a seasonal thing. It’s just when I’m bored of what i have going on, which is what happened this time. I do notice that my current chop did take place right as the seasons were changing over. Hm. 

8. Are there any exciting beauty releases you’re waiting for this Spring?

    A few that I’m aware of right now! My favorites hail from Colour Pop, personally just for the affordability factor and their superb quality. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I did purchase (I think) 7 items from their Disney Villains collection. I ordered the palette along with Facilier’s set, then tacked on Ursula’s highlight and Cruella’s gloss

    The next one is also from Colour Pop and it’s their actual 2019 spring collection, I purchased the ‘your face is like sunshine‘ set because I have no self control, and really like the colors and the idea of getting lots of items for pretty cheap.     

    There is an honorable mention from MAC, that I haven’t purchased from. I’m lowkey proud that I haven’t gotten something from the Boom, Boom, Bloom collection, but I know it only because when I looked at it, the For the Frill of It gloss was sold out. 

9. What are your top 3 Spring nails shades?

    Definitely have to go with teal, rosy pink and champagne. Champagne is a perfect color for any season, in my humble opinion.

10. Who do you tag to do this post next?

     I did already kind of answer this question before we got started, since I don’t have any friends -sniff- that blog, I tag my lovely readers! If you do participate in this tag, please leave the link in the comments below!