Eats Abroad; Honeymoon on the Harborside!

Location; Polk County, Florida
Stop; Harborside
Site; Click here

      Hey guys! Two things: First, I would like to apologize for my abrupt disappearance. Second, I know I have exclusively done witchy content for the past couple of posts, and that wasn’t planned, so I’m sorry. It was my idea to return to the two weekly posts schedule, but I think that’s asking too much from myself right now. We’re still in a weird transition period here on JNJ, with naming reconsideration and the idea of splitting off entirely to a secondary site… I figured I’d take a moment to return to some OG content and talk food with you guys! Let’s talk Harborside. We picked to go to Harborside for a post-wedding meal based on my new Husband’s insatiable lust for seafood. I have no regrets.

    We got two appetizers, one of which was Loaded Potato Skins with lobster and crab meat. They were good, but they weren’t able to stand against the other one we got. We got the Fried Lobster Bites and… oh. my. god. They were delicious. I’ve never been a fan of lobster, I’m more of a shrimp girl myself. This particular appetizer changed my mind on that, even though I’m generally not even a fan of fried foods either. Guys, seriously. Will you check out that lobster? I wish I could put into words how good it was. It was fresh, and plump and… Harborside outdid themselves.

Gordon Ramsey- harborside review

    I don’t think I’ve ever tasted seafood that was that amazing. 10/10, go eat it. I got Lobster and Crab alfredo for my entree and, if I’m being honest, the appetizer was much better. Not because my meal was bad, but because the lobster was that damn good. I loved my alfredo, but I kind of loved the Fried lobster even more. If I hadn’t spoiled myself with that I probably would have been just fine. My husband got a stuffed flounder meal with Maccaroni, that looked wonderful but wasn’t my thing. He said it was amazing, though. Of course, it didn’t hold a candle to the fried lobster.


My Crab and lobster alfredo

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     The entire meal was delicious, the lobster was divine, my Crab and Lobster alfredo was also delicious… Although I had very high expectations based on the appetizer.  I can’t recall what our companions got, but they likewise gave rave reviews. Generally, I would highly recommend Harborside for a date, or even a trip, if you like lobster.

    Guys, I’m going to try to get more consistent with my post schedule and also, I may post a poll regarding the rebranding of the site for the possible names. I’ll probably be posting about that eventually. Stay tuned!