Sweet Sentimentality; 3 Valentines Dates for Long Term Couples

     Hey guys! I know, I know, I’m late today too! I’m pleased to report that I’m finally able to speak, and I’m feeling good. Since I’m feeling better, I’m starting to really feel Valentines day. I was thinking earlier about places I would love to be other than work on this temperate February day. I started thinking about where I how I would love to celebrate our third Valentine’s day with my better half. I really can’t even believe it’s been that long.

       Really, why should the courtship stop just because you say “I do”, or even just a “Yes”? Make your fellas, or ladies, feel desired and treat them to an idea from this post!  I know how tight things can be while waiting for those long-lost taxes, so I’ll be keeping this one fairly budget friendly! And guys, these ideas are great if it’s not Valentine’s Day too!

Valentines Coffee

Coffee Date in a Neighboring Town!

      You know it wouldn’t be JnJ without me throwing coffee at you! This one is one that’s good for pretty much everyone… and if coffee isn’t your forte, most coffeehouses serve tea. It’s really fun to see what different types of flavors different shops will come out with to commemorate the day!

      Pick a nice window seat and put your phones away. Spend some time rediscovering each other and just chatting. Pretend it’s a first date (without the awkward silence!). Bonus points if you try new drinks, because, why not. After coffee, take some time to wander around the surrounding area or maybe decide on dinner. Take this time to de-stress and laugh together. You can even harken back to an important event in your shared history… like the place you got engaged.

     I suppose, this one doesn’t have to be out of town. If you have a favorite local haunt, feel free to visit it instead!

Hometown Hotel Date

      This is one of my all-time favorite dates! Depending on what place you decide to choose for your lodgings, it can either be budget or a ritzy. My favorite part of pretty much every vacation, is the hotel bed. The pillows are always so extravagantly fluffy, like I’m burying my face in a sheep. Anyone else love hotel beds?

      The other thing I love about vacation, is learning about a new town. This particular idea is literally so fun. Just pick a place and pretend you’re from out of town. Try to look at your town with new eyes. Take advantage of any attractions, events or restaurants that are either not seen or rarely visited.

      Last time we did this, we went to Cracker Barrel, because for whatever reason I only eat there when I’m in another city or state. It sold the illusion for me!

Valentine's Meal

The Great Bake

       So far out of this list, this is the one I’m considering for our valentines day. I really like the idea of preparing a nice meal together, tag-teaming the prep work and everything. There’s something that strikes me as so romantic about that! A million bonus points if you add some candles and some home-made (or just mixed) drinks. We really like making Cucumber Mint Lemonade, which is what we had on our first Anniversary.

    If that sounds up your alley, our recipe is super simple! 

  1. Throw some Milos Lemonade (or whatever brand you like) into a beverage dispenser like you’d find at Walmart.
  2. Chop one or two cucumbers and throw’em in the lemonade 
  3. Add fresh mint to taste
  4. Let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours to let the flavor develop

       It goes great in a wine glass and makes me feel so sophisticated, with the added bonus of reminding me of our early days!

     Let me know if you guys have gone on any of these dates, and what you thought! I’m hoping to be able to drag my lovely Fiance` on an adventure to celebrate the occasion, personally. I’m so excited for our third Valentine’s Day together, and I’m hoping for many more! 

      Also, share your own Budget Friendly Valentine’s datenight ideas below!





Boutique Debut; Oh, So Charming (Oaks)

Boutique Debut; Oh, So Charming (Oaks)

        Hey guys! It’s definitely been a long week, especially with all the running from the weekend robbing my poor little feet of sweet relaxation. Though they may ache and complain, I have no regrets! Especially with this first fashion related post from last weekend. This post is dedicated to my favorite outfit that I had to pass on, sadly, due to cost, and the breadth of the shopping I did this weekend. RIP at Charming Oaks toasty knit tank and navy skirt. I’ll never forget you.

     Before we dive into the outfits that I was able to find, let’s take a look at the aesthetic and an honorable mention. Their aesthetic feels like hospitality. It’s got a very welcoming feel in all of the warm colors and even the layout is open and inviting. When you walk in, you see this huge layout of racks and clothes of all kinds of colors. They have this adorable aesthetic lighting in the back that has the shop name, Charming Oaks, which was the only picture I thought I was going to get with all the rain outside.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


      In true JaJ fashion,  I did that thing where I went to a shop and picked at least one outfit to take home with me. I say at least one, because I did choose two items from one particular shop, which I’ll be showing you in an upcoming post! I’m seriously so upset that I could only pick one outfit from Charming Oaks, but I’ll definitely be back once I gather my resources back up! I’m coming for you, Charming Oaks. Be ready. I know I am. 🙂

     I’ll start at item number one that I tried on, just because it’s visible in my other pictures. I found this adorable red polka-dot summery dress on the clearance rack. In fact, all of my finds are from the clearance racks. I’m boujee on a budget, what can I say? This dress was way too cute for 5 dollars, and just my size. The fabric was breathable and light, perfect for the summer. I can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can pair this with some simple wedges and an anklet. Maybe a straw hat?

Charming Oaks Red Summer Dress
Pardon my mismatches socks- I think my house doesn’t want my socks to match because they KEEP disappearing.

      My second outfit was my favorite. I loved the little cardigan-thing, and the toasty knit tank that confuses me on what season it would be for. It would be far too hot for the summer, but would be great for the cooler weather if you wanted to just have it peek out of a plunging neck. I paired these items with a high-waisted navy skirt and felt so chic. I feel like would be great with some navy pumps, or shoot, even my tried-and-true hightops that I absolutely swear by. This would have been a great outfit for our trip coming up, too. Cold weather be damned. I do think I’ll return to Charming Oaks for this outfit, or one like it.

Charming oak knit tank and navy skirt

       I had few items that didn’t work out due to sizing issues, and these shorts were very nearly among their number. With an adorable bird patterned romper, and a sweater dress that I almost cried when I found it didn’t fit. This next outfit might be tied with the above, actually. As I look at it, I like it more and more. The loose-fitting olive green, drapey tank and black shorts combo is another one that begs for converse. Or, gold flats, would be a marvelous choice too! At first, I flat-out didn’t like this one. I generally stay away from really loose things, because they tend to make me look boxy. Boxy isn’t sexy, guys. I don’t like boxy. Like, give me a nice silhouette, c’mon.

Charming Oaks black shorts and olive tank

       You can literally see my doubt. I have a whole, “Do I like this?” thing going on. If I had been able to find a pair of black shorts that were just a little more my size,I would have absolutely bought this outfit. 

      My general concensus of Charming Oaks is that I’m thrilled with my experience there. My debit card had issues, but that was no fault at all of the lovely and understanding ladies that manned the counter. I was absolutely obsessed with that Valentines day shrug in the slideshow way up above. I certainly have plans to return for some serious retail therapy! 


What’s New; Posh Peach Serves Up Some Heart Break for 2019

      Hey guys, and happy second post of 2019! Over the weekend, I took myself downtown and into The Posh Peach to check out their new stock. I’ve always really loved everything about their aesthetic, from the decor to the styles they cater to. Walking in is always like coming home, for me, because I swear, it’s me all over.  I’m so excited to bring you a What’s New post for January! 

     For today’s post, I found four new styles to share with you! I’m excited, so let’s get started!


New velvet floral bellbottoms     

     This first style was some velvet flare leg pants, with a simple grey long-sleeved top. This definitely is a new style for me because I do tend to stay away from patterned pants. Most of my pants are bell bottoms though, so at least it’s close to something I’d ordinarily wear.

     The pants didn’t have a button or anything, so the entire waistband was elastic. The outside, of course, felt like velvet with a cool lining on the inside. These did heat up fairly quickly, so I do think that these would make a good winter pant. 

    We paired it with this simple top to kind of complement the colors in the pants themselves, because I, for the life of me, couldn’t find a top that spoke to me. So we opted to go with this.

    I’m not really sure how I would style these. I’m feeling like this would be fun to lean into the 70s with. I know they’re not terribly retro looking, but it could be fun. Or, with an oversized sweater and a pair of sunnies. If you were to wear this with long hair, a white scarf/headband would be adorable with this sort of outfit!


New Corduroy Dress


        This next outfit was one that definitely excited me! I love little dresses and corduroy is something that’s been growing on me for a while. When I picked this one up, I was expecting the buttons to be snaps like on an item that they had one of the last times I went in there (that wasn’t my size…).

     This fairly comfortable, though as one would expect, not the warmest. So this is definitely not winter-wear. I thought this was literally so cute and was kicking myself for not wearing my boots, because my favorite boots from Clothes Mentor that I’ve talked about so much, would have gone great!

    Barring ankle-boots, I think knee-highs would go great with this. I’m feeling brown suede would be a solid choice to kind of keep the style grounded. For an edgier look, black leather would suffice. 

     Looking at it, I kind of want to throw a sweater over it, but that might be because I’m cold right now. If you were to throw on a sweater with this, I’m picturing a fluffy white cardigan. Or maybe even the mustard cardigan I’ll have in a photo below!


New Funfetti Cardigan with Corduroy pants


     Who doesn’t love a new cardigan? I know lately, I’m just about obsessed with them. They go with everything, don’t mess up your hair like a pullover. This one was called Funfetti, and that’s fitting. It’s pink with random “sprinkles” of blue and other colors. Now that I think about it, it kind of makes me hungry.

     This gorgeous and toasty cardigan was paired with a mauve long-sleeved top and corduroy bellbottoms I told you, corduroy has begun to grow on me. The material feels slightly like suede and is nicely warm. This is where my heart break begins for real. I want these pants. They were hanging out on the “last ones” rack, so fingers crossed that they wait for my next payday. 

    This entire ensemble was fairly warm, except for the top. This top was made of a loose, thin, drapey fabric that would have left me cold had I worn it out. That aside I really like this outfit. It would be easy to style with some chunky jewelry, for some reason I’m seeing wood. Earth-toned or red boots to add some life to the color scheme, would be perfect! If you want to do something with your hair and this particular outfit, headbands are a safe bet!


New Mustard Cardigan with Jeans

     This one… Oh my goodness. I saved my new (unlikely) favorite for last. This one just about broke me, because I do have a coupon, but I still can’t afford it with a clear conscience. I am dying to go back for this cardigan. Yellow, is absolutely not a color I wear often, but this mustard knit cardigan would change that in a heartbeat.

     This cardigan was paired with a pair of stretchy jeans, once again with no button, just elastic. And the same thin and drapey top from the previous style. Not even lying, I fell in love with this whole thing. I took a bunch of goofy pictures in this because the hood was just so much bigger than I thought it would be. It covered my whole face if I would let it. I loved it.

     So, I can see this styled with knee-high boots or converse. I feel the need to cover the hems of jeans with shoes especially if the shoes are mildly high-topped. For some inexplicable reason, I’m picturing a red lip with this, because if you’re going to wear something as bright as this, why not? Simple Jewelry and accessories would work best, unless you want to lean into bright colors and throw in some Turquoise. 


  I’ll leave my gushing at that, guys, since I don’t want to bore you! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to do a What’s New post and I do have plans to try to do more of them. My next one will likely be Lizard Thicket, because I haven’t been in there forever. I’m currently working on two Subscription Box posts because I just got them in on the 2nd. December’s boxes. I’m going to include my wear test findings, too!

     I hope you guys enjoyed a little bit of this returning to my roots as far as posting goes, and I hope you’ll join us next week! 

The Year of Positivity; 50 Things That Make Me Happy!


     Happy new year, guys! In our previous post, I explored the Blog’s trajectory as well as my own. One of my goals was to inject my life and thought patterns with positivity and try to find the confidence that I have hidden somewhere. This is another slight deviation from our usual content, but I hope you’ll forgive me. I’ve been fighting with some software that would let me record with my DSLR because I have a video planned, but so far, I’m losing.

    That in mind, I’m going to challenge myself to think of 50 things that make me happy! Do I even like fifty things? Let’s find out!


  1. Dressing Java in ridiculous outfits
  2. Finding good deals
  3. Good skin days
  4. Adventures to new places
  5. My cats climbing on me
  6. My loving fiance`
  7. Approaching Halloween
  8. Dressing up in swishy skirts
  9. Comfortable shoes
  10. Compliments- spread the love!
  11. When the lighting is perfect for photos and I actually have my camera
  12. My friends acting like friends- I’m not hard to please
  13. Apple bottom jeans – No joke, this was my ringtone for ages and I still giggle at it.
  14. When peppermint comes back in style
  15. A nice cup of my favorite coffee
  16. a nice cup of a new coffee
  17. Animal Crossing
  18. Catching a Shiny in Pokemon
  19. Emails about amazing deals- I have a problem with shopping :p
  20. The perfect temperature to hang out in front of the fire with cocoa
  21. Bad horror movies
  22. Lilo and Stitch- except for the parts that make me cry
  23. TJ Maxx/Marshalls
  24. Wandering around the mall
  25. Making plans to go on a trip
  26. Finding a new Boutique to check out
  27. Nostalgic music from high school
  28. J-Pop/K-pop (I love Chieko Kawabe and Kotani Kinya, and have for years)
  29. Drawing people’s awesome outfits that I see out and about
  30. Occasionally watching Anime- mostly ones I watched a long time ago.
  31. Talking to my best friends who live in Florida, even though it just makes me miss them more.
  32. Nachos absolutely loaded up with cheese.
  33. Relaxing in the tub with music and my DS/Switch
  34. Writing here on the blog!- I still can’t believe I’ve been doing this as long as I have and I’m still so happy to have this outlet, and my beautiful readers!
  35. Gathering content- I love feeling productive.
  36. Studying something I’m interested in- right now I’m really into learning languages!
  37. How happy random dogs get when they see me, and beg for pets.
  38. Shopping for Java. I’m totally that person when I’m not makeup hunting.
  39. Thrift Shopping and finding treasure!
  40. Flower Crowns!
  41. A nice daiquiri on the right occasion, with Malibu!
  42. Seeking out landmarks and small-town attractions
  43. Brick buildings and old architecture
  44. “Haunted” places or any place creepy- call it morbid fascination?
  45. Airplanes!- I love being above the clouds, and looking at the patchwork below! I’m totally cool until we get over water.
  46. Cheesecake- seriously. Euphoria.
  47. New video games
  48. Summer Break from College
  49. Days off from work- more time to play!
  50.  Any and every fair/festival! Even the bad ones are photogenic 🙂

      I’m honestly not sure if this is a tag, but if it is, I tag you! Let’s spread some positivity this year and foster contentment and confidence. If you do make your own list, leave a link below and I’ll feature your post here! 

     Quick aside as we wind this post down, I know we’ve deviated from our coffee roots and boutique reviews. I do want to give you a heads up that I have plans spanning the next few weeks to gather a few What’s New posts, Debuts, Coffee Abroad, Subscription box reviews, and a few more themed posts as we lead on up to Valentine’s Day. Times got pretty rough for us here as we moved and I started a new job, but I’m trying to get back on my feet and fully into the swing of things!

    I hope all of you are having a great 2019, and have many more amazing days ahead of you!  

Holiday Roundup! Products to Add to Your Repertoire!

Hey guys! Another day, another post for Blogmas! Today’s a super different, in that the bulk of it is a video format! I rounded up my favorite (and not so favorite) items from the 2018 holiday releases in the video below!

I apologize for the overall quality of the video, I tried to make it as palatable as humanly possible. This is going to be fun to learn, I think!

Let’s deviate With Movies 2-Night

  Tonight, guys, I wanted us to have a night of relaxation and really get into that spooky spirit. I have a couple of movies that I really, really enjoy this time of year. I guess you could say I have annual traditions for myself. Funny thing is, it’s pretty much just Halloween that I ritualize. 

     These two movies that I watch each year are so vastly different from one another, so now that I think about it, I’m not sure what order to put them in. I’ll leave that up to you. No one says we have to watch these together. But, if you want to, feel free to join my Rabb.it tonight!

     2. Thir13en Ghosts

     For some reason, this is one of my favorite movies of all time. Growing up, I always loved the idea of the Zodiac signs having meanings and stories behind them. When I was about 16, I found this movie hiding in my family’s movie collection and gave it a watch. Imagine my immense joy when I found that it had a dark zodiac.

     I love everything about this movie, from the stories that the ghosts have to the glass house and the Occularis Infernum. The only thing I don’t like is that they kill my favorite character and that I always know it’s coming now. I remember finding this movie among my mom’s huge collection of movies and popping it in. It was probably one of the first really dark movies I watched, and I love the idea of a Black Zodiac.

     Also, I was absolutely in love with the detail in this movie. They gave the ghosts their own backstories which were better than the movie as a whole. In fact… I think each ghost actually would benefit from their own movie, or maybe an anthology?

     Click here to join us in watching Thir13en Ghosts at 7:00 PM EST. Grab your popcorn and keep your drinks handy!

     1. Hocus Pocus

      Not the remake. Oh goodness no. I don’t think I ever intend to watch them shred my #1 Halloween movie to bits. Bette Midler is a gem, and Sarah Jessica Parker is actually rather adorable herself. I love this movie and always dreamed about having a little black cat named Thackeray Binx after Binx from this movie.

     I think this is the perfect Halloween movie. It’s a little gimmicky, and all in good fun. It has a festive and light feeling, despite the Sanderson’s literally wanting to eat children. If you ignore that tidbit, it’s light-hearted, I swear! 

     Click here to ring in Halloween with us at 9:30 PM EST, after a brief intermission between movies. Refresh your drink and grab some more popcorn!

   I’ve been harping at you to join in on the movie night, so here’s the link! CLICK

Last Minute Makeup? I’m Here for 4 You!

  Hey there, guys! Welcome to day four of our first Seven days of Halloween! I was a little at a loss for what to do for Today’s post, until I spoke to one of my Barista friends over at Origin, she suggested that I do a side by side with a few tutorials! So like some of the amazing BeauTubers that I follow, I’m going to try to follow along with some Halloween Tutorials. 

     Now, keep in mind that are simple, by my figuring. I tried to pick things within my skill level and one of these I’ve been watching for years. So, let’s look over a Four selected Halloween makeup looks for those of us who waited until the last minute to figure out just what we are going to do with our face!

A little Catty

   This one is the one that I mentioned watching for a while. It’s cute to me. I love cats, and really any animal, so this is right up my alley. If I didn’t have my costume and stuff picked out, I probably would have done something with this. 

      I found a tutorial on Pinterest, because that’s where I default to when my search is mainly for images. I found this gorgeous picture of a girl rocking this look, and decided it was my turn. It looks to me like it’s not too demanding, which makes it a great candidate to start with.

     To mimic this look I used a black Kohl liner from [NYX], a liquid liner for the whiskers, Black Heart black Matte Liquid Lip, and the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette.

     I feel like you could pretty much get away with wearing anything with this and call it a costume, from a full-body leopard suit to a little black dress.

halloween cat makeup tutorial











My Worst Nightmare

     When I was a little girl, I always had a fear of dolls and ventriloquist dummies. Something about them was always so unsettling and unnatural. Flat out Uncanny Valley and nightmare inducing little monsters. What better way to face my fears than by turning myself into one of these terrible things?

     This is another one that I found on Pinterest, something about the way she deadpans into the camera just spooks me a bit, but it’s not too bad. 

    To get this look, I used that same Kohl liner, some red eye shadow from my Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette, White liquid liner from NYX, a White Kohl liner, Falsies from Ardell, and Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Porcelain, I finished it off with pink lips from TreStique!

      With this one, to make it costume-y, I’d go with a suit looking ensemble. A white buttonup collared shirt and some black slacks should do fine!

23 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks: #7. CREEPY DOLL MAKEUP; #halloweenmakeup 









Gonna Scare Some Crows Tonight

    If you’ve ever been into plaid flannel shirts, you should have a few lying around. Which would make this totally unthreatening scarecrow an easy costume for you to throw together! I thought it was actually pretty cute. More like something you’d get from the Halloween Aisle to throw in a Kiddie maze than anything spooky. But, it’s still cool, regardless.

     To pull off this look, I grabbed an orange face crayon from Walmart, that same black Kohl Liner, a black face crayon for the bigger areas, my Kiss Firery Faeries lashes and orange shadow from my Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette.

    I did have to head to the store to grab a straw hat, for this, all in all I think it’s pretty cute. You can pretty much do any color flannel for this and make it look decent. Of course, I didn’t have the colored contacts, which I don’t feel like that hurts the look too much.











You Catch More Flies…

     This last one is less costume and more for parties, if you feel like you’re too “grown up” to do anything colorful for Halloween. I really, really dig this look. It looks simple but requires a tiny bit of artsiness. I did make one change just for personal preference.

    To recreate this look, I used my usual Kohl liner, MUA brow gel, Snow White Lip from Colourpop and my MAC cosmetics foundation in NC10 (if there was any doubt of how pale I am). I wanted to go with red to allude to a blood sucking spider, and I felt like most of these didn’t have enough color for me. 

     Since this one isn’t too much of a costume, I’m going to default on a black dress for this. Not a little black dress, mind you, but a slinky, long number like this. Really lean into that dark look, y’know.  And since this one is monochromatic, I did edited mine to be b/w. I actually really like my deviation on the shadow!

23 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks: #11. SIMPLE SPIDER WEB MAKEUP; #halloweenmakeup 










I hope you guys enjoyed our Fourth day of consecutive posts for our personal favorite holiday. If you guys have any suggestions for future posts or even want to submit your own, reach out to us at submissions@javaandjeans.com. Just a reminder that we’re open to guest posts in all of our categories, and I did just add beauty to the category list that you can view on the Submission Guidelines page!

     I will admit I had a lot of fun trying to do these looks, at my current skill level I think I did decent. I need better white liners, for sure but my palettes appear to be up to snuff (with what I’ve spent on them, they’d better be!). I hope to up the ante next year and do some more complex things, I hope you’ll forgive for going kind of easy on myself this year! Also, this whole post was practice on putting on falsies, at this rate I’ll be a pro in no time!

     We’ll see you tomorrow for our 5th post in the countdown!

7 Costume Ideas for THE BEST holiday EVER.

     Hey guys! Are you scared yet? Excited? HYPED? Halloween is almost upon us, and I hope you guys have your costumes ready (share them with us on Instagram @java_and_jeans!) because here at the JnJ household we (I’m) 100% ready. If you’re not ready, check out these 7 costume ideas!

      I’m doing to be doing this in countdown fashion with my my favorite coming in at the end, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

7. Marshal Lee (Adventure Time)

Image result for marshall lee debutI don’t know about you, but I love cartoons. One of the -somewhat- newer ones that’s dear to my heart is Adventure Time. I love Marceline, and ̶S̶i̶m̶o̶n̶ The Ice King- their entire backstory is like a Tsunami of feels. Fun Fact: One my cats is named Marceline in honor of my favorite character. But, I couldn’t just be Marceline for Halloween, could I? 

      Marshal Lee is the Ice King’s genderbend of Marceline featured in Fionna and Cake. This bad boy won my heart with his “bad little boy” song and his mischievous voice. I did just chop my hair off, so there’s no more fitting costume to open this list, than with Marshal Lee. 

    Thankfully, I actually owned most of this already. I did have to sub in my black converse since I couldn’t find any red ones that were in budget. I don’t recall where I got the jeans, but the shirt came from Lizard Thicket and is featured in my What’s New post!

This guy would make a super easy, sort of low-key costume for those of us on a budget!


6. Apocalypse Wendy (Gravity Falls)

     earthling GIFAnother new-ish cartoon that I had avoided getting into, for some reason, is Gravity Falls. If you haven’t seen it, I do highly recommend it for those who are fans of cartoons in general and enjoy shows that poke fun at reality (.Gifanny is my favorite of these jokes). It’s got a little darkness to it and lightens it nicely with some hijinks that make it an overall great show.

      But, this isn’t a review, is it? for this costume, I did have to buy a wig, and a shirt… and boots. Apocalypse Wendy is a great follow-up to Adventure Time’s bad-boy. She can fight, drop-kick tiny ‘psychics’ with pompadors and is a great big-sister sort of character.

     The moment I saw her take on Weirdmageddon I knew I wanted to feature her here! Wendy in general would make a super easy Halloween costume. All you would need are brown boots, white tank, well-loved jeans, flannel green shirt and a flannel head scarf. Easy Peasy!

5. PB (Adventure Time)

Image result for princess bubblegum      I know, I know- another Adventure time costume idea. I’ve been obsessed with AT for a while now and I love Peebs- what’s better brains or beauty? With the genius ruler of Oo you don’t have to choose. She’s smart, mature and has an adorable design. She’s also relatable to those who had to grow up and take on too much too fast.

     This costume may take a little more hunting for the perfect things. You could probably make her crown, or you can get it for a fair $12 from etsy. The dress may be found at a thrift shop (which you guys know I swear by thrift shops!) or it’s stocked at Hot Topic, Ebay and Amazon! Wigs on Ebay are fairly affordable, too thankfully. 

     This costume may be done cheaper if you go with her in her White Lab Coat, with her hair up. The coat will give you a way to get out of hunting down a long pink dress, with the coat buttoned up at least half-way you can throw on a long pink maxi skirt!

     I wanted to include just easily attainable costumes in this list, and this one gets up to about 60 dollars. So it’s not too bad, but definitely not the cheapest one on this list.

4. Belle (Disney)

Image result for belle animated My favorite princess was always Belle- she had a thirst for adventure and a disdain for routine and mundanity. She speaks to me on a spiritual level.

     This costume may be a little easier to obtain than the previous one! You could even give it a modern spin with an overall dress, or just plain overalls with a peasant long-sleeved top. If you go the dress route, feel free to throw on a simple waist apron. 

     The last two things you’d need is a sky blue ribbon and some burgundy flats, maybe carry a thick book if you want to, or better yet, a book bag. They used to have that bag at Target, I wasn’t lucky enough to get one for myself at the time! I may have to grab one from the Wondrous Web Market that is Amazon!

3. Connie (Steven Universe)

 Image result for connie steven universe     This was one show I was determined not to get into for the longest time. The art style was out of my wheelhouse and simplistic. But at the urging of my fiance`, I did end up watching it. Guys, I wasn’t ready. It made me feel so many things- like frustration over the romantic situation between Connie and    Steven. Just tell her!

      I’ve been drawing a load of pictures of Connie and Pearl. But all in all, I thought that Connie would be the easier of the two to work with. This costume would be pretty simple. You’d need either a full-on one piece dress in two tones, or what I recommend, an off-white boat neck top tucked into a high waised sea foam skirt. It would be no trouble to hot glue a sea foam ribbon to the shirt to be accurate.

     After that, yellow knee-high socks and coral boots (orange, may also work). If you want to be true to canon, the last little bit would be a long black full-bodied wig (about 20 off ebay) A full-bodied black bob, if you want to be later-seasons Connie.

     This one makes me want to reconsider my personal costume, honestly. 

2. Misty (Pokemon)

   Image result for misty pokemonWhen I was a kid, I remember when Pokemon came out. I quickly jumped on collecting all of the colorful and nicely drawn cards. I had no idea how to play, so I just kind of played by my own rules. That’s what the characters did anyway, they didn’t follow the TCG rules, they just shouted at their creatures to attack whenever. 

     I used to love the show. I loved Brock’s obsession with Joy and Jenny, I loved Misty’s bond with Togepi and the way Ash and Pikachu were so in sync. When I was younger, I always wanted to cosplay as Misty, but could never find the shoes.

     Even now, I’m a little hesitant to include her in this list due to the shoes. To pull off a Misty costume, it’d be great to already have red hair. If you don’t have that already, a wig can be purchased at your local Halloween store or Ebay for 15-20 dollars. The rest of the costume is just a yellow tank, jean shorts, red suspenders and converse, or a comparable red hi-top. 

    If you were to go with converse, this would be the most pricey one on the list. Though, if you have most of the stuff for this, it could be a super simple last minute costume.

1. Snow White (Disney)     

Snow white disney.png

I used to be really, really into Disney and, like most 90’s Kids, I grew up on it. Disney showed me that true love can conquer anything and that all things are possible if you can imagine it, and just believe. Snow White taught me not to take things from strangers and that if you’re in a bad situation, there are people who’ll help.

     Nothing can really overcome her purity, she’s a kind soul with a generous and compassionate heart who finds true love despite her Evil Step-Mother’s best efforts. Though I did always wonder why she didn’t just kill Snow, rather than curse her to sleep for ever and run the chance of her getting True love’s kiss. 

     Like, she made a curse… shouldn’t she know what would break it? Seriously- get your act together. But, if Snow hadn’t gotten that kiss from Charming, we wouldn’t have this iconic costume! When I lopped all of my hair off, I was hit by inspiration. 

   Snow White may be a classic costume idea based off of her recognizability and style. You could theoretically do just about anything in this color scheme and be recognizable as Snow White. This could be a fun, easy costume for someone who wants to play with an icon! You could go with a yellow poodle skirt, red tank and blue cardigan and play up a fifties vibe, or  bring her to more modern times!

     Alrighty guys, I’ll leave you with those ideas! I’m really taken with a couple of them and I hope you are too! These should be accessible for us budget fashionistas and Halloween lovers! If you do any of these or have any ideas you would have loved to see, leave a comment for us down below or tag us on instagram @java_and_jeans to show off your ideas!

     Check back tomorrow for another post! Also, I’ll be hosting 2 movies on October 30, for Halloween Eve on Rabb.it! Join us for a night of popcorn and getting into the Halloween Spirit!



Hometown Cravings; Makeshift S’mores!

City: Columbus, GA
Stop: Origin Coffee
Drink: Maple spice,  Spiced brown sugar, Toasted marshmallow
     Hey everyone! I’m bringing in the new week with a new favorite flavor from- you guessed it- Origin Coffee. I may or may not be completely enamored with them. The workers there are more than happy to work with me as I hardly ever get the same flavor twice. They have been fantastic sports, so I have to give them props! Seriously, they’re just wonderful and I can’t hype them enough.
     I was going for a less cohesive S’mores flavor with this combination and I really thought that the spice would harken to the best season as it’s lurking right around the corner. Honestly, I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve really gotten to where I’m feeling some spiced flavors lately. I even found myself enjoying a pumpkin spice variant that I’ll be rounding up in a list for you guys in about 3 weeks or so. 
      Forgive me if this particular review portion is a bit on the short side, but I’ll get right to it! My little S’mores variant has some very subtle tones. Despite the majority being spiced, the drink comes across as creamy and soft. Toasted Marshmallow was a good choice for this instant fall favorite.
     The predominant flavor is the marshmallow with the maple as a quiet undertone. Which is a shame, because evidently I really dig maple flavoring. I had a fantastic maple milkshake with espresso in it from Macon and I think I’m hunting for something like that close to home. Sadly, I didn’t have the blog quite yet so no write up exists on that- but one day (hopefully soon!). The brown sugar is a very mellow flavor that adds some nostalgia somehow. It reminds me of the smell of the family home while the food was being prepped and everyone was starving. 
     Honestly, this was going to be featured on my list coming up in a few weeks. But I think they have something planned, so I would hate to feature something and then have it be completely overshadowed. If you’re local, I definitely suggest keeping an eye out for any Halloween themed goodies from the good folks over at Origin Coffee!

Taste; /5

I would love to give this a 5/5, but I was a tiny bit bummed about the maple not making more of an appearance. It’s a phenomenal drink that is perfect for the fall and I feel like the hot variant would be fantastic for the winter. I’m thinking a liquid version of roasting marshmallows at the fireplace. It’s definitely one I’m going to have get again (and again!).


     These next couple of months are going to be pretty eventful here at JnJ, I have a lot of good stuff planned (some more pricey than others). We have some fresh beauty content coming, some What’s New(s) and I’m thinking of slightly deviating from our regular content for the month of October and then really crank it up for the week before Halloween. 

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Hometown Cravings; The Origin of Obsession

Hey, everyone! Welcome to another Hometown Cravings! This is a very special debut post for the amazing Origin Coffee that recently opened close-by my home. I remember when I saw their sign, I was ecstatic wondering what sort of coffee they had. I was especially super excited that it was opened right by the card shop my Fiance` likes to hang out at. It gives me something to do that I really enjoy- drinking coffee.
   Their hours are also great! 6 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday, and 8 am to 8 pm on Sunday. It works for me! I got the chance to go in on their opening day, and let me tell you, their aesthetic is fantastic! I’m in love with the earthy and harmonious feel of the whole place- they really know how to use neutral colors and live plants. I honestly felt so at ease and relaxed the entire time! 
    For my first taste of their fantastic product, I got two for the price of one! My selection was Caramel and Spiced brown sugar which brings up one of my favorite things about them. They have so many unique flavors I’ve never thought of. It really let me be creative with my flavors!
     Before I got my drink, I chatted with the lovely lady that I can only assume is the owner. Their entire stock of coffee beans is locally sourced from River Rock Roasters (the same place as UniquExpressions and Lightnin’ Bugs ). I was eavesdropping later and found out, interestingly enough, that they are very fresh. The coffee beans are roasted Monday and are delivered no later than Wednesday. 

the glorious Caramel Spiced Brown Sugar Latte from Origin Coffee

I was super interested to taste my drink, because I’ve never seen spiced brown sugar flavored coffee. And guys, it was amazing. The caramel flavoring was much more noticeable at the offset. Which works for me! There was a hint of spice just behind the sweetness of my tried-and-true flavor. It’s somehow almost tangy? I’m not sure how else to describe it.
    The brown sugar lingers on the back of my tongue while the coffee is mild. The coffee serves to accentuate the sweetness of the flavors. I detect almost no hint of bitterness, but it’s there, giving a pleasant kick to a mild latte. I would definitely categorize this as another one of those coffees for those who don’t like coffee.
My second drink was a freebie, due to having made one with whole milk rather than 2%. Cookie Butter. Who ever sees COOKIE BUTTER at a coffee shop? It was pretty fantastic, though I was much more in love with my iced latte, due to nepotism and just plain loving caramel with just about anything. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of it in my excitement. Next time, for sure!
        My initial impression was the scent of Biscoff– or something like it. The coffee itself is fairly mild with a slight bit more kick than the previous drink. I definitely would also say this is a great contender for a holiday drink. This sweet spiciness has me feeling festive in the middle of Summer. I’ll definitely be revisiting this one around Christmas. 
        Moving on to my ratings… It should be pretty obvious, that I’m head-over-heels for Origin Coffee. I put it right up there with my FAVORITE coffee shop (3 guesses which one that is….), and the fact that it’s so close to my house is huge points. But, it’s not just the proximity that gets it a high rating, it’s the fact that it’s absolutely delicious.

Instagrameter;  /5

        There are so many possibilities for coffee placement and aesthetic shots, that I can think of no other rating than full score for their Instagram Score. It just feels so peaceful and relaxing in this shop and I CANNOT recommend it enough for everyone- locals and those just passing through.

Caramel/Spiced Brown Sugar; /5

    I LOVED this drink. The entire thing was delightfully sweet and harmonious. I’m absolutely in love! Definitely highly recommend this for everyone!

Cookie Butter; /5

    This was unique! I was introduced to cookie butter flavoring recently and never would have thought to throw it in coffee. It’s very well suited to fall or winter. It wasn’t quite as good as digging out a spoon of cookie butter, but it was close!