Off Topic; A Picture Adventure is Worth a Thousand Words!

   Hey guys! Holy crap, am I on time this week? Am I okay? Are you okay? Today’s post is back on the topic of Spooks, and yeah I’m totally going to get back on topic or figure out what the heck is going on here. Like, really, I’m having an identity crisis. Do I want to be spoopy or cutesy? This past weekend, I definitely chose the former option, and opted for not just spooky but hella scary…. and invigorating. After the adventure I had,  I’m honestly so jazzed. Like I said, we’re off topic today. Let me explain.

    Picture Adventure is a new Youtube channel and Instagram phenomenon, and we’ve joined forces to explore abandoned buildings and lesser known locations. There will be some spooks later on, like after this post. I want to say, that I’m deeply grateful for their acceptance of myself and my fiance` to tag along and participate in their amazing explorations. Despite being up-and-coming, they have a great energy as a group and a marked professionalism that I can’t wait to watch blossom. On Thursday I posted a poll on Twitter to see if you guys would be into hearing about my foray into our Abandoned town. Honestly, I was probably going to talk about it anyway, but it’s nice knowing that you’re at least somewhat receptive.

Shh… He’s Sleeping

    The first location we went to was located in [REDACTED], and was formerly a either a bowling alley or a theatre. It looked like at some point, it was re-purposed into a church or some sort of sanctuary. And interestingly enough, it was occupied… more on that in a minute. We entered the building and started (poorly, I guess) making sure we were alone. I snapped as many photos as I could with the poor lighting.

     I wasn’t able to do too much in the way of photos, since as we left the entryway and entered into the larger room it was pitch black. It was either camera or flash light, and ya girl needs to see. There were Christmas Ornaments strewn about, as there’s about 4 of us exploring the black and wide open space of what looked to be a church, one of the group raises the alarm. She was in the entryway snapping photos and panned her lens down to see… what else? A homeless man sleeping. I have one question. How did we not see him? 

    Once the alarm was raised, we all started making our way over to a secondary exit that our fearless leaders had found. When we reached the sunlight outside, all of us were confused. Had he been there the whole time? Was he planning something? Was he dangerous? Of course, in my infinite knowledge my immediate reaction is basically, “Oh, he’s alright. He’s sleeping.” I mean, we got past him right? But, would he have let us leave? We’ll never know, because we escaped clear on the other side of the building. 


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Skating’s Not As Fun as I Remember…

     After the sheer adventure that we had started out with, we were ravenous. We headed out for food and made planned out next steps. This next place was a little bit of a ride from where we were eating, but it was alright. It ended up being super worth it. Our second location was a long-closed and abandoned skating rink. In the back of the building, we found some green and purple Joker Mardigras beads. My first thought was Souvenir, one of the group was a little more level headed and got some strange vibes from them.

      We should have listened, in retrospect, rather than one of us pocketing the beads to distribute later. The guys went and cleared the location and called out to us, one told us to be careful because it smelled like “old people”. When I, and another companion, stepped in we smelled something more like vanilla cupcakes rather than an old musk. I didn’t smell mildew or anything, despite smelling nothing but when we were outside. 

    I took as many pictures in here as I could, also. Since we left the large door open, at the entry point I had some light to utilize. We found a room filled with cubbies and I was told it had been a costume room, I didn’t like the overall energy in the room. Despite being a fairly large room, extending back what must have been greater than 15-20 feet, I felt enclosed. We slowly traversed around the skate floor, there was an attic entry. And seriously, you couldn’t pay me to go in that thing. It looked cool though.

     When we made it toward the front of the building, there was a piece of insulation on the skatefloor that (I KID YOU NOT) had me so bent out of shape. It looked like a child with her arms around her knees, and she looked like she was turning her head to follow our progress. At first sight, my heart stopped but as we got closer I was able to make sense of what I was seeing.

     In one door way, about even with the “girl”, one of us asked if someone had been beside him. He was convinced that someone had been right at his arm. Nope. Not us. Pretty much all at the same time, our attention is pulled to this room. It’s a mid-sized room with a cement floor and boxes stacked along one wall. There’s a large iron (steel? maybe?) red double door, the threshold is the same size as the door. And just as soon as we acknowledge the room, we decide we want nothing to do with it. 

    The guys make their way inside, either oblivious to the energy that is emanating from it or uncaring. Hesitantly, we followed suit. The guys discovered that the door had bullet holes riddled throughout it. There are also shell casings strewn about the floor, I know someone voiced that at least some of the bullet holes were from the outside-in. Had there been casualties? Why is someone firing a gun at a skating rink? There’s a pressure in the room that is altogether unwelcoming. I feel a light pressure on my throat, causing a very anxious knot to form there. Suddenly, the girl who had the beads pocketed, runs out of the room with her hands touching her throat. She looked terrified and we followed her out, where she reported that she had felt someone (or something) choking her.

   At that point, we decided that it wasn’t worth it. We hadn’t even been looking for anything spooky, but it found us anyway. As it would later turn out, both she and I had nearly identical marks on on our lower throat. I guess I can’t go back in there, and I don’t know if I want to. I’ve been marked by whatever’s there. Who’s to say what it can do to us next time, especially her? And, don’t worry, we abandoned those beads. No thanks. 


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The Mill: Take 2!

    We left the Skating Rink more than a little shaken up and worse for the wear, given the circumstances and find that we still crave more thrill. We need more adventure. After encountering whatever entity resided there, in what used to be a carefree locale, we craved more. If you’ll recall in one of the Halloween Event posts, I believe it was this one, outlining a hunt I had with a friend. We had initially sought out to explore an old textile mill in the area, and we thought we had found it and that it had been turned residential. We were mistaken. The mill that we had found was residential, but the one we were looking for was no longer functional and thus in a mid-state of demolition. The Mill had been completely gutted and all that remains are the perimeter walls and an elevator shaft.

   It was intensely photogenic, but likewise impregnable. All entry points were fortified with steel and concrete, save for a tunnet with YEET graffiti with 18 Es. And unless we wanted to pull some Assassins Creed stuff and scale the wall… there was no way in. We had to admit defeat, but not before sticking our cameras into the elevator shaft. I didn’t see anything but one of our group confessed on leaving that he had seen a shadow figure walk by inside. We also came across some gentlemen who had been shooting a music video so there was an opportunity for unexpected networking. Our appetites barely sated with the bitter taste of disappointment lead us to make plans for the evening. 


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Baby’s 3rd Ouija Session!

    At 6 PM we reconvened at a Coffee Shop to gather our wits about us and group up to make our way to the final destination of the evening. It was one I had never heard of despite the deep dive I did on Google previously; Demon bridge. I came in with my Ouija Board in tow, and my trusty EMF detector to aid in investigations. My fiance was in attendance but opted to stay out of the affair entirely. We started with an EVP session, that I haven’t heard as it’s currently being edited I would assume.

     Alongside the EVP session we had the EMF detector for simple Yes or No answers and also to detect when whatever we were communicating came closer to us. It was quickly determined that whatever was there was the same entity that had followed a previous group member after a previous investigation and that it didn’t like me. It would only really respond to one of the group member’s questions and all out ignored mine. One of us looked toward a second bridge over the right and states that she saw large masses that looked like dogs. My initial thought is hellhounds, but why were they there?

    Someone asked if we should do the Ouija board, and I was told afterward, that one of us heard a menacing laugh at the mention of it, which made her go back to her car. As she was leaving, she heard children’s giggling. It was kind of understood that what we were interacting with wasn’t exactly positive and that the Ouija board may not be a good idea in that light. This revelation caused one more of our number to depart to safety. If we weren’t going to do the Ouija Board, what had we come for? We made our way through the brush where we had been hearing footsteps and those aforementioned giggles. We set up the candles around the board and set up camp to start the session in a far less conspicuous spot. 

    Part of it was kind of nonsensical, the entity might be a mother or child, indicated by the “Yes” followed by the slow slide to “No”.  When we prompted it for a name, we were first presented with ZoZo. Before anyone gets worried, it was not preceded by the telltale figure eight and there was no wooing of us by this entity. It also likewise gave us the name Mama, which is a pseudonym for ZoZo. No thanks. Most of the words the entity spelled with the board were terribly misspelled, I wonder if they maybe didn’t know how to spell? I recall one thing we got from the board was something that seemed like a super misspelled “Madame”. 

    Over the course of this (seance?) we heard clear footsteps coming from both sides of the bridge. There were multiple laughs heard from the darkness around us, and figures darting just out of sight. The thing that confuses me the absolute most is that we saw what appeared to be a blue LED flashlight beam making its way through the brush. It was unanimously assumed that it was one of our companions who had gone to safety earlier. About 10 minutes or so later, I wondered where he was and realized what it may have been.

     This whole time I was terribly uncomfortable, as I had to lean over my lap and keep my arms outstretched. After a while, we asked if we could end the session and were granted permission a far cry from my previous experience of us taking control and saying, “We’re ending the session, goodbye”. We performed a saging on ourselves and the board to ensure that whatever was there would stay there and then we left the dark underbelly of the bridge.


     When we made it to the road to say our goodbyes, I immediately questioned one of those who had gone to safety to ask if he had started to come down and then changed his mind. He and the others who had been with him confirmed that no one had been returning and in fact… He couldn’t even find his flashlight. At that point, several of us spotted a large figure in the middle of the road standing in the middle of the bridge that we were just under. It was watching us leave.

     What I saw was a shadow that looked to be darker than the darkness around it. It appeared to be draining the meager light from it’s surroundings. I got the urge to run, but didn’t want to be rude to my newfound friends.  To be honest, I was too happy when they suggested that we should probably leave. I unceremoniously booked it to the car and then proceeded to spend 10 minutes lost (with a GPS). It an adventure that I didn’t want.

    I did make it safely home. The whole night I kept thinking that I felt ‘dirty’- was I followed? After a couple days I honestly think it’s just some residual energy that I’m trying to shake off. I haven’t had any additional activity at my home and my animals are still doing what they do best; sleep and be cute. No nightmares or random bruising, aside from whatever happened the skating rink. I do feel like I’m just shaking off some residue but I’m otherwise no worse for the wear! 

    I do want to say really quickly, before I sign off, a PSA: Java and Jeans does not suggest that you explore abandoned buildings with out the consent of your local authorities. Trespassing charges are nothing to trifle with. If you’re going to explore, please be sure to utilize the proper channels to make sure you stay safe, healthy and out of trouble. Exploring is great, but I urge you to do so responsibly. With asbestos, squatters, legal repurcussions and, not to mention a more paranormal flavor of risk, it doesn’t pay to head in half-cocked.

    Java and Jeans is also in the midst of a few changes, so stay tuned for those as well! I love you all, and I’ll see you next week!