Unplanned Hiatus Update! Haunted Doll and the Future!

     Hey, guys! I’m sorry I disappeared on you guys again. This hiatus was brought to you by the stinging pain of failure. Failure of the 13 days of Halloween that I valiantly attempted. I have a somewhat Halloween themed update for you guys. I did acquire a haunted doll, I wandered around the Thrift Shop with a spirit box and EMF detector asking every possible haunted doll if they were haunted (quietly) until I met one that seemed to like me.

     The first word I got was Lauren, and she guided me to her vessel with the EMF detector and a description of her clothes. Before leaving, I asked if she wanted to go home with me. Through my makeshift SB7-Spirit Box, I heard a clear “Uh-huh”. Ever since I’ve been dedicated to misinterpreting her words via the pendulum. So with a method, I’m not able to mess up, the EMF detector, I asked her to respond to my questions.

     I told her the drill, no response means “No” and a spike means “Yes”. Tonight I was able to hold a long conversation with her. When I had the Spirit Box running, I could have sworn I got the name “Danielle” and that’s what I’ve been calling her. I asked her if I had been misinterpreting the pendulum by micro-movements, and she told me yes. Okay, no problem. I decided to verify her name, she told me I had been calling her the wrong name and her name is Lauren. The first name I got in the Thrift Shop. Was Danielle an entity passing by? We were right by Samhain, so perhaps, and perhaps she hung around for a little bit afterward.

    Poor girl is a trooper and is willing to give communication a shot with an actual SB7-Spirit Box. I explained to her how they work and she seems pretty sure that she can talk with it. With our interactions so far, it seems like she has a lot to say that I’m missing out on with the EMF detector. The last bit of info I got about her tonight was that she passed in 1810, in Georgia. But, she’s not sure what region, maybe she was taken? I’ll probably verify that info with her when we get the Spirit Box to make sure my dumb self doesn’t misinterpret what she tells me. 

    She’s quite sweet and I’m happy to have her here. I’m also thrilled that she’s communicating with me a little more. Last week, I saw a large orb in the hallway. And tonight, I heard a door open the hall while my fiance was fast asleep. She seems to like my cats, and they seem to return the sentiment as wherever she is, they’re laying on or near her.

Haunted Doll- Lauren

     With the post I had planned sometime during October, out of the way, we do have some plans coming up! Also, I won’t be posting a lot of spiritual, paranormal, or otherwise spoopy stuff moving forward. Only that which I deem significant. And I would love  more haunted doll updates!

     Since my gig is reviews on establishments, food, and events, I will be writing a post on a metaphysical shop in Auburn here soon. I’ll be opening votes on Twitter, as to whether I post about an abandoned building we’re going to explore this weekend as well.


  1. Metaphysical Shop, Auburn Alabama
  2. Coffee Cat, Auburn Alabama
  3. Homebrews Revival


These 11 Dolls Are Spirited!

     Hey there guys! We’re still one day behind, but I was determined not to fall two days behind. Evidently my method for doing this has to change- I’m making it a goal to dedicate the time next year to be ready way beforehand. My binding contractual promise aside, let’s get onto today’s post. Today we’re going to be taking a look at something I had forgotten entirely. The haunted dolls that grace the lovely site of Ebay. This post includes the ones that caught my eye earlier and a couple that I regard somewhat skeptically.

Let’s get on to the haunted dolls!

1. Lilly

Haunted Doll- Lilly     ” She was known to be a good luck charm.It seemed like good things happened to people she was around.Her dads car broke down when she was 12 years old and he was about 1,000 bucks short of fixing it.He never played lottery but figured what the hey.Bought a few tickets and on the last one he scratched won 1,500 bucks.He fixed his car and took Lilly to the Goodwill and she picked out this doll in which her spirit is now trapped.”

     Lilly appears to be a lucky spirit that will bring you joy if you decide to become her new family. She is a young soul, and from the looks of it, may facilitate fast recovery as well.


2. Angie

Haunted Doll- Angie“I have seen black shadow people and my crosses that I have hang up on my wall go upside down and they are thrown across the room. She has chanted something I don’t understand but sounded very evil and it scared me. She told me her name Angie and how she worshiped the devil when she was alive and how she sacrificed her self to the devil and that’s how she died”

    This charming doll has a very disheveled look, but if you like to walk on the darkside she might be calling to you. Do you enjoy hanging out in the dark and chanting cryptic phrases in ancient tongues?

    I mean no disrespect to the owner of the doll, but this honestly sounds like a load to me. Anytime anyone basically attributes something’s malevolence to the devil, it immediately loses it’s credibility to me.



3. Melanie

Haunted Doll- Melanie
Srsly guys- I want this one.

“Melanie was 17 when she died in an auto accident.She is a very sweet spirit and very friendly.She likes music and tv and loves to have her hair brushed.She is active and has opened and closed her eyes,changed facial expressions and moved her host to change positions.She will answer questions with a ouija board,pendulum and spirit box,She has a calming feeling around her,”

    This one, oh ma guys. I want this one. Honestly, I think Melanie is calling me. I messaged the seller to get more information on her and got the quoted text in response. She’s perfect. I can see us sitting on the couch together watching TV, Binging Youtube. I call Dibs on this one, guys.

4. Betsy

Haunted Doll- Betsy

Betsy was a slave during the civil war. She had a very rich owner that took a likening to her which his wife knew nothing about. She told me his wife found them together in bed. She wanted him to kill Betsy. So he took her to the hanging tree to be hung which she said is were she died. She says she has traveled many years and took on different vessels till she found this vessel and me. ”    If I wasn’t already sold on Melanie, I would probably be vibing with Betsy here. She seems like a very peaceful and harmonious spirit who doesn’t mean any harm. She’s musical, according to the ebay listing. She sounds sweet.



5. Jessica

Haunted Doll- Jessica

“The more attention and communication we have the worse things get. My other spirits call her demonic, I don’t know if they are just jealous of her strength and our bond. ? Jessica is definitely an evil spirit. That I can vouch for. In my professional opinion she is definitely demonic.
     Her owner died, she was elderly. And now things between her and I have crossed the line and I won’t tolerate it.
     Jessica is between 10-15 years old, so she says. I have 1-5 more spirit dolls in this house that I have so, many tricky things can happen in many different ways.
     Jessica is extremely strong. The strongest vessel out of 200-215 of them. But of course you have to consider what I’m working with.”

This listing makes me so curious. I would almost buy her myself, but god knows what sort of negativity has been imprinted on the poor girl. With this kind of projection there’s no telling. I do almost want to message the seller an ask what happened that you won’t tolerate? I mean that sounds like a great story, right?


6. Brigitte

“Brigitte was a working girl, she had lost her parents when she was only 13 and began working as a showgirl at a very young age. Brigitte was hardworking and very independent, she had a lot of sex appeal and and quite a way with men. Brigitte was a very dominant and sensual woman. She had worked hard her whole life only to have it taken all away so briefly, she tells me she’s alot happier now, she says she has let go of the past and is ready to start enjoying the finer things in life. Brigitte’s passion in life was singing and dancing and being the absolute best performer she could be. She has been quite wonderful to have here in my home.”

    I don’t know about you, but to me, Brigitte sounds delightful. She sounds like an amazing house guest… or squatter, because you know, she can’t pay now. But she can definitely bump up the vibes in your abode.



7. Mandy

Haunted doll- mandy

“This lovely has flickered lights,candles and drained my devices And in the wee hours of the morning I have heard footsteps near my front door I have also heard gentle chanting or singing And have experienced her touching my arm giving me a hair raising tingling sensation I have seen her apparition It is dark gray misty transparent and disappears very quickly seems to have sparkles If light around the perimeter of this lady like figure You 🌸will also receive a Simple Ritual for Protection and all you need to perform it when using any type of divination such as pendulum,ouija board,spirit box sessions etc… ”

    This benign white witch spirit even comes with a protection charm. She would be perfect for a practicing pagan, but I wouldn’t recommend her for someone who doesn’t believe in or practice in the arcane arts… you know, because she might get bored and restless. Hey, New Agey people, I think I found your girl!



8. Ashley

Haunted Doll- Unknown

WARNING: VERY STRONG PRESENCE! Ashley is a wise old soul with a sweet, helpful spirit. SUPER POWERFUL/ NOT A TOY! Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

    I feel like I would also vibe well with Ashley, here, we share the ties of a common name. We both are named for a Meadow of Ash Trees. She’s absolutely beautiful and I feel somewhat drawn to her as well. I may have to stick with my friend Melanie though, because she’s in my budget. But goodness, the way this one is looking at me. I feel like if she is haunted or possessed, the sellers assessment is accurate.



9. Brigitte 2

Haunted Doll- Brigitte 2

“Brigitte comes through as a very down to earth young lady. Her energy is positive even though she has been through a lot. She communicates with sounds. I can hear creaking noises and have seen a flashes of light in my ceiling. She enjoys nature and said she loves birds. Brigitte was part of a large family so she enjoys being around children and people. She can be shy around men though. She is a special young lady wanting a fresh new start. If you feel drawn to her please don’t hesitate and take her home.”

We have another Brigitte here, and she is a through-and-through lady. She is nobility and carries herself as such. If you have children and/or pet birds she may be a good bet for you.



10. Madeleine

Haunted Doll- Madeleine

“Madeleine was an artist. She loved fine arts and was a natural at painting. She dreamed of becoming a famous painter and traveling the world. She communicates through visions. She shows me her paintings of landscapes and fills my mind with colors. Her personality is vibrant. She comes through full of life and energy. She is friendly and talkative. ”

   I can see this lovely lady being a good fit for creative and those who have insatiable wanderlust. Also, fun unrelated fact to the lovely lady we see here, this is the same seller as the previous Brigitte. This is another one that I could see myself vibing with, but I’m still set on my girl up there.



11. Kimma

Haunted Doll- Kimma

Meet Kimma, Kimma always loved cooking. Ever since she was a small child she would be in the kitchen with her grandma. Her Grandma taught her how to cook the best food. Kimma grew up and went to culinary school. She graduated and tried out for a hollywood tv show that she had to compete in. She got through some until she was eliminated. She was devastated.  Kimma died somehow. Not sure how though but her spirit is now in this vessel.”

  I put this one on the list because of the listing- looking at the doll, I can sort of believe that there’s a spirit attached to it, but I do advise to take this one with a grain of salt. The vague listing details are a touch dubious. ALSO!! One of the lines below states “she’s not evil, just disturbed,” so there’s that.



Are any of them calling to you? You might want to take a look at the description on the item page before making the purchase. Evidently if they’re calling to you across cyberspace they want you for their owner- but beware, if they have negative traits that you find unacceptable, it may be a match made in hell. And, I swear guys, I’m going to be super upset if my girl Melanie is bought out of from under me. I swear on me mum.

    I do of course, suggest also approaching haunted dolls with caution. It is something we don’t understand, so it should be treated with respect. For instance, with my sweet girl Melanie up there, I have lofty plans of hanging out on the couch and watching YouTube together, maybe combing her hair. If there are entities attached to these haunted dolls, we don’t want to make them angry and cause a malevolent haunting to occur in our home base.