Unboxing; This Box is a Birch

      Hey, there guys! I finally got my Birchbox a little bit late! This one was for the month of September, and this was another case where I thought I had signed up too late to get the goods. It’s okay! Any goodies are good goodies, right? Especially where makeup is concerned! 

     If you’re not familiar, Birchbox is another monthly beauty box service, like Ipsy. Unlike Ipsy, Birchbox doesn’t provide a cute or fashionable makeup bag for your purse, they give you a colorful box instead. I did test everything, so let’s have a look!

     At first, I was completely underwhelmed by this delivery. It was a real rollercoaster. I was excited to get the package but once I opened it, I was hit with an “oh, is that it?”.  What we have here is, from right to left, leave in conditioner, Arrow color enhancing balm, Collagen eye pads, Mac 3D mascara and dry shampoo.

     If you’re saying “Is that it?”, believe me, I totally shared that sentiment until I starting playing with it. The first thing I broke into was the M.A.Cscara. It took two applications to get some decent length from it, but true to the advertising my lashes weren’t clumpy. It provided some nice lift and in no way weighed my lashes down. I give this product a 4/5 because it could have been a little more pigmented.

     That color enhancing balm from Arrow, is really an understated thing that had me a little disappointed. I did put it on and got some subtle shine and it did bring out the pink in my lips a little more. It kind of makes them pop. I will say that it doesn’t really smell like much, which was a disappointment. Because, I really like scented balms, but I can live without scent. I think this may be a staple in my purse soon, just because you can never have too many balms. I’d rate this a 4/5 too, I’m detracting a point for scent because that irks me just a little.

     I think I’ll combine the Shampoo and leave in conditioner here. The dry shampoo smells really good, I sprayed it on my roots from the recommended 8 inches and brushed it through. My hair’s on day 2, so I’m due for a wash. This did bring some life back to my hair, so I may be using it in travel emergencies when we find ourselves on the road. On another plus, both of these are the perfect travel size to keep stashed in my purse! Score! This conditioner honestly smells so good, the closest I can get is Vanilla which is great. I can’t wait to break this out during a vacation. I’d rate these at a 5/5.

     The last thing in this box was the Collagen Mask from Wilma Schumann. I’ve never used any Collagen items before now, so I wasn’t sure what to do. I slapped these under my eyes at the end of the day and I felt them working almost immediately. At first, I thought it was burning, but what was happening was an intense cooling and hydrating effect. I kept them there for the recommended 20 minutes (I think). When I took it off, I honestly didn’t notice any real difference. I’m wondering if maybe it takes multiple applications to see results? I’d rate this a 4.5/5, I’m not sure if it even did what it was supposed to but I felt dang fancy using these.

    I think out of this box, I’d be most likely to stock up on the leave in conditioner, just because of the way it smells. While I liked the mascara, I don’t like it enough to spend 24 dollars on it. My Rimmel London ScandalEyes treats me just as well at a fraction of the price.

  If I had to give this box a rating in its entirety, I’d give it a 4.5/5 for looking pretty underwhelming but overall performing remarkably. I really enjoyed everything in this box and I can’t wait for the next one to come in!



Unboxing; Ipsy With Me

Unboxing; Ipsy With Me

Who doesn’t love monthly presents? Pretty dang affordable gifts to yourself that you get on a monthly basis? I know that I’m definitely among that number. Guys, I love month subscription boxes. I like when their makeup, geek culture, treats… Currently, I really want one that’s clothing, but I don’t know if I can trust myself to return the items I don’t want. The moment I’m able though, I totally intend to get Stitch Fix. Right now though, I’m only subscribed to makeup boxes. Birchbox, Ipsy, Lip Monthly and Sephora Play. Well…. Lip Monthly I’m just doing a trial run this month. But for sure I’m all on board with the other three. 

     I wasn’t going to sub to the makeup boxes again because I had stopped doing any makeup at all. Now I’m starting to get back into it in a big way, I figured ‘why not?’ But I wasn’t sold on it until I saw September’s Ipsy bag. Just… it’s so unbelievably cute. I caved and subscribed but Ipsy had told me it was too late to get the bag I wanted.

     Lucky me when I got the email letting me know it had shipped! This bag is pretty awesome, guys. Not the best, really, but I did get a really nice blending brush. The first thing I noticed when opening my bag was this amazing quote. I love it and immediately stuck it on Instagram.

Moving on the meat of the bag…

Two sheet face masks! I’m so excited! I really love masks and I’m just starting to amass a huge collection of them in my miscellaneous makeup drawer. I usually prefer mud masks because the sheets are a little hard to match to my face and keep them there. Preference aside, I’m pretty hype to use these!


When I saw this on the Ipsy app, I wasn’t too excited. Pinks are generally a bad color on me. Seeing it in person is a little different, it looks soft enough to be passable. That apparently doesn’t concern me too much, because I just bought the Norvina palette which has a few shimmery pinks that I quite like. I’ll do a tester of it and hope for the best!

This. I don’t think I like this. The Thank Me Later primer is definitely not an item I intend to purchase. I feel like it goes on with an oily texture and then dries to a powder. My fingers felt incredibly greasy after using this. I may give it another chance and see how it goes, but as of right this moment, I don’t think that I like this. If it works for you, great!

Ipsy has spoken, and they want me to use TreStique- I’m not offended. I actually really like these. They sent me one ages ago and I still use it. They have such a great, smooth formula and the pigmentation is lovely. The color doesn’t last super long, but that’s okay because it’s so small that I don’t mind carrying it with me to do touch ups if needed. 

Check out that brush! Isn’t it adorable? I haven’t tried it quite yet, beyond blending shadows on my wrists. It’s super soft and flexible. It does its job well so far. The fact that it’s DC-related with the Harley Quinn diamonds doesn’t matter much to me beyond aesthetics.

I’d probably rate this bag a…


Really, I can’t give it higher based on the fact that they missed their marks with the colors for the most part. I prefer nudes, browns and a few bold colors here and there. I generally reach for red lipsticks rather than pink. So while this lippy is cute, it’s not really all the way up my alley. It’s not a bad bag, I just didn’t jive with their color choices.They weren’t far off their mark.

I hope they get closer next month!

Branded; JnJ’s first Promobox!

Guys, I’m going to cut right to the chase! I’m excited. I was recently told about the Promo Box from Vistaprint by our baker friends over at Petite Sweets N Treats. I then promptly forgot about it. I did sign up eventually, and my first box was 5 bucks! All future ones will top out at about 25 dollars a month- a little heftier than most subscriptions I try by about 3 times.

     But, guys, you can’t beat the feeling of getting merch with your own logo on it. There’s something that feels so good about that. Without further ado, let’s get to the box!

For my first Promo Box, I’m impressed! Check out that handwritten note! It really made it feel personal, almost like a Christmas gift from a friend. 

    The items included in this box were some fairly sizable note cards with envelopes included, that I at first mislabeled as postcards. I’m not sure what to do with this, maybe wedding invitations?

I also got a sheet of small stickers that I plan to use randomly on stationary- or on my planning notebook. I love these stickers, guys.

The first thing that really had me so incredibly happy was the pen. I love having this pen clipped on my bag. It gives me a little bit of pride when I take it out and sign receipts at coffee shops or where ever I happen to be.

   The ink is similar to a gel pen, with great flow and nice jet ink. It doesn’t bleed through my notebook paper and feels fairly sturdy. This pen can keep up with my adventures and seems to have a nice capacity as far as ink goes. 

You can see in that picture that I also got the business cards that I had professionally designed by the good folks over there at Vista Print. I know they didn’t come in the box, but I saw no point in creating a post for my business cards alone. Since they arrived on the same day, it made sense to include them here. I love them. They’re adorable, and I love the use of the logo on the side. They’re kind of muted in color, and I feel like they compliment the brightness of the site itself. 

I wanted to wait a moment to show you guys this amazing last item. This shirt branded with our official redesigned logo! (feat. my new haircut from Miss Chasity at Ulta!) This shirt is so comfortable, and I’m loving the subtle coloration of the logo and how it’s not overpowering on the white. The only thing I would change about this, is maybe make the neckline a little lower. 

     I don’t generally go for shirts that are plain T-necks, just due to not liking the feel of something around my neck like that. I did wear this outfit to the Blowout Makeup Sale, because I just couldn’t wait to rep the blog and pass out the new business cards! So, in the end, the neck on this shirt didn’t bother me too much.



   The Promo Box was 100% worth it, especially since it was $5. I don’t have anything negative to say in regards to this box. All of the pieces worked so well together and the shirt was incredibly comfortable. Really, it was deceptively soft for the style of shirt.

     I was expecting a cheaply made, scratchy T-shirt when I saw it, but what I got was premium feeling soft knit shirt. This can pass as pajamas! I can’t wait to use those stickers everywhere!

Thank you so much, Jack!