Sponsored; The Joys of Planning the Bulletproof Way

      Hey guys, this is our first sponsored post and is strategically going up on the same day as our regularly scheduled content. This is a topic that I feel… mixed about. As you can see, I’m promoting a planner, and planning is not my strong suit. It never has been, even in elementary school when they had those weird mandatory agendas that I still attempt to recreate every semester to keep myself in line. Is it effective? Nope. Could it be? With this Bulletproof journal it looks like it could be.

    The designer of the Bulletproof Journal, Yvonne Heimann, aims to make planning, not only a tool of efficiency but efficient in itself. This journal is meant to reduce your stress and anxiety, and increase your sense of zen along with creating good habits and a sense of community. This is a business planner for those entrepreneurs out there, so you may want to forego this entire spiel and check out their IndieGoGo which launches on June 26, go ahead and click HERE if you’re already sold!

     The Bulletproof journal essentially came with Miss Yvonne nearly losing everything, but thanks to her hard work and dedication you don’t have to hit that point. Her hard work is most definitely your gain if you struggle with:

  •  Staying on top of your most important projects, goals, and dreams
  •  Tracking (and being proud of) your personal accomplishments
  •  Remembering what you are grateful for and what’s meaningful to you

It also brings to the table this amazing list of pros in its favor, and legit, I’m already planning to hop on this when it launches. Because, boy I could use catch-all journal like this in my day to day life. So you don’t have to be a business owner to get use out of this glorious gift to workers everywhere. The pros are below!

  • Lays completely flat!
  • Vision Board
  • Discovery Pages
  • Year and Month at a Glance
  • Daily Layout
  • Annual Planner
  • Yearly Goals
  • Content Planner
  • Quarterly Goal Setting
  • Financial Goal Setting + Tracking
  • Weekly Planning
  • Habit Planning + Tracking

  Like I said, the Bulletproof Journal launches on June 26th so if you want to jump on it HERE, be sure to write down that date in your current planner so it knows it’s on thin ice! I would also like to include this helpful list of links for you guys to check out in the meantime!