[EVENT] Let’s Get Witchy at the Wizard Ball!

     Hey guys! I’m so jazzed right now! The first event I’ve been to in… well… a while! I’m absolutely over the moon! Now, I know I made this big fancy calendar to keep track of all of the events around me, but job stuff happened and I had to sit those all out. Because I was poor. Not today though, because I bought this ticket in advance. That’s right, guys, it’s finally time for the Wizard ball.

     This is going to be a shorter post than I had anticipated since it’s not a two-part event for me this year. We had something come up and that’s fine, I guess. There’s always next year! I did manage to get my wand, so there’s that!

Wizard Vibes

    I arrived at the event early, as is my JNJ aesthetic evidently. In fact, I was half an hour early. When I arrived the venue was somewhat empty, with the gentleman who was hosting the event to the right of the entryway and a couple of people scattered about here and there. I could see the stage where multi-colored lights shone back near the rear of the room and some lights leading up a flight of stairs to a loft. There was bar, that hadn’t been set up quite yet and to the right of that were bannered on the banister of the stairs. On the walls to either side were flickering lanterns and house banners for each of the four houses. 

     Check out the aesthetic of this place! I really really liked the decorations that they had there. Though they were simple, I found them to be effective. Check out the gallery below to see the decor and the lighting.


Picture 1 of 12

      I spent a fair portion of my time there hanging out in the loft. I found the cookies particularly interesting, as they sated my sweet tooth. By about 8:00 pm, the band Radio Cult set up. I hadn’t even noticed that they had been milling about previously, likewise enjoying the cookies. The couches on the loft were pleasantly plush and perfect for vibing to the music. I took quite a few video clips of them and their fantastic energy. 

    I’m so awful with names but the lady with the super cool fashion sense was clearly having the time of her life. While watching them I found the energy somewhat contagious, despite my worsening toothache. I apologie for the following video quality, I filmed it with my cell phone. I will say that the fashionable bassist has the perfect 1980’s rock voice and I’m living for it. If you’re interested, definitely check out their songs just below. I don’t want to spoil too much of their repertoire, but these were my personal favorites.

       Honestly, this post was on my backburner for a little bit, but I still wanted to share it with you guys! I’m still bummed somewhat that the second part of the event was cut short for me… but that’s okay, still, because the Wizard Weekly issue we were all given included the ingredients for the wizard themed beverages. I’m planning a big Wizard party at my place sometime in the future. 

    As I write this, it’s a few days after my wedding, that is to say that it’s been a while since this event and my memory is foggy. In any event, I hope you enjoyed getting a snippet of their setlist and checking out this event with me!

Huge Birthday Itinerary for Savannah Georgia!

   Hey guys! Today’s post is another small departure from our usual programming, and late, as is my trend. If you guys have been following in the ol’ tweet machine you may have noticed me LOSING MY EVER-LOVING MIND. Short version: I’m excited. Long version? Just check it out!

     My birthday plans include 6 days of fun and fancy, starting on the 16th.


    Oh boy! I’m going to wake up at 6:00 AM, bright and early. I’m going to throw on my clothes, put Java’s pajamas on her (because I’m that person, and I want her to feel warm and safe), and get on the road. The trip to Savannah is about 4 hours from home. I’m going to stop in every town I come across to try the coffee. That alone will add an hour or so to the trip.

     I plan to get to Savannah about 2 or 3 pm, in time to check in to the hotel. I had initially picked one with an adorable aesthetic, not only were the reviews unfavorable, but they wouldn’t allow my sweet daughter. And how can you say no to this?:


    Today, I plan to take to the historic town of Savannah and see what the downtown scene is like. I want to explore and walk on the cobbled streets with Java and take in the sights and the smell of the ocean. I’ll most likely be glued to my camera until about lunch time, when I plan to find a bistro with outdoor dining, so that Java and I can share a meal. I’m trying not to spoil too much for myself by looking at pictures, so it’s going to be fresh eyes when I get there.

     I’m considering setting up a ghost tour for tonight, a twofer with a carriage ride and walking portion. I’m a little on the fence about having today booked since it’s the day after an exhausting drive. I may take it easy, but then again, I may not!


    Tonight I have a ghost tour on foot already booked, and I am so ready. This is a thing I don’t share too often on here, but I’m obsessed with creepy locations, urbex, history and ghost hunts. It might be juvenile, but I love it and genuinely have so much fun! I have an EMF detector on the way, and I wish it would get here already. I’m wondering if I should buy a small digital camera and try to get some apparitions?


    Tonight is going to be pub crawl with a designated driver! There’s this amazing looking little ghost hunt/tour that features the haunted pubs in Savannah. And you better believe I intend to take part in it. If not that, I know about a dozen other ghost hunts I want to do. But, but I think the pub one is a good choice for my birthday-eve.


     Today will be filled with taking in the sights with the Java, who, to this point, has been drowning in ghosts. I hope to find some little pet friendly shops, and I do intend to ask before I take her into any. I hope to have a list of places that are Java-Accepting before today. I want to take her on the town and show her all kinds of new stuff. This is also the day that I plan to set sail on the 7 seas in a pirate ship

    Guys. What? You can bet I’m going to try to coordinate a Wench ensemble for my grand voyage. You think I’ll find any treasure? Or maybe the treasure was the adventure we’ll have along the way. After shopping in whatever unique stores I can find, indulging my inner Pirate and some food, I’ll go back to the hotel and watch movies with Java.


    I’m a little sad even writing this. Because I don’t want to think about my adventure ending before it’s even begun. I know I’ll miss my Fiance` the whole time I’m there, but I could literally travel my whole life and never get bored of the open road. I plan to stop off in whatever mom and pop breakfast diner I’ve developed a fondness for over the duration of my trip, and then hit the road with Java, bags of goodies, pictures and the memories of adventure fresh on my mind. The adventure won’t be totally over today, because the trip back is just an opportunity to see more new things. 

      Have you guys ever been to Savannah? Are there any places you would recommend that I check out? I’d love to hear about them so that I add them to my itinerary! I’m so looking forward to my trip and especially to sharing it with all of you across social media! 


Cirque Italia; multicultural water circus!

The walkway to the stage looked so cool!

    Hey Guys! I’m bringing you fresh news today! Over the past week, I was told about this thing I’ve never heard about. Cirque Italia.  A water circus. What? I was invited by a co-worker, and quickly jumped on the chance to have a new experience. I would have loved to show you guys some stills from the show, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get a pass to take pictures.

Image result for cirque italia pictures
Picture borrowed from Knoxnews

    The first act that I recall featured two ladies. It actually may have been the same ones pictured above. I honestly can’t even imagine the strict training regimen that these people must go through to get to this point. These ladies must have near superhuman strength. I still spent most of the time being concerned for their well-being.

Image result for cirque italia pictures
Picture borrowed from Jersey Family Fun

       The second act in Cirque Italia that resonated with me is the above. At first, the gentleman was inside of the hoop, but ended up on top of it. Since there was an inflatable landing pad beneath him, I thought this was the safest thing they had done. But they proved me wrong, by introducing a jump rope. Seriously, this one made me a little upset that I was so close to the action, yet unable to actually take pictures.

Image result for cirque italia pictures
picture borrowed from Yelp

    Since I don’t want to spoil too much of this event, simply for the fact that I want to encourage you to attend if it comes to your area. I will say that at a point, they had a very good dinosaur costume that attendees could take pictures with! It wasn’t free, much to my dismay it was 10 dollars. Sadly, I didn’t have ten on me.

If you attend and you want to take pictures with the cast of Cirque Italia, don’t fret! You can after the show!

I was so thrilled to find that I could get a photo with the performers and let them know that they were fantastic. I’m still so in awe.

VIP Treatment with Wine Women and Shoes

   Greetings, everyone. I hope you guys have your opera glasses and champagne (assuming you’re 21 or older). On November the 8th, I splurged a lottle (like a little, but a lot) and went to Wine, Women and Shoes– and guys, you know I had to be extra. I went all the way and went for the VIP treatment. VIP guests got the same perks as those who got the general admission:     

General Admission tickets include entrance to the marketplace, wine tastings, culinary bites, a seat at the fashion show, plus a swag bag and wine glass to take home. *Price increase on September 16 to $100.

    There was a slight difference between the VIP and general admission.

VIP tickets include all of the perks of a general admission ticket plus premier seating during the fashion show so you can kick up your heels and enjoy the show. In addition to the swag bag and wine glass to take home, there will also be a little something extra waiting for you at your seat!

     When I first walked into the venue, I noticed how crowded it was. I think it took me 20 minutes to get my ticket situated. I’m pretty happy that they were able to have such a great turn out for this event, they certainly deserve it. There was a woman perched in the air making languid movements while balanced in a ribbon, I’m probably butchering what was actually happening, but I thought she was perfect for the ambience. I wanted to commend her on not losing her grip and taking a tumble, because I’m fairly certain that I would!



     The fashion show bit didn’t begin until about 8 PM, so I had plenty of time to peruse the vendors that were kind enough to come show their support for a good cause. There were several booths selling gorgeous jewelry, some of which was out of my price range, which broke my heart. There was food, but as I had been ill most of the day I decided to completely forego even getting within smelling distance of it in favor of indulging myself to grab a whole new outfit. These were the vendors I was able to photograph! There were some others, but I didn’t want to get a photo with the guests and risk getting a photo with an unwilling model. I will link all merchants at the bottom, for the curious!



     Once I was done wandering around the impressively large library filled to the brim with vendors, I made my way outside to the large tent that would be housing the main festivities. It was really a little surreal for me as I made my way to my table. I’ve never been to a fashion show of any sort, let alone as a VIP sitting right by the stage. It was an incredible feeling!


   I wanted to make sure to get you guys some pictures worth looking at of the gorgeous models, you can check out the models in the slideshow below! Don’t worry, I got permission from the hosts to bring my camera! These are (almost) guilt-free photos! I have them in a random order down below, because I didn’t realize that they did the fashion in blocks of retailers. It hit me that there were 2-3 outfits per shop when I looked at a model and thought “Huh… that reminds me of the style of the Posh Peach.”

     My obliviousness aside, enjoy the photos and fashions!

      I know you may be wondering what was in the goody bag, and what my special VIP surprise was! I’ll end the intrigue here and tell you! The goodies were a Tsys wine-bag, that was stuffed with pink tissue paper. Under the paper was a wine spritzer, bath bomb and loofah! I passed off the wine to my partner, but he’s not getting the bath bomb. 

    When I saw this event was coming, I knew I wanted to go. I wasn’t sure what to even wear. I’ve never even been to a Fashion Show, I’ve never been a VIP or anything. What do people even where to those? Am I even fancy enough? Can I be? I went on the hunt for the perfect dress, and the search was a month long. 


The one photo I got of my dress- I had another person take it, and it came out super dark. I swear I tried to salvage it.

     I eventually settled on sporting emerald green, I wasn’t sure on the cut of the dress. Glamorous? Casual? I ended up going to elegance. Guys, this dress made me literally so happy the moment I saw it. I knew it was the one, and it was so fairly priced at 18.99! 

    My gorgeous, and affordable, dress was paired it with black shoes. For my makeup, I settled on a red lip from NYX and a smokey eye courtesy of Urban Decay’s Naked palette with accents from my Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette. The gorgeous ladies over at Ulta trimmed my do so I could look as sleek as possible- I think they did a great job! 

     All in all, the Wine Women and Shoes event was fantastic! I did end up shopping just a little, and to be honest it was a little less than I thought I would buy. I was so excited to see Sassy and Southern there, since I never got to go back for the dress I loved. I ended up grabbing two items from them! A cold-shoulder black shift dress, and some suede tan booties. I did have to throw on some tights and my favorite Marshall’s cardigan to make it feel more work appropriate, but I adore it! I also grabbed a wine colored scalloped skirt that’s definitely too short for work, once I pair it with the perfect fall top I’ll share it with you!


Sassy and Southen

Robin’s Nest


Behind the Glass

Bent by Courtney

Dena Lyons Couture

Misayo House

Tuli Rita

Cause of Death; Chocolate the Masquerade

     Hey Guys! I have a confession, generally I’m not too big on Chocolate, but I am big on having a good time. The Civil War Museum here in Columbus hosted a Death by Chocolate Masquerade. A war museum is not exactly what I think of when I think about a good time. I had no idea what to even wear, since the only time I’ve been to a masquerade save for once in high school. I don’t know if that even counts since it was at an anime convention. 

     This wonderful evening, I wasn’t alone! I was able to bring my amazing Fiance` with me, the guest blogger that gave us the Captain Crunch French Toast post! I went a dress that I found at Dillard’s, it was burgundy, floor length and so extra. Luckily, I found it on clearance, so it was a quarter of the original price; $43. When I carried it to the dressing room, the attendant told me “I don’t even know you, but this dress looks like you”. How could I not get it?

Sitting Pretty
My masquerade dress complete with gold accessories and dramatic lashes.

    This Masquerade didn’t have very much to live up to, to be honest. The Masquerade from years ago was terrible and didn’t end very well either. This one was a completely different story! On the way there, we were worried that I’d be alone in being super extra, but the first people I came across were some other partygoers who were also wearing floor-length gowns. As we milled about, we came across many others too. I took to instagram to post a couple of stories after we arrived, feel free to hop over there and check out the Adventures for that!

      One of the main attractions of this event, being a fundraiser, was a silent auction for various sort of items ranging from bath kits to full-on trips to Louisville, Kentucky. There were gorgeous paintings also up for bid, sadly, we didn’t get lucky enough to win an auction as we got outbid at every turn. In that same room, there was an acoustic guitarist performing a corner and at the head of the room were some guests vendors that gave us a pleasant surprise. Though they didn’t don their own masks it was still lovely to see them!

     They weren’t the only sweet things around either! There was Stephanie’s Heavenly Treats and Everything’s Edible, and just look at these spreads! I want to thank the vendors for being so amazing and posing for some pictures for us! Everyone was a phenomenal sport! Everything’s edible has some amazing cheesecake that I’ll be dreaming about for a while. And Stephanie’s Heavenly Treats had this red velvet cake that was to die for. Sadly, she doesn’t appear to have a facebook page or I’d leave a link. Check out the slideshow below to see some of the mouthwatering goodies!

    If you want more substance to your food, there weren’t too many options. Netta’s attended, with some absolutely delicious chicken and macaroni. Fresh Eatz was also there with some slightly spicy hummus and pita chips. We had to go back to Netta’s table for seconds on that chicken, I wanted so much more.

     Now, you guys may be wondering, where’s the good stuff? Isn’t there something you’re missing? Well, kind reader, I didn’t forget.I left the best for last- there were chocolate libations that I had never tried before. There were chocolate martini shots from the riverclub, and the namesake of the event was also served. I have one word for you: YUMJust oh my goodness. Both of those drinks seemed super potent, but it may have been due to my having a low tolerance. There was also a wine bar for those who wanted to stray from, what I consider, the hard stuff. I mean, when something has the word moonshine in it, I think that qualifies.

     I would definitely recommend attending this event the next time it pops up, because it was a great time. We felt strangely classy while attending, with our tiny plates, cups and fancy wear. The decor was ritzy and the people milling about only heightened the feeling. There was mellow live music and acoustic renditions of popular songs that made the whole thing feel intimate. The vendors was fantastic and the sponsors made it all possible. I look forward to attending again next year!

    Also, I want to thank the wonderful musical talent for posing with me at the behest of my future husband and photographer. I realized shortly after we left, that I never got his name. So I’m unable to promote him.