Captain Crunch Brunch

Town: Columbus, Ga
Restaurant: Ruth Ann’s
Dish: Captain Crunch French Toast
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Ruth Ann’s  is a little southern gem of a restaurant by the downtown area in Columbus, Ga. They feature your traditional southern food fare: fried chicken, mac n cheese, southern fried steak – all in the hearty portions that we southerners enjoy. They also have breakfast/brunch items that range from the typical pancakes, grits, and eggs, to various unique styles of pancakes and French toast.
I stopped in for brunch and wanted to try something new, and what caught my eye was something that was a neat take on a treat that was a blast from the past. Captain Crunch French Toast. Those who enjoyed the cereal often remember that the flavor, the crunchiness, and the utter destruction of the roof of your mouth. A bowl often meant that great sacrifice had to me made, but Ruth Ann’s dish presented me with the opportunity to have my cake and eat it too (without having it rip my mouth to shreds).
SERVICE / Atmosphere – 4/5
The service was wonderful. The staff was sweet and accommodating, and when asked for recommendations on what to eat, our server was detailed and familiar with the products and was able to tell us the strengths of specific dishes. The atmosphere was nothing special. No outstanding decor, but nothing detracting either. All in all, the experience was a positive one.
Ruth Ann's Signature dish
The presentation is well done. Three thick slices of French toast dusted with powder made from captain crunch and topped with a hearty dollop of whipped cream.
Taste – 3.5/5
The flavor of the Captain Crunch French Toast was good, but that’s all I can really say about it. The cereal provided a nice sweet overtone to the soft, thick bread but after the first few bites, the novelty wore off quickly and I was left with an overly sweetened pile of bread. While it doesn’t lose any points for being sweet, it does lose points for it’s very average flavor profile being monotone and an ultimately tiresome experience.
Overall – 12.5/15
Ruth Ann’s was a good experience overall and I do highly recommend giving it a try if you’re a fan of breakfast/brunch or southern cooking. I have been multiple times and each time my experience has been above average and the food met and surpassed expectations. I would recommend their novel dishes, but with the caveat that what you’re getting won’t be anything groundbreaking, but fun and interesting nonetheless.

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