Homehome Cravings; Reunited With a Side of Cake

Town; Columbus, GA
Stop; Origin Coffee
Drink; Cake Froze + Coffee

Hey guys, so I’ve been gone for a while… I know I don’t need to to go too into why I was absent for so long, but for the cliff notes, work. My work schedule isn’t exactly conducive to gathering content, so I’m just doing my best and trying to gather things where I can. I don’t want to bog you guys down with my less than happy story, so I’m going to leave it at that and we’re going to get to the more cheerful stuff: coffee.  Guys, I haven’t had coffee in something like 3 weeks, and I’ve been dying for some. I don’t even really care where it comes from at the point, I just want coffee.

     Even with that, I still have my standards. So today, I went to see my good friends over at Origin Coffee to get something I maybe haven’t tried before- despite wanting something tried and true.  Origin never steers me wrong, so I today I opted for a frozen option. They had a Cake Batter Froze` that I hadn’t tried before- aside from my experiment on the July 4th last year. 

     I’m tempted to do a “Who did it better?” feature, but I’m fairly certain I’d lose in a landslide- so to save my pride, I’ll not be doing that, even though I am planning a revival of  Home Brews. 

     This drink is fantastic, though whether it’s because of the sweetness or the fact that I’ve been craving coffee for 3 weeks, I’m not sure. What I do know is that I’m thrilled with my choice to add coffee to this usually coffee-lacking drink. The coffee didn’t take anything from the cake flavor, and it’s still sufficiently sweet and tastes like I’m drinking a blended up cake… without the texture that calls to mind. The more I drink of it, the more it reminds me of the Cake Batter Frappe I made last year, great minds think alike, I suppose.

     If you’re more for really sweet stuff and don’t want to have the pesky bitterness of coffee bringing your sugar down, I’d recommend getting this as it comes, without coffee. Honestly, the coffee doesn’t detract from the Cakeness of it, if that makes sense, but I understand coffee and cake batter doesn’t really go together to everyone. 

Taste; /5

I can think of no better rating for my good friends than another well deserved top taste rating. As usual, I love what they gave me and might be making this a repeat, which I still do sometimes when I get hooked on something… like those Macchiatos…  that I wanted every minute of every hour of every… single… day.  I need to try this one without the added coffee so I can tell you guys about that one too… But the Cake Batter Froze` from Origin Coffee definitely has my love when you add coffee! 


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