Coffee Abroad; Circa Coffee and Antiques Signature Frappe

Hey there, everyone! I actually have some coffee content for you today and piping hot… errrrr cold. You know those pieces of shortbread heaven called Biscoff? Do you like it? If so, have I got the thing for you! We made a trip to Tyrone, Georgia on a whim and found Circa Coffee , an adorable little place by any standards and just the kind of aesthetic I absolutely die for. I’ll stick a gallery down below so you can enjoy it with me!

Anyway moving on to the main attraction, the thing they are known for is the Biscoff Frappe. When they said it, for some reason I heard Biscotti and almost dismissed it. I’m literally so glad that I thought to doubt my own hearing and ask them to repeat it. They had, in fact, said Biscoff and not Biscotti. Icy? Check. Cookies? Check. Yum??? Let’s see.

I ordered my treat and some pound cake, which has affectionately been dubbed ‘Crack Cake’ by the locals. I sadly did not get to enjoy the cake because I promptly lost it. Not to worry, guys, I will most assuredly be returning to make quick work of the cake. What I did get to enjoy was the Biscoff Frappe. There may have been an error in my judgment upon getting the largest one, because it’s quite the rich drink as one would expect from the namesake.

It does legitimately taste like they threw a whole pack of the heaven in a blender, ice and milk of some sort and just sort of called it a day. It’s fantastic. Whereas most ‘cookie butter’ sort of drinks fall flat for me, this one was the first one to live up to the name. No overpoweringly bitter undertones and just pure cookie bliss in every sip. If you guys find yourself, I highly recommend it. 

The only thing I will say as a warning, is to be wiser than me. Get the smaller one, there’s no way you can make it the whole way through. I made it only halfway through and ended up wasting the rest because it wouldn’t fit. Circa, thank you for making an absolutely amazing drink and that in mind, I can think of no better rating than

Taste; Biscoff rating 5/5/5

Is it any wonder why this amazing gift to mankind deserves a 5/5? This is another one that I will wholeheartedly recommend to those of you who don’t enjoy coffee. I will be back, most definitely!


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