Unboxing; Possibly the Most Useless Allure Box May 2019

Hey guys! First off, Happy Veterans day and thanks to all of you who may be Veterans, for your service! Formalities aside, can I get right to the complaining? I got what is very possibly my last Allure box for a while and they ended it on such a regrettable note. Now, I want to say that this is bad for me personally and may not be all around a bad box.

     The first thing in this box was St. Tropez Self-tanner, complete with the glove to slather it on with. Guys. I have only tanned a handful of times, and I hated it. I hate tan lines and I hate how it looks on me. I’m pale. I have always been pale and the likelihood is that I will always be pale. I have no desire to tan, ever. So, this is a waste of a perfectly good potential product. I have no need of this. When in the world will I use it?

    The next thing I noticed was a Lue` Erase brightening powder. I’m more interested in this, because I like to make sure my skin stays baby fresh looking. I was initially confused upon looking at it, but thankfully it does come with directions. This doesn’t really excite me, to be honest. But it’s a definite step in the right direction.

     This next thing, I was a little excited for. It was a tiny tube of  Leniege Water Bank moisturizer. I don’t know too much about the brand, except that I’m pretty sure it’s fairly ritzy. I tested it and fully expected it to be overly hyrdrating and leave me feeling greasy to the touch, but luckily that wasn’t the case. I’m happy to have gotten this in my Allure box because it’s not something I would have gotten on my own.

    There were a couple of NS Anti-Frizz Sheets kind of tossed into the box, and while I’m not mad at it, I think it’s a little useless for me right now. I haven’t been dealing with frizz as of late. While I hope I’m not jinxing myself, I’ll be holding on to these for the future if I let my hair grow out again. I may give my opinion on these in the future, or I might forget.

    I saved this last thing so we can end out on a high-note. Laritzy gloss in Vibe. This color definitely vibes with me. Allure, how did you find my perfect nude when I haven’t? This color literally blends so well with my lip color and is gorgeous! I will say that it’s the tiniest bit sticky, but not so much as to be distracting or uncomfortable. I’ve tried a few Laritzy lip products before so I was happy to get another on in my Allure box.

    If you guys got the May Allure Box, what did you get? How do you feel about it? If you really want to, I do want to remind you that guest posts are open, so feel free to send a brief review to submissions@javaandjeans.com with a photo of your variant! Be sure to include a link to your site or any other page that might be relevant, like your social media! 

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