About Me

     Hey guys! I wanted to rewrite the About Me page, because I don’t feel like it was very fitting.

     My name is Ashley (or JJ, if you go by my site name). I’m a blogger who has been creating blogs for years, and landed on a more lifestyle sort of genre. My initial forray into blogging was crafting challenges, so it’s a little bit of a jump.

     I started this blog at the urging of my Fiance` who constantly commented on my love for coffee, that I should start a blog about it. Well, after a lot of thought and talking to a dear friend, I did. We started this blog together and ran it together, and she did decide to pursue her own blog on a more completely fashion oriented path.

     Where we are now is here. I cover coffee, treats, fashion/boutiques, events, and I’m beginning to bring in beauty. This is now becoming an effort to build my confidence and find a voice. 

     One of my big purposes here, for the cafe boutique and small business posts is that I want to promote them. I want to go where the locals go and show people lesser known places in their towns. That’s my goal. On that note, I won’t be accepting sponsored posts- as I feel like that is dishonest to you, my readers. I won’t be writing posts for the express of selling you something. That’s not what I’m about.

      So with that in mind, if you like beauty, coffee, events, fashion and travel, feel free to subscribe to the newsletter (goes out only on Monday) which will enter you into any future giveaways.  Eventually, I would like to be able to offer you discount codes. So you’ll be getting those in emails as well.

     Before we end this, There are daily uploads to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the odd story post on Snapchat, so stop by and say hi on any of those platforms you’d prefer!


I’m an artist aside from blogger and lover-of-coffee