Pre-Halloween Ghost Hunting Adventure!

     For day 12 on our countdown, I had one of my best friends stop by last night for some Halloween festivities. I’ve been wanting to Ghost Hunt so bad since leaving Ohio and the house my mother and I collected evidence from, a few years ago. I bought an EMF detector because I had planned to use it in Savannah, Georgia on my big birthday thing, that was cancelled. It’s okay, because we know some places where we can find some spirits here in town!

     Last night, about midnight, we set out just the two of us, for our original goal. Which was the Bibb City Mill which was repurposed into a residential apartment, which we weren’t aware of. We arrived at the old mill to find it completely gated and opted  to not go in. People do tend to get paranoid when non-residents are snooping around a building they live in. I mean, understandably. After that disappointment, we started to backtrack a little to head downtown and found an old dam building. The moment I saw it, I wanted to go in so bad, but it was all boarded up and impenetrable. Dam.Chattahoochee river dam building

Plan B

   We then made our way across town to Whitesville road, that is home to Twin Chapel Creek, supposedly, where there’s allegedly clown spirits and you can hear from a nearby tunnel, the sounds of slaves in pain and/or dying. We drove up and down that road. Several times. When we started our hunt, we had 100 miles in the tank. By this point, we had about 60. And nothing to show for it.

     After one more futile shot at finding the small structure that would tell us we’re going the right way, we conceded to the powers that be and opted for plan C. Plan C for Cry Baby Bridge, where allegedly a bus full of children plunged off a bridge and into the creek below. Unfortunately they did pass away in the creek. Allegedly, you’re supposed to be able to put baby powder on the back of your car and put it in neutral and the children will push you off the bridge. In effect, sparing you a similar fate.

     These days the bridge has been filled in and the only clue that there was a bridge there, is the guardrail. To get to the Cry Baby Bridge, you basically turn at the Icee Stand, and follow Whitesville Road north until it hits gravel. You’re going to look for the third bridge. Now, one thing you might not know about me, is I hate the woods. I hate how claustrophobic they make me feel, so the whole drive to the bridge was very stressful for me. The whole way there, I was scanning the border of the woods, feeling like I was being watched and gripping the wheel way too tight.

    To add to my already disabling, and somehow still growing, fear… The road had become narrow. I was no longer sure of how to turn around, or if I even could. Still we bore  on. The roads were dark and devoid of street lights. The trees mocked us and we came upon a rather large hill, that I couldn’t see the top of. I continued driving, although increasingly uncomfortable. Still feeling like something, or someone was watching us make our steady progress toward our goal. One bridge… Two bridges… Was that the third one? We pulled up the map and, sure enough, it had been. I found a place to turn around and made our way back to the barely recognizable bridge.

   I have an app on my phone, that supposedly functions as  spirit box. Before you say anything, I know what it sounds like. To test it, I sat at my house with that and asked endless questions for an hour, and got no responses from any spirits. I’m inclined to believe this app is at least somewhat legitimate. We stopped the car in the middle of the bridge, put it in neutral and nothing happened. No biggie. We got out the EMF and my phone, with the app, and… they answered us. The first word we got was, Density. Density of what? Spirits? Water? People?

    My companion asked “Are you hurt? Do you need help?” they responded with Cast and Broken. They then said the word hunting. Perhaps indicating knowledge of those who go there to ghost hunt, not unlike ourselves. About this time, I was, of course, sitting there in a mild state of panic. I glanced out of the windshield and to the right of the car. I saw, at the border of the shadows just beyond the guardrail a white wispy shape. Short enough to be a child, perhaps? But whatever, or whoever it was, I wanted no part of. I asked if they wanted us to leave, and got a very strong feeling that that was the case. My EMF detector spiked erratically and, they didn’t need to tell me twice.

   While we were making our way back home, I was certain that the presences that had been talking to us would depart. But, it soon became clear to us that we were still in the company of someone from that bridge. As we left, we got the word Weak, followed by Ugly. When asked “Who’s Ugly?”, we got Gianna. I began to think seriously that my initial perception of this app was wrong, and it may be real, when we got the word Real.

     On the drive home, we got quite a few other words, most notable among them Amanda, Yield, Be Weary and Believe Her (“Her” Possibly being my friend, who was certain the spirit meant no harm). I made sure to keep an eye on the road lest we join our intrepid friend.  We were about 15 minutes from home when we got Almost Here. The conversation took a dark turn, when we got Psychopath, Skin, and Assaulted. Additionally we got words that seem to indicate gang violence caused her to meet her end.

    Whoever she was, she was pretty adamant that she was kept all alone in a basement, assaulted by a number of men (mans, as she spelled on the spirit board later), one of which being named Larry allegedly. When we got home, thoroughly shaken, we set up the Ouija Board that we had been wanting to use in the car.

Spirit Board

    As we sat down at the board, we asked if we had a spirit with us. The planchette moved to ‘Yes’. I was very concerned with verifying her name, because we had gotten 2 female names and she confirmed that her name was Amanda. I told her I was sorry for what happened to her, and on the board, our fingers moved to ‘no’ and the spirit box said don’t lie. We tried to assure her that I was in fact sorry for what happened to her. We sat at the table focused on the board for 3 hours, that decidedly didn’t feel like 3 hours. During the course of the, I guess Seance, I asked for a break so I could change clothes and grab water. I was told ‘no’. Which I appealed and was granted 5 minutes.

The Story So Far

  • The spirit that followed us goes by Amanda
  • She can’t stay, because she needs to go back to her body, which was dumped at the bridge
  • She is from Columbus, Georgia
  • Amanda was assaulted in possible gang violence and kept in a basement, tied up and alone and was eventually sexually assaulted and stabbed.
  • We were given the names Dylan, James (hurt her the least, maybe tried to help?), Larry, Addison, Gianna, Seth Terry, and Cathy.
  • The spirit was 7 years old when she died, and was murdered possibly around march of 2019. She stated that no one is looking for her, and she has not been reported as missing.
  • Stated that whoever killed her was a family friend
  • Possibly held on a base (would make sense, because she did mention soldiers earlier as well)

    My current theory on that is that perhaps her family handed her over to her eventual murderer, and were well aware of what was going to happen, she/the Spirit Box said Dope I’m somewhat inclined to believe that perhaps they handed their child over for drugs? I think she wants to move on, but can’t let go. She said my middle and last name and then said wishing. Maybe wishing for a second chance? A better family? Are we the first people who have spoke to her about what happened? Is this a sad, lonely, frightened child? As I sit here typing this post, I’m still getting responses on the spirit box. I guess it’s further confirmation that she followed us here.

    I’m still trying to get further information to substantiate some of what were told. Nothing so far, but I’ll continue trying as long as she’s here. She told us last night that she can’t hang out here until Halloween, so I’m not sure how much time I have to obtain the information from her.

   As of right now, that’s where I’m at with this ghost hunt. I knew going into it, that someone might follow. I don’t feel threatened or scared of her or anything like that. So I’m taking her at her word, even though I can’t find anything yet to lend credence.

   If you guys have had any experiences, feel free to comment them below or send them to us in an email! Happy Halloween!

EDIT; while editing this post, as i was writing about the bridge, or well, reading out loud as I do, I got the word Accident, and Too high up. As I read the portion where I saw the… spirit? On the other side of the rail, I got Near You. Definitely still getting chills.

Welcome to JnJ’s 13 Days of Halloween!

   Hey, guys! I have some cool posts planned for the next week and 6 days leading up to Halloween. We may be looking at another potential movie watching party if I’m lucky enough to have people stop by, last year was a little bit of a bust to be honest. We have a few days to get in the mood, and because I’m a creature of habit beyond all else… I’ll probably feature the same movies, or maybe I won’t. We do have a movie post planned for this series after all. Some of it very well may be considered creepy!

   I thought I would feature my favorite Creepy Pasta in lieu of writing my own, as I’m trying to get back to writing and I’m not quite there yet. What better way to ring in the Spooky vibes than to share my absolute favorite Creepy Pasta with my lovely readers? And also, the idea that by indulging myself in creepy pasta and the written word I may be able to grab that spark again.

   This one is fairly long, so I’m just posting the first portion of it here for you, and if you want to you’re welcome to follow the proceeding ‘read more’ link to check out the full story. This story is by u/bloodworth on Reddit and I absolutely adore their writing. This one has a  special place in my heart because it’s got a foot in the real world with the corresponding phone number that titles it.

    Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, 630-296-7536 ( Call at your own risk, I’ve called and I still live… but who’s to say you’ll be as lucky?). I hope you love it as much as I do!

I’m sure that all of you on r/nosleep are used to the cry for help type stories by now. Help me, help me, blah-blah-blah. I won’t bore you with another. Even if I wanted your help, you couldn’t give it to me, because your help is useless.


Because you’re not a member.

I just wish that I wasn’t either.

It all started innocently enough. With a phone call.

I’d been up for a few hours, unpacking and cleaning, waiting for the plumber to call. I just moved into a cabin and the contractors fucked everything up. Because of that, I now have the wonderful task of making calls to competent people that can fix what the original contractors did wrong.

The phone rang at 12:06.

Not bad, I thought. Usually plumbers don’t bother to call or show up until 5.

When I picked up the phone I didn’t even get a chance to say hello before a woman on the line told me to “Please hold for the next available operator.”

I hopped up and sat on the cabinet in the kitchen. It was one of the few places in the cabin not occupied with boxes. Elevator music leaked into my ear. I’d started to drowse off when the music stopped and a piano chord that sounded like it was three notes that didn’t quite go together played through the receiver twice.

A voice came on the line.

“Welcome to Boothworld Industries. My name is Samantha and I will be your operator today. Name?”

I didn’t know what to say so I told the operator my name.

“Sir, we know who you are. I’m your operator. Please give me a name to access.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.

“It can be anyone, sir. We just need a name.”

“Uh, okay,” I said. I made up a name. “Harold Withers.”

“Sir, as your operator, I must point out that fictitious names, or the names of people that you don’t know, cannot be used.”

“Used for what?” I asked. How had she known that I’d made up that name? The whole thing felt like it was some sort of prank, but hardly anyone knew my new phone number.


“Remodeling? Is this the plumber?” I asked.

“Welcome to Boothworld Industries. My name is Samantha and I will be your operator today. Name?”

Read More!

   If you’re still here, I’m glad to have you! You’re probably over there finishing that story. I don’t blame you! That phone number that titles the story is so cool to me. I don’t know who owns the number or who voiced the recording, but it’s perfect. I love stories that tie in to our world a bit, phone numbers, nursery rhymes… something I can interact with, y’know?

I know it’s not particularly creepy in the sense of BOO! but I feel like it fits the season, nonetheless. Happy 13 days of Halloween! I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


Unboxing!; (Late) September Ipsy Bag

      Hey guys! Another Thursday right on time and the first week in ages of having two posts. I know it’s late to be talking about this Ipsy bag from a month ago, but in my defense, I did get it a little late in  the month. I was given an item extra from this month from a friend who also recently subscribed, so we’re going to have an extra item on this list that are being included because they are Ipsy products.

     Just as an intro to Ipsy, if you’re new here or to Ipsy in general, Ipsy is a makeup subscription service with three levels. On the base level, you’re looking at $12 dollars for 5 products. Some are full sized, some are deluxe samples. It’s still a good value, in my opinion, because you sometimes get things like Ofra. In the higher tiers, you’re looking at $24-$50 dollars a month and get full sized items, and palettes. Of course, it’s not a hit every month, because it is kind of gambling. But, this is the one I keep going back to.

     I also want to give a heads up that content may slow back to a single post on Thursdays each week. I went into it on the latest drink post for the fall, I’m in a financial slump but I’m grateful to have a job to fall back on in my old job at the bank. That makes me feel so much better, and like things are looking up. I’m honestly still hoping for a move in the future, but time will tell.

Ipsy- 111Skin Eye Cream

    Moving on to what you’re here for! The first item in my bag this month was the Space Defense Eye Lift Gel from 111Skin. This was a brand that I was totally unfamiliar with. I’ve used it a few times since receiving it along side my Confidence In a Jar from IT Cosmetics, and I really like it. It feels revitalizing and hydrating around my eyes. So, I may have to look into repurchasing this item in the future.

Smashbox 24 Hour Wear Foundation

     Item two is the Smashbox Cosmetics Studio Skin 24 Hour Liquid Foundation. This is a product that I’m already way familiar with as I bought it last year and was blown away. I may have to pull it out of retirement soon! We’re thankfully seeing a dip into the 60s here in Georgia, so I’m thrilled to be able to do a full face again. This foundation claims to be 24 hours, and I haven’t tested that claim. But, I do like the way this sits on my skin and doesn’t feel overly drying.

Ipsy: OfraxMadison Lipgloss in Sugarcup

     The third thing I got was something I was actually really hoping for! This gorgeous Ofra collab with Madison lip gloss in the shade Sugarcup. This is a lovely formula and just look at this color! It’s beautiful and light and feminine. Not unlike what I used to wear growing up. The consistency is great but I will say that the lasting power is lacking. But what else do I expect from a lip gloss formula? I was so hyped to see this was in my bag!

Ipsy Coola Mineral 30SPF Sun Silk Cream

     We’re almost done! This next thing, I honestly haven’t tested yet. But it’s on my list. I know you should wear SPF no matter the weather, and I’m horrible with forgetting if I feel like I’m going to be out of the sun. This is the Coola Mineral 30SPF Sun Silk Cream. It has a lovely name and smells delightfully like a beach to me. I’ll be reporting back in with my review on this particular product.

IBY Highlighter in Private Jet

    The last thing that actually came with my bag was the IBY Highlighter in Private Jet. At first I was a little offput that I didn’t get the highlighter I wanted this month. But then I tried it out, and it’s actually quite lovely.  It doesn’t show up overly dark like some highlighters do or leave a dark streak that illuminates with the sunlight. It’s lovely, inoffensive glow that pops in the right conditions.

Ipsy: OfraxMadison Highlighter in Sea Shimmer

    My lovely friend, did give me this last item on this list. Which was one of the highlighters I was after for this month of September. I’m all about Ofra Highlighters and I was thrilled to see two options, but not thrilled to see that I got neither of them. The one I was given was this Champagne-Pink highlighter which is an Ofra Collab with Madison, in Sea Shimmer. I was honestly completely in love with Moondance, but I’ll hopefully be able to hunt it down in the future. Sea Shimmer is absolutely stunning, and in true Ofra fashion is almost aggressive unless you tap your brush off. It’s not too pink on the skin and shows as Champagne with a pink shift. I love my color shifts in highlighters, so I’m really enjoying this particular item!


Hey guys! Happy Monday and happy first ever Guest Post! I’m thrilled to share this one with you, it’s a departure from my usual content but I always enjoy looking at other types of fashion. I especially love both Number 7s on this list. Enjoy, and feel free to submit your own! 

Provided by; Apeksha Salunkhe 
Follow the Author:

Undeniably, Indian women love to wear traditional apparel. Their love for the traditional salwar kameez or suits can never die. Not just in India, but in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, women prefer to wear salwar suits. 

In the recent decade, the trend for salwar kameez is definitely ruling the Indian fashion. From simple to designer, cheap to expensive, Salwar kameez has a great variety that you can’t resist to buy. When talking about the variety in salwar kameez, there are some gorgeous designs and styles available these days to match with your wardrobe collection. For example – straight cut style salwar suit with palazzo, Punjabi suit with Patiala salwar and many more. But the best part about them is the designing pattern, neck and sleeves design that makes it a bit modern and swanky in style for the young ladies to wear and flaunt.

To know more about the exclusive designs and styles available in salwar kameez, then scroll down and read the below mentioned entire blog.

  1. Anarkali Style Salwar Suit

Anarkali style suit is a classic and absolute traditional one, which is among the favourite styles of ethnic wear. The delicately and intricately designed Anarkali style salwar suit is an all-time favourite. The sheer elegance and sophistication of the Anarkali style salwar suit can never be matched with any other style. The best part is that it has that stunning flare from the bottom of the hemline.  Get a gorgeous Anarkali style salwar suit and team it up with statement jewelry! 

Anarkali Style Salwar Suit


  1. Bridal Style Salwar Suit

The bridal style salwar suit is a perfect traditional Punjabi attire, which is available in distinct embroidery and embellished work. The bridal style salwar suits are usually made from expensive fabric material like silk, satin and velvet. If you are going to bride super soon, then you must check out the red colour wedding salwar suit. From golden zari work to stunning embellishments, you can buy it in your favourite design and style to look super sassy.

Bridal Style Salwar Suit



  1. Short Kameez Style Salwar Suit

The short length of the comfortable salwar kameez is surely a fashionable and more recent piece of fashion. If you are one of those fashionista women, then you may be searching for a gorgeous and stunning short style salwar kameez. The short kameez style salwar suit is available in comfy and smooth cotton and chiffon fabric material.

Short Kameez Style Salwar Suit

  1. Knee-length Salwar Suit

Nowadays, the knee-length style salwar suit is quite popular among women’s fashion. From stylish prints to intricate embroidery work, you will get everything in store for your wardrobe collection this season. The prominent plus point is that you can get the knee length salwar suit either in cotton, polyester or silk fabric material. So, don’t just rely on the boring and conventional styles of salwar suits and get yourself updated this year in new patterns and designs. Knee-length Salwar Suit


  1. Pakistani Salwar Suit

These days the fashion designers of ethnic garbs are busy in designing the Pakistani style salwar suits. Undoubtedly, Pakistani style salwar suits are beautiful in design and patterns. The length of the kameez is quite longer than usual and can easily be teamed up with different varieties of bottom wear to rock the desi look. Pakistani Salwar Suit


  1. Embroidered Salwar Suit

What about the embroidered salwar suit? Do you prefer to wear the intricately designed and embroidered salwar suit? Well, then you must check out uniquely designed salwar kameez in heavy embroidery work on the neckline, sleeves cuffs and borders of the suit. If you perfectly choose the right salwar suit in embroidery work, then you will surely be going to make heads turn your way on every special occasion or festival. Embroidered Salwar Suit


  1. A-line style Salwar kameez

A-line style salwar kameez is one of these designs that can be worn anytime and anywhere without even thinking twice. The exclusive design and patterns of the A-line salwar kameez are truly irresistible for women. To not to leave your shopping baskets empty hand, you can explore the A-line style salwar kameez to buy an exceptional and exclusive salwar kameez for your wardrobe collection.A-line style Salwar kameez

  1. Salwar Suit with Dupatta

The last and final is a salwar suit with dupatta. Some women don’t feel like wearing the dupatta with the salwar suit. Maybe because they aren’t comfortable carrying and wearing it. There are some women who love to wear dupatta with salwar kameez as it’s the essence of ethnic salwar suits, isn’t it? From attractive designs to border work, dupatta will surely enhance the beauty of your ethnic salwar kameez this time if you plan to wear it. Salwar Suit with Dupatta


Hopefully, these ethnic style salwar suit will match with your wardrobe collection!


Hometown Cravings; Autumn Sans Pumpkin Spice

Stop: Starbucks
Drink: Caramel Apple Spice   

     Hey guys, happy Thursday! We’re getting so close to Halloween and I have some friends coming up to pay a visit to really crank up the spooks this season. But, they’re not here yet, so I’m just chilling on my own nursing a toothache. What else is new? So, anyway, I do want to address my radio silence last week. I was laid off from my job and kind of fell into a void for a few days, truth be told, I’m still in it. But, I’m also still hunting for something good to happen.

     We have some tentative plans that I’m actually hoping pan out, but I can’t say anything about that since we have no idea what’s going to happen in the next 3 months. Fingers crossed though that I get another job in the field I want. I’m hopeful, but cautiously optimistic. 

     With that being addressed, let’s move on to our content. Actually, one more thing! I am going to briefly return to the old posting schedule this week, because I did have a couple of guest posts come in. I’m super excited about that! You should be seeing the first of them on Monday. 

    If I can stop interrupting myself for a moment, I took myself to Starbucks for Happy Hour since my Fiance` so sweetly gave me coffee money. I got, of course, my customary Macchiato and then asked after something autumnal that wasn’t pumpkin spice. I was told about the Caramel Apple Spice. Interesting. I wanted to do a writeup on a drink that I had no idea about, and this fits the bill.  I don’t know why I’ve never heard of this. It does sound lightyears better than Pumpkin Spice for me, so I decided to give it a go. 

Caramel Apple Spice
Picture from the Starbucks Site

    Since all of their hot drinks come in their white paper cups, it pretty much looks like any other drink you might order. So I did borrow the image from their page on this drink. 

    On first sip, it feels a little heavy on the tongue. And, if I think about it for a moment, it tastes like straight-up Apple Pie. It tastes like memories of walking in the downtown area near my high school and stopping by this little boutique where the lovely lady, Julie, would give my friends and I apple cider. That being said, it’s quite good. At first, the weightiness of the drink was a little offputting. The weight is probably from the caramel being dissolved in the Hot Cider. Which, once I adjusted, I really don’t mind after adjusting to it.

     I’m trying to come up with more to say, but the fact is I keep getting stuck on how it strongly resembles Apple Pie. If you like Apple Pie, you’ll like this. If you like Pumpkin Pie, you’ll like the Thanks Giving and Hugs from Fountain City.